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Imran ducks no-trust move with Deputy Speaker’s help, goes for elections

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, the consummate cricket player he was, has managed to turn the tables on the opposition, got the Deputy Speaker to dismiss the no-confidence motion, got the president to dissolve the House and declare elections in three months as the best option in given circumstances. The Opposition approached the Supreme Court. As he won the only world cup for Pakistan in 1992, thirty years ago, he used all the tricks in his bag to escape what appeared certain defeat on no-trust move. He seems to be out of danger as of now.

In a brief address to the nation, Imran Khan asked the people to get ready to elect a new government. “The conspiracy to take down his government has collapsed,” he told the nation. The national assembly has been dissolved and the elections will be held in three months. The no-trust motion was termed against Pakistan’s constitution by Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri. Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehereek-e-Insaf party lost majority in the 342 – member House when a key coalition partner left along with more than a dozen members of his own party left him in lurh. Two parties belonging to the dynasty of Bhuttos and Sheriefs Pakistan People’s Party and Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) who have been at loggerheads have decided to join hands to dethrone the former captain of Pakistan cricket team.

Son of Benazir Bhutto and leader of Opposition Pakistan People’s Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari told the media, “Government has violated constitution, did not allow voting on no-confidence motion. The united opposition is not leaving parliament. Our lawyers are on their way to Supreme Court.”

Imran told his supporters on Saturday that he has his own plans for Sunday showdown and asked them not to worry. He said he will defeat the opposition in the assembly. Imran promised to play till the last ball was bowled and refused to resign in the face of desertions from his coalition. He said a conspiracy was hatched outside Pakistan to unseat him and gave a call to his supporters to fill the streets in protest against the unfair treatment meted out to him. He skipped the assembly session and met with his supporters in streets.

Imran Khan has been openly accusing of meddling in Pakistan affairs by colluding with the ‘corrupt’ opposition parties. He recently said a big power which was backing India to the hilt has been conspiring to overthrow him. This was because, according to him, his refusal to side with Europe and the US vis-à-vis China and Russia in global affairs.

K. Ramachandra Murthy
K. Ramachandra Murthy
Founder & Editor


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