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Groom Ranganatha Arrives: Nishchitartham

2. VaranamAyiram

Pranams to Andaal, Pranams Azhwaars

Naal aivadhuvaimannam yendrunaalittu,
pallaikamugu parisudai pandarkeezh,
kollariMadhavan Govindan yenbhaanvor,
kallaipughuthak kana kanden thozhi! naan.


Naal =tomorrow,  VadhuvaiManam= marriage ceremony, Endru = like that, Naalittu= fixing the time for wedding, PaalaiKamuguPaarisudaiPandakeezh = Pandal was decorated with betel nut tree branches hanging with fruits, Kolari = a lion like hero who wins over enemies, Madhava = husband of Lakshmi, Govindan embaanor = protector of Earth Bhudevi, kalai = young charming personality, pugunda =entering, Kaana = dream, kanden =I saw, Naan = me, Thozhi = o my dear. 

In first Pashuram, Goda described that Krishna arrived surrounded by thousand elephants in the town with all majesty. Her father Periyaazhwar and elders of Sri Villiputhur, where in each house was beautifully decorated with streamers, welcomed Lord Rangantha, the bride groom with golden pots full of sacred waters, flowers, betelnuts, turmeric, sandal paste and coconut etc.

In second Pashuram, Goda Devi continues describing the next scene in her dream: “Tomorrow is the day that has been fixed for the Muhurtham; I saw a handsome youth, who goes by the names Narasimha, Madhava and Govindan, enter the Pandal built for marriage, which has a canopy cover woven with tender branches of betel nut plants hanging with clusters of fruits.  Lord Ranganatha steps into that Pandal for scholars to donischitaartham (setting the auspicious time for performing themarriage) ceremony, so I saw the dream, dear friend”

English poem

Tender branches of betel-nut woven over Pandal

Wonderful Hero, Madhava, Govinda Narasimha, the

Thunder for enemies,joins to wed, the Vedic Scholars

Ponder overauspicious time; so I dreamt my dear.

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Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Author is Dean, Professor of law at Mahindra University at Hyderabad and former Central Information Commissioner. He published a number books in English and Telugu.


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