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GHMC Poll: Who Failed, Government or People?

  • Less percentage of polling dulls opposition
  • No enthusiasm seen in Hyderabad city voters
  • Continuous holidays showed major impact on polling

Hyderabad: It was a poor show in GHMC elections in the voting pattern and percentage. Reasons are many and there was no excuse for what had happened. All political parties made vigorous campaign for 10 days, but failed on polling day which was clearly visible.

TRS succeeded in the game

The ruling TRS which  was facing anti-incumbency sentiment and it was in a state of shock after Dubbaka bypoll appears to have played its cards well. It was  successful on the polling day. The party which was seen to be lagging in the race initially played crucial role after the campaign end. Thanks to their leaders who made harsh comments against opposition leaders  and coined  slogans like’ Peaceful Hyderabad’ making voters to rethink before vote. Certainly the communal sentiment helped the ruling party which was most worried about their future after GHMC elections. Though the result would not be as satisfying as that of 2016,  the impact of the poll outcome will be negligible  and can be overcome according to the political analysts after observing the voting trend.

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BJP failed on the crucial day

BJP which was on josh as far as campaign concerned looks to have  miserably failed on the polling day. TBJP leader’s hungama at Khairatabad the night before the polling day overplaying a an ordinary shouting match  clash discouraged the voters from voting for the lotus. At the same time, the saffron party failed in booth management compared to other parties, mainly TRS.

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Congress party, which did not pin hopes much on this election, went on  smoothly from day one without any controversial comments.

Voter, the main culprit

There is no question that the voters, who will be held responsible for  less percentage of voting. Continuous holidays for four days made the voters to migrate to their native places and the youth was more interested in watching TV rather than going out and vote. This is the fate of Hyderabad voters on polling day.

Why  question the government? Voter has no right now to question the government on their problems when they have not come out for voting. It is absolutely a smart game by ruling party to keep the date exactly after 3 days holidays, political parties failed to see through the game and the voters walked into the TRS trap.

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Thank you, voter!

Election results will be announced on Dec 4th, but upto then voter who have not cast their votes can enjoy watching films on Netflix or Amazon and indulge in useless chit chat with their colleagues on problems they are facing in their Wards and can wait upto 2024 for next elections. Thank you voters, you made Hyderabad Great once again by not voting


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