Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Amit Shah: Will protect dignity of Telangana forever if comes to power

  • BJP is not afraid of AIMIM party
  • BJP is only alternative to TRS
  • Will keep an end to family rule of TRS
  • BJP will come to power in 2024
  • Amit Shah at Nirmal meeting praises Eatala and requests voters to vote for BJP

Adilabad: Union Home Minister Amit Shah has said that Telangana was not liberated until 13 months after India’s independence and that it was liberated from the clutches of the Nizam due to the prowess of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

He participated in a public meeting organized by the BJP at Nirmal on the occasion of Telangana Liberation Day. Speaking on the occasion, Amit Shah recalled that the adivasis first fought with the British and then with the Nizams.

I wish all the people of Telangana a Happy Liberation Day. On September 17, 1948, Sardar Patel broke the shackles and liberated Telangana and made it a part of India.

Amit Shah questioned why KCR had announced that Liberation Day would be held on September 17 during the Telangana movement, but now the government is not able to do it officially. He demanded that the promise made then be fulfilled and  KCR should say who he was afraid of. Amit Shah has made it clear that the BJP is not afraid of the Asaduddin Owaisi-led Majlis party. Once the BJP is empowered, Telangana Liberation Day will be officially celebrated, he said

He said  he believes BJP government would be formed in Telangana in 2024. Amit Shah said that if BJP comes to power, it will protect the dignity of Telangana forever. He said the BJP was the only party which can  liberate Telangana from family rule.

The meeting site is also symbolic as about 1,000 freedom fighters were said to have been hanged allegedly by Razakars(in fact, it was the British rulers who hanged them) during the erstwhile Nizam regime to a tree. TBJP President Bandi Sanjay personally requested Amit Shah to participate in his ongoing paadayatra. Senior party leaders felt that September 17 will be an ideal day for Home Minister to participate in public meeting at Nirmal on the eve of Telangana Liberation day.


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