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Corona virus Found in Ice cream in China

  • Shock from China to globe in 2021
  • The ice cream was produced in Eastern China
  • Govt recalls cartons of same batch which were dispersed to stores

Beijing: Shocking news was reported from China after corona Virus was found in ice cream produced in eastern China. The Food Company with the name, Daqiaodao, in Tianjin, which is adjacent to Beijing, was sealed and all employees are under investigation for tests. Up to now there was no indication about any one had contracted the virus from the ice cream.

390 cartons sold until now in Tianjin and are being tracked down. 29,000 cartons in the batch had yet to be sold and luckily cartons are still in the Food Company. As per the sources, ice cream contains ingredients like New Zealand Milk Powder and whey powder of Ukraine.

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China is facing third wave of Covid after five months with death toll increasing day by day. Chinese authorities swung into action after virus spread at a village wedding party near Beijing. They locked down two cities Shijiazhuang and Xingtai with more than 17 million people living there. Crash testing is going on in these places and the government cancelled weddings, shut down transportations, funerals, and Provincial Communist Party conference. Chinese capital, Beijing, was also shut down along with districts surrounding it.

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China’s COVID 19 vaccine proved less effective which was already lagging behind in trails. China is trying to develop second vaccine with the techniques used in US possibly by reversing the engineering done by other countries, as per sources.

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