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Your association is more than Moksha, Krishna

29. Tiruppavai, Goda Govinda Geetham

Tamil Pashuram

ShitthumSirukaaleVanduUnnaiSevitthu Un


PetthamMeyythundumKulatthilPirandu Nee



EtthaikkumEzhEazhPiravikkum Un Tannodu

VutthomeYavomUnakke Naam Aatcheyvom

Matthai Nam KaamangalMatthu-el or empaavaai.

English Poem 29

Listen, we all came over here very early-dawn

At Your golden lotus feet, for the sole purpose,

Not interested in just taking one Parai only

We, cowherds served you with personal bond,

Govinda, as long as these times continue,

For each of Seven Births, bond us with You

We seek this boon to serve You and You alone

Pray to you to remove all other desires from us

In song 29 it is purification of end-result- (Phala-shuddhi). Parai, that was repeatedly referred in previous Pashurams is just an excuse, their real demand is Service to God, for which they awaken Sri Krishna, request him to walk up to Simhaasana, and after He seated comfortably, they hail Him with Mangalam, ask for the instruments or ornaments. When Krishna was about to give them, they say: we did not ask for such ordinary Parai. Krishna is silent. They finally declare “You are our means and end. We want permanent chance of serving you”. They are not asking for avoiding rebirths, like the Acharya, but, saying: “if You want to give us many births, no problem, but in each birth, make us Your relatives and allow us to have your association”.

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They further ask Krishna: “You are born alongwith us in the cowherd community, who follow behind the tails of cows to live on.  Now, You cannot refuse to take our worship or bestow your grace on us. We are asking not just Your grace and boons today alone.  We seek forever, in the next seven births, to be privileged to have a close relationship with you in all your avatars. We should be beholden to you and offer worship only to You and none other. You should give this boon and ensure removal of any other desires from our minds. Unwavering, unquestioning, totally dedicated faith in Krishna at all times and occasions is what should rule our minds”.

The conversation that went on is:

Goda: We seek your golden-lotus-like fragrant feet, like Lakshman who felt happy not to be crowned, but to serve at your feet. If you do not want our services, why did you take birth in our clan?

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Govinda: You want to offer your services to me, fine; I will take whenever I want. You performed Vrata for Parai. I am giving it, please take.

Goda: We asked for Parai, True. But it was only an excuse. We want You and You only. Do not need this drum-Parai.

Govinda: Then what are you really intending to have, instead of your demand for Parai.

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Goda:  Whenever You descend on this earth, each of us should be your relatives and servants, like mother, wife, father, brother or any other etc. Seetha and Bharatha left you, but we would like to be with you like Lakshmana. Please remove all other desires from our contemplation.

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Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Author is Dean, Professor of law at Mahindra University at Hyderabad and former Central Information Commissioner. He published a number books in English and Telugu.


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