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Jagan releases list of desecration of temples during TDP reign

  • AP CM retaliates that Naidu regime desecrated 42 religious places
  • Opposition playing cheap politics by using religion
  • Attempt to divert people’s attention from good governance

Amravati: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy met Governor Biswabhushan Harichandran and briefed him about the happenings at Ramatheertham and of CID probe. AP temple politics is under fire after Jagan came out with a list of 42 religious places which were desecrated in Vijayawada during Naidu’s rule. This retaliation came after TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu, after visiting Ramatheertham,  accused Jagan by saying the chief minister showed utter disrespect to Hindu sentiments.

Naidu’s allegations

Chandrababu Naidu  said that Jagan turned out to be a betrayer of Hindus and there were no arrests so far related to Ramatheertham incident where Rama idol was beheaded by miscreants on Dec 28th. During 19 months of Jagan’s rule, nearly 127 attacks were made on temples and no one is arrested so far, Naidu said. He used controversial, baseless statements by saying that Jagan tried to convert Hindus into Christians as he belong to same community.

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Jagan’s counter

Jagan Mohan Reddy came with a counter by releasing a list of temples, mosques and churches which were attacked during Naidu’s rule from 2014-19. The list includes  42 places of worship  which are in and around Vijayawada. AP government also said that over 29 people died in stampede that took place during Godavari Pushkaralu when Naidu tried to took a film shoot  for publicity purpose. Jagan pooh poohed the allegations made by the opposition parties and blamed them  for playing cheap politics using religion to divert people’s attention from the good governance by YCP government  with a lot welfare schemes.

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He said that all attacks were made  just before State Government started welfare schemes like Naadu-Nedu in Ongole quoting example of attack on Durga Temple in Guntur district. Jagan clarified that Durga temple was shifted to new premises for road widening purpose and when he tried to do good work for farmers by setting up market with 3000 crore, opposition vandalised Anjaneya Swamy temple in Pithapuram to divert the attention of the people from the good work being done by the government. Similar vandalisation  took place when he tried to distribute house sites for poor, Jagan said.

CID jumps into action

CID started probe into the Ramatheertham temple vandalisation incident on Tuesday. Section 30 ws enforced in surrounding areas of Ramatheertham as a step to prevent untoward incidents. No protests were allowed and if any violation takes place, stringent action will be taken on them as per DSP Sunil. Meanwhile,  Endowment Minister Vellampalli Srinivas  said that the temple at Ramatheertham  will be renovated and will reinstall Lord Kodanda Rama as per the rituals which are prescribed in the vedic texts. Those who are behind the attacks will be caught in three days, 88 cases were booked and 169 people were arrested in connection with attacks on Hindu temples, Minister added.

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