Zakir Musa Announces His a�?Fight For Islama�? Would Continue

The statement made by the Hizbul Mujahedeen Commander Zakir Musa about Hurriyat leaders has evinced differences among top Hizbul leaders.

New Delhi: With Hizbul Mujahedeen top leaders distancing themselves from the statement given by their commander Zakir Musa, He released a fresh video, in which Musa announced that he was disassociating himself from the organization and would fight alone.

After the first audio clip of Musa went viral on the social media platforms, the top leaders of the organization disassociated themselves from his statement. Musa warned Hurriyat leaders that their heads will be chopped off and hung at the Lal Chowk if they term Kashmir struggle as a political movement.

Musa in the new video hit back that he stands by his statement and announced his dissociation with the Hizbul Mujahedeen. However, he said that a public warning would be issued before anyone is killed.

The militant group came out clearly condemning the statement made by Musa. Hizbul spokesperson, Saleem Hashmi said that it was the personal opinion of Zakir Musa.

a�?The leadership and Kashmiri people were taking the movement ahead through united efforts. In these circumstances, any provocative statement will prove fatal for the movement,a�? Hashmi added.

Hashmi said that Hizbul Mujahideen is examining the statement issued by Musa and that they wouldna��t hesitate to take any step in favour of the Kashmir struggle.

a�?Ia��m disassociating myself from Hizbul. If they dona��t represent me, then I dona��t represent them,a�? Musa said in the new video.

Musa also claimed that he was on the right path and not associated with anybody and said that he would see who stands by his side. He clarified that he wouldna��t shed his blood if they were fighting for freedom in the name of secularism. He said he wanted the creation of Islamic State and that nothing could deter him from working towards it.

However, Musa said that he has no relations with Islamic State or al-Qaeda.

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