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Mother-son-daughter private company in doldrums

Letter to the Editor

1.“ As long as this Book is there, there will be no peace in the world….”  is  a famous pronouncement of a Prime Minister of  Great Britain in the  House of Commons. That Book is held by many as containing   God’s words.

2. One recalls this famous quote in regard  to  the  Mother -Son -Daughter controlled / proprieterised, 136 year old,  Congress party. In the long history of this party, no one or one family ever held the Presidentship  for  23 years without a break as Sonia ji / her son   have been holding.  Priyanka  with appendix Wadra to her name besides Gandhi, got into the proprietorship even presuming to become  the  Chief Minister of India’s largest state UP. The appendix Wadra has done the Congress because while the  name  Gandhi  is associated with   Mahatma Gandhi, Feroze Ghandi ( which he was and not Gandhi) , a Parsi was the husband of Indira Priyadarshini Nehru. Wadra is not a reputable character. His questionable real estate deals favours received by him because of his   connection with the Sonia family   from the  Haryana government   are under  investigation. This appendix Wadra to the name  of the daughter of the family will continue to detract from her  ability to glow in the light  of the Gandhi name.

3. The Mother-Son-Daughter company is never known to observe the birth or death anniversary of Feroze Gandhi, whose sur-name they profitably sport.

4. The quote with which this piece starts may as well as be rephrased as: “As long as the Mother-son-daughter’s grip lasts, the Congress will have no success and Congressmen will have no peace; skirmishes will continue1. ; there will be barking but no biting by group x/y/z.

5. Genuine nationalists and patriots in Congress must re-invent the Congress by an all-India convention just as Indira did in 1969 to get  rid of the Syndicate and in Jan 1978 to get rid of 13 out of 20 in her working committee. (Dated 22.03.2022)

Yours etc.,

(Dr T Hanuman Chowdary)
(Padma Sree awardee)
Chairman, Pragna Bharati,
Fellow, TCS
Convenor, Bharatiya Dharma Rakshana Samakhya
Former: IT Advisor, GOAP; Founder CMD, VSNL
M: 9849067359 T:(40) 2784-3121(R)
e-mail: [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>
[email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>

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Dr T.H. Chowdary
Dr T.H. Chowdary
Padma Sri Awardee 2017, Director: Center for Telecom Management & Studies, Chairman: Pragna Bharati, Andhra Pradesh, Fellow: Tata Consultancy Services, Former Information Technology, Advisor: Government of Andhra Pradesh, Chairman & Managing Director: Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd, Phone: +91(40)27843121 (Res) M: 9849067359, e-mail: [email protected] [email protected]


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