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Goda’s thirty steps to reach God

30. Goda Govinda Geetham, Tiruppavai

Tamil Pashuram

Vangak Kadal kadaintha Madhavanai kKesavanai

Thingal Thirumugatthu Seyizhaiyar Senru Irainji

Anga-p-paraikonda Vaatrai ani Puduvai

Paingamala Ththan Theriyal Battar Piran Kodai Sonna

Sangath Thamizh Maalai Muppadum Thappame

Ingi-p-parisuraippar Eeriirandu Maalvarai-th-thool

Sengam Thirumugaththu Selvaththirumaalaal

Engumthiruvarul Pettru Inburuvar Empaavaai

English Song

Madhava Keshava helped churning of ocean of milk

For Dharma Worshipped by moon-like women,

Narrating the story of achieving Purushartha in

Divine Srivilliputhur; Daughter of Vishnuchitta

With gold-bright lotus garlands; Sang the 30 nectar-

flowing songs; If recited skipping none; Shall get

Blessings of Shriyahpathi with four-hill like hands

For ever, For All, all through, Raining His bliss.

In this Pashuram Goda refers to and sings the glory of Ksheera Sagara Mathana – Churning of Milk Ocean. Becoming Koorma, Vishnu bears on His back the brunt of this churning, but He benefits with Lakshmi, who was born out of that churning. So is the case with those who churn the Vedantha Sashtra and bore the brunt of all kinds of hardship to reach the goal. Just as Vishnu gained Lakshmi through Sagara Mathana, Goda earned Ranganatha with churning through Vratha. This thirtieth and ultimate Pashuram not only achieves the goal but also explains the possible fruits that would result, Phala Shruthi.

Ranganatha heard the call of Goda, took all her messages through Manmatha, Tulasi, Flowers and Pashurams and decided to bless her with the bliss of marrying her, as per her profound and strong wish. Ranganatha ordained in the dream the Pandya King Vallabh Raya (Some explain Vallabharaya as disciple) to send a Palanquin in royal way and bring her to Sri Rangam, and arrange for the marriage. Goda arrived along with father Periyalwar, and after marrying Him she is absorbed into Ranganatha, to the dismay of all, especially of her father, who could not stand the sudden disappearance of his lovely divine devotee daughter at the age of 16 years. She, an Ayonija, i.e., self-emerged, and just disappeared without Jara and Marana. As she enjoyed the supreme pleasure with Ranga, today is Bhogi- soul-deep experience.

Goda is not selfish to achieve her goal and leave all like us for our fate. The ritual or Vrata is not an ordinary process, but a thirty-step plan to scale to the highest goal of abode of Paramaatma. As she attained Union with God through her own self-samarpanam of her life as a Tualasi Dalam basilica leaves or flower; she also laid path for achievement of Rangadhamam/Vaikuntadhamam through this Vrata of Tiruppavai. Not only friends of Goda, who were likened to Gopikas, anybody who performed this Vrata will reach Parandhaamam.

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The Gopiaks, with moon-like beautiful faces, obtained salvation, by surrendering to the Madhavan Kesavan, by churning the ocean of milk, under the leadership of Sri Andal who emerged in beautiful Sri Velliputhhoor with fresh fragrant golden-lotus flowers, as the daughter of the Vishnu Chitta. She sang these nectar-flowing 30 songs. Like Goda and Gopikas, all those who recite these thirty-poem-garland daily without missing any song, will gain the grace and derive pleasures from Narayana, with merciful beautiful eyes, and shoulders which can stretch between two pairs of mountains, in association with beautiful Lakshmi.

After climbing 29 steps gradually, Goda is assuring the divine and serene goal of the Vrata – the phala-shruthi, the fruits of efforts of all these 29 days in worship of Narayana.

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Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Author is Dean, Professor of law at Mahindra University at Hyderabad and former Central Information Commissioner. He published a number books in English and Telugu.


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