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ABP- C Voter survey: AAP to make inroads in Punjab

  • Internal crisis of Congress to give way to AAP
  • BJP to be pushed to last place
  • Punjab to witness hung assembly
  • AAP to gain more seats emerging as single largest party

Hyderabad: Punjab is the state which is going to face polls in few months from now. ABP C voter conducted  a survey with findings of mood of voters before poll. Political party, which is ruling  Delhi, Aam Admi Party (AAP) is going to strengthen its foothold in Punjab in the next elections as per survey. Punjab will witness hung assembly as of now and per survey shows the AAP emerging as single largest party. The battle looks to be between Congress and AAP with BJP pushed down to last place. The Akalis will be in third place.

AAP to emerge as single largest party

There is huge increase in vote share for Kejriwal’s party, AAP, in Punjab when compared to 2017 elections. As per survey, AAP is expected to get 35.9% vote share with an increase of 12.2% over what it got in previous elections, 2017. When translated to seats, AAP could grab 49 to 55 seats emerging as single largest party. Congress may end up with 39 to 47 seats and Siromani Akali Dal (SAD) is likely to get 17 to 25 seats.

The strength of Punjab Assembly is 117 seats and the projection as per survey looks to be a state heading for a hung House.

Congress crisis benefitting AAP

Punjab is one state where Congress is in office  and it is crucial for the party to keep hold, but recent internal crisis in the party, rift between Sidhu and Captain Amarinder is giving way to AAP, say sources. Amarinder resigned from the party by saying that party humiliated him a lot many times. He went on to describe Sidhu as a threat to national security. These comments led to severe cold war within the party, but party settled the issue by selecting Charanjit as CM, but Sidhu resigned for PPCC President’s post causing embarrassment to the party high command.

See-saw between Congress and AAP

But now the situation looks to be little favourable  for Congress as there is increase in vote share when compared to last month, September. The Congress, which won 38.5% vote share in 2017, is expected to get 31.8% in next elections. This was an increase of 3% from projection of September 2021. There is slight drop in the projection for AAP when compared to last month, September. AAP is expected to win 51 to 57 seats as per predictions in September, but reduced to 49 to 55 in month of October survey.

Will AAP pick up by using the internal tussle of Congress or will Congress bounce back by the time of elections?

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