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Can Naidu repeat NTR’s 1994 miracle in 2024?

  • Naidu breaks down in Assembly
  • Vows to return to assembly only as CM
  • Same challenge thrown by NTR in 1989 and he won in a big way in 1994
  • Can Naidu repeat his father-in-law’s grand show in 2024 overcoming all the hurdles?

Amravati: AP Assembly witnessed emotional, frustrated moments from former CM, TDP president Chandrababu Naidu. After throwing a challenge at the ruling party in assembly, Naidu addressed media virtually when he broke down which surprised TDP sympathisers, as such a spectacle was never witnessed by them.

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Before leaving assembly, CBN made some comments like Assembly is Kaurava Sabha now and decided to boycott it till next elections (2024). He further said that he will return to assembly only after coming to power and as a chief minister. Reasons for the anguish, emotional statements according to the opposition leader are the ruling party members  made abusive comments about his wife, Bhuvaneswari, in a debate on women empowerment on second day of winter session of assembly. YCP is practising revenge politics after coming to power, he said adding that he never faced such a humiliation and insult throughout his political career.

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“I tolerated all the humiliations during the last two and half years, but today ruling party crossed limits and when you talk ill about women, it reflects the character of the person who is speaking. My wife never interfered politics when her father late N.T. Rama Rao was chief minister nor when I served as chief minister for a long term. Late YSR, when he was chief minister also humiliated my mother, but later came up with apology. I hope my wife will file a complaint against YSRCPs MLAs for resorting to character assassination. Same will be carried out to women’s commission”, Naidu said in tears.

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The same challenge and boycott was done by Naidu’s father-in-law and founder of TDP, NT Rama Rao in 1989 and the matinee idol had returned to assembly with a thumping majority as CM in 1994. Incidentally, NTR was of the same at that time as Naidu now. NTR did not shed tears. He solemnly announced in a fit of anger that he would not enter the House till he became chief minister once again.  At the age of 71, can Naidu repeat history by dethroning a visibly strong YCP is a big question?

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After 2019 assembly elections which resulted in bumper majority to YCP, dethroning TDP, many though that it will be difficult for Jagan to rule State with many hurdles before him.  Jagan came up with schemes in the name of Navaratnalu and tried his best to deliver them even when COVID pandemic hit the economy very hard. Every election which had taken place after Assembly polls, such as  Municipal, Lok Sabha, Assembly  bypolls, ZPTC, MPTC elections, were all swept by the ruling party. Opposition parties cried foul that YCP used its muscle, money and administrative power and the result went in its favour. There will be no excuses after defeat and the end result is important – win or lose.

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At this juncture, with only two and half years to go for next elections, Naidu ,with a popular and hard working young leader at the helm, has a uphill task. One has to watch how Naidu can overcome the difficult situation with the cadre slipping down along with leaders from the party. To defeat the formidable incumbent is surely a tough, if not impossible,  task for the TDP and its supremo.

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