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Kaviri Vinod Kumar, High Court Advocate
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1. Facilities available for the Aged & Beggars in the Target Area: For the aged and beggars people there are absolutely no facilities like rescue. A general survey of the target area reveals the homes or hostels etc. existence of a large number of aged people who are devoid of proper care and protection. These neglected unfortunate old people deserve encouragement and sympathy. They are too old to engage themselves in professions or occupations and earning for themselves. Most of these old people are not sufficiently educated as to stand on their own legs. Our Jeevadhara Society has been concentrating on this aspect, namely providing rehabilitation facilities on compassionate grounds. It is observed that there are no old age homes or rest houses or other abodes to accommodate these old people. No one seems to take interest in the welfare of these old aged propel and consequently necessary facilities are totally absent. In this process we are taking upon ourselves the task of setting up a Rescue Home for the aged and Beggars where we propose to provide them with all essential facilities.  2. Concept, Need and Justification of the Project: The concept for this project is based on the social outlook of the younger generation of the area. Old and sick people who cannot by themselves subsist or take care of themselves are not being looked after as they should be. Due to old age these people will not be able to earn for themselves and hence are placed. Unfortunately, they do not, in a very serious predicament, have any proper well wisher to protect them in their old age. They cannot also depend upon their children who may or may not be willing to support their parents. In the past 75 years of independence we are no doubt marching towards massive industrialization and liberal improvement in lifestyle consequent on urbanization. The Government also is endeavouring to improve the lot of the rural people by their programmes on rural development and rural reconstruction. The Government have launched several schemes and programmes for advancement in education, science and technology, medical and health care, agricultural and industrial development and other welfare measures for the benefit of the masses. But no one from any quarters seems to bother about the welfare of the old and beggars and infirm thrown as they were on the streets without any care and protection.

Talking about our target region, there are no welfare homes or hostels or rescue homes for the old and beggars. They are incapacitated to do any work due to their old age, sickness and other factors. These elders deserve utmost love, care, protection and encouragement. They should be remembered for their services in the past towards upbringing of their children and to the society in general. For these acts on their part they deserve to be looked after with affection in their ripe old age. The support and care that should be rendered to the helpless old people have been advocated by famous seers like Swamy Vivekananda years back. The same theme has been preached by the Ramakrishna Mission and other rishis in the various parts of the country. With the patronage of the ‘Help Age India’ many rescue homes have been set up throughout the country. Jeevadhara Society being a dedicated pioneer voluntary organization has thought it its duty to take up this task of establishing a rescue home for the Aged and infirm.

3. Proposed Programme:  Our proposed Programme consists in building an Old Age & Beggars Homes with all essential facilities to the occupant in the 20 acres land owned by the society. There will be two spacious halls which will serve as dormitory. An office room, a kitchen, a dining hall, wash, store and a separate room for the sick, a clinic, a parlour and wide passage all around will also be provided. There will also be provision for library and reading room for the use of the aged people. It is also proposed to introduce a few income generating programmes where in the elderly people can participate and carry on the activity themselves for their benefit.

4. Results Expected: Once the old age and beggars home is constructed the following will be the results: .1.The poor and aged people can occupy the home with a clam and peaceful bent of mind. 2. Since all the essential facilities are provided in the home they can feel quite at home in the new building .  3. Since all requirements are met they need not depend upon anybody else for their needs 4. They will also be having enough recreation 5. They will have facilities of library and reading room 6. The accommodation problem of the old and beggars will be solved 7. This will facilitate integrated development of the nation and the country 8. The project will help towards rural development and rural reconstruction.


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