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Contribution of Ambedkar, Rau

“The Assembly then appointed the Drafting Committee which worked on the Original Draft prepared by Mr. B. N Rau and produced the Draft Constitution which was considered by the Assembly at great length at the second reading stage.As Dr. Ambedkar pointed out, there were not less than 7,635 amendments of which 2,473 amendments were moved. ……No wonder, that we had to consider not only each article in the Draft,but practically every sentence and sometimes, every word in every article. ……..In the result,the Draft Constitution has increased in size,and by the time it has been passed, it has come to have 395 articles and 8 schedules,instead of the 243 Articles and 13 schedules of the Original Draft of Mr.B.N.Rau.

( speech of Dr Rajendra Prasad,President of Constituent Assembly, in the Assembly on 26th Nov. 1949.On this date Indian Constitution was adopted.)


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