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Jana Sena targets top leaders from other parties

  • Mediation by film celebrities working
  • Kapu factor playing crucial role
  • Ganta Srinivas meets Chiranjeevi
  • Secret meetings going on in Hyderabad
  • Former BJP leaders eyeing  Jana Sena
  • Can party change its fortunes in coming days?

Hyderabad: Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan is taking politics seriously for the first time after he launched his party. The change in voice, demeanour and speeches for the past few days in meetings and attack against ruling party smelled something new for politicians. It is true that Pawan is coming up with new agenda to strengthen party. This new route will certainly encourage party as per party sources. Pawan almost completed schedules of three flicks and is now focusing on AP politics, but this time he is concentrating on Kapu factor and at the same time with joinings in the party.

Ganta meets Chiranjeevi

For the past few months, there have been speculations that Chiranjeevi will help his brother for the next assembly elections either directly or indirectly. According to reliable sources, Chiranjeevi held talks with Ganta Srinivas on Wednesday afternoon inviting him into Jana Sena. Ganta Srinivas Rao, who is now in TDP tried to switch to BJP a few days back but after talks with Chiranjeevi, gave positive nod but the decision will be finalised just a few months before the assembly elections as per sources. Ganta has good relations with Chiranjeevi and earlier worked for Praja Rajyam Party launched by the mega star in 2008. This will give a boost for Jana Sena in Vizag as per party sources.

Another name on cards is Kamineni Srinivas rao, who worked for Praja Rajyam in 2008 and joined the BJP which supported TDP in 2014. Srinivasa Rao is a leader from Kamma community from Krishna district. His joining would raises the chances of Jana Sena, say party leaders. Jana Sena leaders are also in touch with former BJP MLA Vishnukumar Raju. But the decision is not yet finalised.

Jana Sena to go back to TDP

This may be an early call as per a few leaders, but the scenario looks to be certain in 2024 assembly elections. Jana Sena will go along with TDP but stand of the saffron party can’t be predicted now. Pawan wants to play key role even in alliance with TDP, seeking more seats than what he got in 2014. Pawan, who launched his party in 2014, watched two general elections as mute spectator with party failing to grab a respectable share of votes. But now Jana Sena chief opines that vote share of the party has been increased and wants to extend hand of friendship to the TDP to counter YCP. This news may be condemned at this juncture by party cadre, but leaders are moving according to a plan.

Kapu’s moving towards Jana Sena

For the first time, Kapu community is totally tilting towards a party after they supported Congress in 80’s. As per ground report, in East, West Godavari districts, Guntur, Krishna districts, Chittoor, Ananthpur districts, Kapu leaders are working hard to bring their vote bank under one umbrella. This community may give a jolt to ruling party in 2024 elections. YCP leaders are not ready to accept this fact, but situation is clearly visible in many places that Kapu leaders are not happy with ruling party and may tilt towards Jana Sena. This did not happen when Chiranjeevi launched Praja Rajyam when Kapu voters tilted more towards Congress rather than Chiru. This is due to faith they had in late YSR, but the situation is different now and can be taken as warning bell for YCP.


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