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Divine Musings – 15

I know, I am tilling a barren land.
But this was once a desert, where serpents
wiggled for rats below the dancing sand
and cactuses survived by life’s penchant.

I never saw a nimbus cloud in sky
or sweet oasis anywhere around.
I toiled and cried till tears wetted the dry
barrens and sweat rilled down on thirsty ground.

There rain, more rain on lush alluvium
and rivers smooching through the silvan nudes.
But here the same sandstorms’ rowdy humdrum,
with haunting eerie silent interludes.

They need caring monsoons; both souls and soils
to imbibe moist hope to sprout the seeds
of love. But wealthy Gods are counterfoils
of filthy rich…why care my arid fields?

Mydavolu Venkata Sesha Sathyanarayana, who writes with the pen name MAHATHI, is a renowned Indian English poet. He has been on a mission to popularize Indian epics and philosophy, through his poems and long poems; especially in Western countries. He basically composes metrical verses in classical style, though not averse to composing free verses. His books FINDING THE MOTHER (SRI SUNDARA KANDA), HARE KRISHNA, OCEAN BLUES and THE GANGES AND OTHER POEMS are very popular and brought him great name and fame. His poems are published in a number of Indian and American print magazines. Poet's phone number: +91 93093 76172


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