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PK predicts BJP will remain central to Indian politics for decades

  • Compares with congress in the first 40 years after Independence
  • Whether BJP wins or loses, it will be centre of Indian polity
  • A party having 30% vote share across India, will not go anywhere quickly
  • Political strategist Prashant Kishor snubs congress

Goa: It is a hard hit by political strategist Prashant kishor towards Congress who came out openly by saying that BJP will remain for decades central in Indian polity and it would not go anywhere. Prashant Kishor, popularly known as PK, is presently helping TMC to make inroads in Goa fo assembly elections to be held in 2022. This statement can be taken as a proof that the talks  PK had with the Congress have ended.

In a private meeting (Intellectuals meet) in Goa, Prashant said that once if a party secures 30% of votes at national level, you are not going anywhere in a hurry, clarified pointing BJP at Centre. So do not take it granted that people are angry with Prime Minister and the ruling party will be thrown out in next elections, 2024, he added. I-PAC chief further clarified that however Modi may be defeated in an election, but BJP will retain significance for decades to come.

Rahul Gandhi mistaken

Rahul Gandhi strongly believes that people will vote against BJP in due course of time. This is a big mistake, you understand, examine and take cognizance of strength of your rival, then only you can corner the BJP and Modi, Kishor added. “The problem that I see is that most people are not spending enough time on understanding his strengths, understanding what is making him popular. Only if you know, you can find a counter,” the poll strategist further said. The fortunes of Congress in Uttar Pradesh do not depend upon the Lakhimpur Kheri incident, and the subsequent arrest of party general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, PK clarified.

No quick fix solutions

“People looking for a quick, spontaneous revival of GOP-led opposition based on #LakhimpurKheri incidents are setting themselves up for a big disappointment. Unfortunately there are no quick fix solutions to the deep-rooted problems and structural weakness of GOP,” Kishor came up on Twitter.

Surprisingly, Kishor statement came a day ahead of Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee’s three-day maiden visit to Goa to prepare TMC for assembly elections.


  1. PK if you are just for money keep working with these donkey and looters. If you care to contribute something to the nation find a way ro join force with Modiji.. After 7 decades of looting, bribery and scandal hit dynastic politics it is just about 7 years that we get our hard earned precious resources invested where it belongs without looters touching it.. We need to give it 10 good years to reap the benefit. Already you can see signs of an emerging super power reckoning.. Dedicate your services to BJP which in turn will be investment for the future of India…


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