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Adivasi ire at Rajamouli’s RRR

  • NTR getup wearing skull cap with white kurtha irks Gond community
  • Adivasis ultimatum to Rajamouli whether to change getup or face court case
  • Complaint  filed in Narsipatnam police station saying that there should be no misinterpretation in the film on history of two freedom fighters who never met each other.

Hyderabad: Rajamouli’s upcoming film ‘RRR’ became hot topic in Tollywood circles after NTR’s Bheem teaser was released two days ago by the production unit. As soon as teaser hit the market, it enraged the  Netizens after they viewed NTR getup with white kurtha and skull on cap. They felt that it was a blatant falsehood in the name of history. They  never expected this from the ace director Rajamouli who is generally known as non-controversial.

Netizens harsh on Rajamouli

Director Rajamouli was hard hit with tweets on social media for  48 hours. “Komaram Bheem was a tribal who fought against Razakars during the  Nizam period, how can you show him in a Muslim get up?” asked the fans. The attack  started right after the release of the teaser and it has been  continuously disturbing the unit with unabated posts on social media.

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“Do we put skullcap on Chatrapathi Shivaji, Maharana Pratap, Guru Gobind Singh for fighting foreign terrorists like Komaram Bheem who rebelled against the Nizam?” tweeted an angry youth.

Objection by Adivasis

The Adivasis  felt that komaram Bheem is being shown in poor light and there was no role of a Muslim in the history of the tribal icon. It is a pity to see the criticism  turning  into a communal issue when a few people on social media projected Komaram Bheem as “Kattar Hindu” adding comments that he doesn’t belong to Adivasi (Tribals) “In fact the very name ‘Bheem’ or Komaram Bheem’ is used by many Gond Tribal clans of Telangana because they considered themselves as descendants of Pandava warrior Bheema through Hidambi,” wrote a  hardcore fan of Komaram Bheem. Still some people claimed that he was a non Hindu.’ Muslim Gonds did not exist in Telangana,’ he further tweeted. There was no proper response  or explanation from  Film unit until now since this controversy erupted. They stuck on to their words that film is a social fiction, but the atmosphere looks to be hot right now with roars from Adivasis and Hindu ideologists objecting to NTR’s  getup.


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