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Rama first kills ego of Raavana

Tiruppavai – 13



PillaikalEllarumPavai-k-kalam Pukkar


Pullum SilambinakannPodhariKanninaay!


Palli-k-kidatthiyoPaavayNee Nannaallaal


English Poem 13

Splitting mouth of crane-Baka demon

Slitting ten heads of worst Raavanasura,

Raama and Krishna worshiped by teens,

Bright Shukra rose as dark Guru sets,

Lotus-bee-eyed lovely lady, See, birds chirping,

Are you yet to dip in serene Yamuna waters?

O beauty, still fast asleep on this divine day?

Give up Raama and get up to join us for Vrata.

Goda in this 13th song, is waking up eighth Gopika whose eyes are very beautiful like the bee sucking honey from lotus. Gopika thinks that her eyes can induce Krishna to her place. Hence, she is neither getting up nor going to Yamuna river to cool the pangs of separation from Krishna. This is conversation between them.

Goda: O beauty! Do not think that Krishna will come for your beauty of eyes. We need to go to Him.

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Gopika: How can you say that it is early morning?

Goda: See, the bright Shukra is rising, and darkness of Guru is fading out.

Gopika: Any other evidence?

Goda: Birds are chirping and getting ready to go out to fetch food.

Chirping is a symbol of God-lover’s morning praise of Vishnu. When many are sharing their association with others, do you want to enjoy alone? If you do that it is not fair, but hypocrisy!  I understand that you too need to cool off the pangs of separation from Krishna. Then, you should come with us and bathe in serene cool waters of Yamuna River at this early hour. If you delay, Yamuna water gets heated up. Bharatha used to suffer body heat because of thinking about absence of Raama and used to rush to Sarayu even at midnight to feel coolness. We are immersed in the thoughts of Krishna, who has split the mouth of Baka demon and Raama, who slit the ten heads of worse Asura Raavana for separating Seetha from Him. Lakshmi never parted her divine abode on the chest of Vishnu. These are good days for us. Our parents are permitting us to meet Krishna for Vrata. We can increase pleasure of meditating upon Krishna, come on let us go together, get up!

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Sahastra Ravana - Who Killed Sahastra Ravana If Not Rama?This song is beautifully laced with the divine episodes of Raama and Krishna, suggesting their oneness. Goda mentions advaita (non-duality) of Seetha and Raama on one hand and Raamaand Krishna on the other. Raavana was called bad demon because he separated Vishnu and Lakshmi, Goda uses expression that Ram has slit the ten heads of Raavana. This shows that Raama was highly powerful like Krishna, who with his little finger lifted heavy Govardhanagiriand stayed put for seven days and nights. Vaalmiki narrates that Raama was helped by Agasthya, the ascetic, who gave Aditya Mantra; Indra, offering his chariot with charioteer, Sugreeva and his huge vanara army, and above all, mighty Hanuman. But the strength of Raama was nowhere assessed properly. When Sugreev suspects Vibheeshan, who came to surrender, advises not to entertain him as he might sabotage and destroy our army internally to help his brother Ravan. Raama asks him not to worry, “if I want, I can single-handedly finish Ravan”. But Ram never used those mystic powers but fought like an ordinary man.

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Pin on Bhakthi RasaWhereas Krishna has demonstrated his Leela by lifting a big hill on his little finger, killing Bakaasura etc with wonderful and unbelievable ease. Raama kills the ego of Raavanawhen he removes his flag, throws out his crown, destroys chariot, kills his charioteer, breaks his arrows and bow, and removes the shield. When Raavan stood helpless hanging his head in shame, Raamapermits him to go home, take rest and come back for an ultimate fight. Raavan had to walk all the way through main roads of Lanka while millions are watching to reach his palace. Entire Lanka city comes to know the power of Raama and plight of Ravan. His entire ego gets destroyed and it was just a formality to finish him off next day.

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In this song, the wisdom is indicated by bright Shukra, and ignoranceby setting Guru planet as Shukraplanet is on rise in the space. The beautiful eyes also represent the abundant knowledge that helps to see the real nature of Bhagavatottama, disciples of Vishnu. Bathing is nothing but immersing oneself in the divine thoughts of Raama and/or Krishna. Planning to enjoy the meditation about Vishnu alone is considered as hypocrisy, which Goda wants Gopika to get rid of, calling it ‘Kapata’ like Baka – crane, who can be removed by Krishna.

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To establish oneness of Raama and Krishna, Goda suggests an episode. When Yashoda was narrating the story of Raama, little Krishna was responding indicating that he was hearing it. She said that when Raama was away, and his brother was searching for Him, Raavana abducted Seetha. Immediately little Krishna was angry and started asking for His bow and arrows from Lakshmana. Yashoda was confused, why Krishna was calling for Lakshmana.

In this Paashuram (Song) AalwaarTondaradippodi, or BhaktanghriRenu, SripaadaRenuvu, or VipraNaaraayana, who worshipped God with flowers grown and strewn by him. Aachaarya worship mantra referred to is “Sri Pundareekshaayanamah”

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Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Author is Dean, Professor of law at Mahindra University at Hyderabad and former Central Information Commissioner. He published a number books in English and Telugu.


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