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Goda And Govinda together on an Elephant

10. VaranamAyiram (Thousand Elephants)

mangalaveedivalamseidu manna neer
manjanamaattakanaakaldentozhi naan

kunkumam= Red colored Kumkum, appi= applying
kulirchandam: cool sandalwood paste,
mattuittu= applying certain amount
ma’ngalaveedivalamseidu manna neer = coming around in procession along decorated streets,
ang avanodum= there lord Narayana
udan = with Him
Senruaanaimel = together sitting over the elephant,
Manjanamatta: Bathing in Tumeric holy water together, kanaakandentozhi naan = so I dreamt dear.

English Poem

Smearing sandal paste and Kumkum on the bodies; in

The streets decorated, I joined Sri Krishna on His

Majestic elephant going around amidst greetings,

Bathed in turmeric scents; So, I dreamt, O my dear.

O dear, I have dreamt that a lot of kunkumam and sandalwood were applied on our bodies; Kannan and I were placed on top of the majestic elephant; taken in procession along the decorated streets, and then were given the holy bath with the sacred scented waters mixed with turmeric and Kumkum’- told Godadevi.

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The ceremonies began when Sri Krishna arrived in beautifully decorated town, the birth place of  Sri Villi Putthur amidst thousand elephants, in a majestic form, resplendent with divine brightness, welcomed with greetings. As the wedding ceremonies are concluded, the new couple are seated on the elephant, taken in procession in city streets and at the end performed manjilneeraattam – holy bath with scented water, turmeric, Chandan and Kumkum, even as the elders and other residents of the town greeted them. 

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Veyarpugazh villa puthoorkonkothaishol,

Thooyathamizhmalaieerainthumvallavar  ,


Aayanukku = to that Srikrishna Swami, aga = most eligible, tthaankandakanaavinai = the dream that I saw, Veyarpugazh = city which is praised by Sri Vaishnava’s, villa puthoor = in the city of Sri Villi Putthur,  kon = official priest, kothai = Goda,  shol = composed, Thooya = pure, thamizh, in Tamil language, malai = garland, eerainthum = this ten poems,  vallavar = those who recite, Vaayumnan = beautiful, makkalai = children,  pethu = will get,  magizhvare.= and will be happy.

Recite the nectar of ten Tamil Pashurams

Created by Goda Devi, daughter of Vishnuchitta

Dreaming the ceremonies of celestial wedding,

And get enriched with progeny and pleasure 

If these ten pure Tamil verses, composed by Goda Devi, who is the daughter of official priest of Sri Villi Putthore temple, Sri Vishnu Chitta, who is famous for his devotion and scholarly knowledge, describing the beautiful dreams granted by Lord Krishna about various ceremonies of wedding, are recited, they would get good children and be happy.

If the girls of Goda age recite the VaranamAyiram ten Pashurams which are part of NachiyarTirumozhi, they will get a groom like Sri Krishna, and if young men recite these ten pashurams, they will marry a girl who is equal in Goda in devotion and beget a good progeny and will be happy.

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Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Author is Dean, Professor of law at Mahindra University at Hyderabad and former Central Information Commissioner. He published a number books in English and Telugu.


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