Thursday, July 18, 2024

India pulls out its diplomats from Kandahar

New Delhi: The Taliban fear has made the Indian government to withdraw 50 diplomatic staff from the consulate at Kandahar. On Saturday evening, the planes sent by India Air force have returned with 50 diplomats from Kandahar. Former Mujahideen have stood in support of the Afghanistan Army. The Indian officials said as fighting has been reported in and around Kandahar the government wanted to safeguard the lives of the staff working at Kandahar Indian Consulate.

It was a precautionary move and as soon as the situation returned to normalcy, the diplomats will go back to Kandahar. “Our aim is to ensure that the Indian personnel are safe. In April last year the Indian government had closed down consulates at Herat and Jalalabad.  Indo-Tibetan Border Police also have been recalled from Afghanistan.

China also has got more than 120 of its citizens back from Afghanistan. Its flight has taken Chinese from Kabul to Wuhan on Saturday. The Chinese Foreign Minister said he would talk to the foreign ministers of India and Russia about the s situation there. Meanwhile, the Afghan government had dispatched its troops to the border areas to prevent Taliban from taking over areas.

It was the same city, Kandahar, where the then Indian foreign minister Jaswant Singh went with two terrorist prisoners to get the Indian Airlines flight and the passengers free.

K. Ramachandra Murthy
K. Ramachandra Murthy
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