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Pseudo science campaigners are at it. Be careful!

A book review

 “I can count on everything. I can calculate the velocity of light too. But, I can’t count the jealousy, envy, conspiracy behind the smile of a man.”

  • Albert Einstein

There are no ultimate truths, ultimate books and ultimate people in science. If there is power in thought and proofs, science will stand up even after facing many kinds of suppressions. Scientists are imprisoned in dark rooms, tortured, and ultimately killed, their efforts stand. We are watching it live on a stand-up basis. How can you not believe even after seeing? What if you keep believing in the unseen? The atheists do not lie that there is an afterlife. They are told to live life to the fullest while you are alive. Science is questioning with doubt. (It) will be looking for answers. If faced with challenges, she will prove it by showing proofs. But, Religions have no doubts. There will be no searches. There is no confession of wrongs. Challenges are not to be faced. If the situations that have to be faced, the tail will be bent. If this is the case, there will be more inferior politicians, religious leaders, swamis, babas, mullahs, prayer men and preachers who are spending their time promoting pseudo science. That’s why common people should be alert and confront them. Just to be able to not be fooled by them. Every citizen should get ready for that. Social consciousness and scientific consciousness should be increased in them.

Who are you calling a pseudoscientist? | Times Higher Education (THE)
Science and pseudo science

For example, look at those who are Brahmagyanas. “Rape is not a sin for Brahmaganas,” Asaram Bapu said. Spiritual swamis, Babas, Pitadhipathis who are raping women are teaching wisdom like this to the rapists and others. Is this the Indian culture they are following? “Ashtavarshat Bhave Kanya.” in this country, even a month old baby girl is being crushed by the masculinity. Manuvada – Sanskit protectors should tell what is it to see an eight year old girl as a virgin! Some of the gods who have gone crazy, not only in the country but also in foreign countries will be doing their foolishness.

Swami Prabhupada spoke like this in Perth (Australia) on 1975 May 11th, “It is not that women don’t like to be raped, but you can’t say it out and admit it right?” That’s why sometimes intolerance and anger will go out.” Just like that! Is this what they talk about under the guise of holiness? It is natural to believe that God created the universe before the development of science. But, lately science is explaining everything with perfect illustrations. What that does mean? Is it like we understand what God’s thoughts are? So why can’t we experience them? This is to say logically – not to admit that God really exists. How many times did the gods Brahma, Allah, Jehovah created the same earth? All these gods need to come together to an agreement and clear the doubt of men.

Man is not beyond nature. Being a part of nature, this man, who has been transformed after a lot of evolution, has become crucial in nature. But some people do not realize the value of human and nature. God is the answer to everything. American Christian author and ministries president wife Joyce Meyer announced, ”God makes no mistakes in the construction of the human body. If he does it once, he will do plastic surgery and make it alright. “He made it to his face multiple times!” Her silence is all the glory of God without recognizing the doctors and staff who did plastic surgery and modified her facial expressions. At time like this, we get a thought – if God can do everything, then why do we need scientists? What are the doctors for? What is the need of tech professionals?  Isn’t it good to keep these people aside and display their divine glory? The results are being reversed for making such ridiculous announcements and mocking science. Godliness is decreasing and the number of non-religious humans is increasing significantly all over the world!

How annoyed will he be if he wakes up a person from a deep sleep? How much pain he has when asked to come to his senses after drinking whiskey? How much anger is this? Do people who flaunt like sheep in church obey the Father’s instructions have a sense that someone is laughing at them? Those who break the illusions of the people, are temporarily hated by the people. They will not understand the reality until the illusions are gone and the intoxication is gone. Some people stay in their illusions and use science to misinterpret. See what a Maulana has done. “Do you know why Allah has arranged four chambers in our hearts? Our four wives can live separately in a room of each heart in peace – our Muslim religion has given a lot of respect to women,” said Maulana Huzoor Mukhmuddin Khan. This religious leader has once again revealed another scientific formula at another place. “There are three jinns in drinking water. The jinns are the ghosts. Among them two hydrogen, one oxygen- that’s why you must remember Allah before drinking water! He also said, “If the Jews (JEWS) were awarded Nobel prizes, every Muslim girl would have won two Hoor (virgins).

NASA equipment is in space. That would make a cosmic sound. That cosmic sound is the sound of “Om”! That Om – sound is not only coming from earth but from other planets too. The sound of Om is coming from the planets which are not yet revealed in the research. It means, it is understood that there are only Hindus there and there are no other religions. Hindu should be understood!” said a Hindu believer. There is no evidence that the human race is thriving on other planets except on Earth. However, religious believers announce things that scientists do not know. Is it easy for anyone to spend money without showing proofs? That’s why common people should not believe such fake advertisements. Facts need to be known.

Science is the reason behind whether Chandrayaan is successful or not. Not Sullurupeta Chengalamma, not Tirupati Venkanna. Dolls and statues can’t even move a razor. There is no stopping it to move. Gotta realize that matter first. If the experiment fails, it is (because of) human mistake. If it succeeds, it is God’s grace…The wrong idea was put to use. Gotta be able to think out of it first. In the meantime, when a rocket experiment failed, someone made a sarcastic statement like this, “Mix some Theerth and prayer oil in the rocket fuel – that’s how it will be!”

Union Human Resource Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal… said,”Atoms was invented by the manuscript of Ayurveda and NASA believes it.” Today’s talking computer is actually shaped –how it is shaped…It is possible only because of Sanskrit language! NASA has recognized that Sanskrit is a scientific language! What is the benefit of making such announcements without revealing the relationship between Sanskrit and modern science? The satellites are taking lots of photos of the planet earth. But God’s form was not seen anywhere. It means that God is not in the outer world, but in the minds of religious believers – it is clearly visible. Neither in brain surgery nor in brain studies, the form of God is  found. That form exists only in the illusions of weak minds. If a generation is disturbed by illusions like this, it will take many generations to recover. The country that was hit by the atomic bomb did not recover quickly right? This is what it is like.

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered the shooting of bishops without any hesitation if caught with drugs. He said all churches are fake organizations and pastors are useless. He asked to prove what good will happen to humanity because of them. Even if it is the father who commits unethical acts, he said that he should not leave him. If such a situation comes in our country also… the noise of Swamis, Babas, Peethadhipatis will be reduced. The one who does not understand the delicate matters or the complex matters will definitely believe in God.

One who believes in God, thinks that there is no need to understand anything else.

The athlete who broke his leg in an accident will be back in competition with a science –provided artificial leg. No prayer will work for babies born with attached bodies. No ritual will be of any use.  Only by science – provided surgery, children are separated and able to grow independently.

Here’s why American astronaut and rationalist author Philip Carey Flight says, “Pseudo – science is a disorder.”

(Humanism, a slogan of life (Maanava vaadam, jeevana ninaadam)- by Prof. Devaraju Maharaju, Published by People ‘s Publishing House,New Delhi.)

(The author is well known writer and biologist.)

Dr. Devaraju Maharaju
Dr. Devaraju Maharaju
The author is a famous litterateur and a Professor in Biology.


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