YSRCP Plenary: Jagan Calls For Regime Change

The first day of the two-day plenary of the YSRCP has gone peacefully with spirited speeches by the leaders.
YSRCP Plenary: Jagan Calls For Regime Change

Guntur: The third plenary of YSRCP has started with a bang. Party chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy gave an inspiring welcome speech in which he remembered his father YS Rajasekhara Reddy for his welfare measures as Chief Minister of united Andhra Pradesh. Leaders who spoke after Jagan referred to YSR a number of times since his birth anniversary happened to be on this day, July 9. They said had YSR not died, the State would never have been bifurcated.

M Raja Mohan Reddy who introduced the political resolution, spoke of twin dangers of defections and the unviable election promises that are threatening democracy in this part of the country. The MP extolled the qualities of the departed leader, YSR.

Roja, actor-turned-politician and an MLA representing Nagari in Chittoor district has mounted a devastating attack against Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu and his son Lokesh. Giddi Iswari, a tribal MLA from Visakha agency, criticised the government for not treating the women respectfully. She and Roja alleged that the crimes against women had increased in the last three years.

The deliberations had  started in right earnest after Jagan came from Idupulapaya where the family paid respects to YSR at the YSR Ghat.

Senior leader and leader opposition in AP legislative council Ummareddy Venkateswarlu has conducted  the proceedings while the party chief presided over the session. The deliberation ended for the day by 5 pm.

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YSRCP Petitions CEC Against AP Chief Minister’s “Intimidating Tactics”

The main Opposition in Andhra Pradesh has urged the Election Commission to take action against Chandrababu Naidu for using “illegal means” to win the forthcoming Nandyal by-poll.

Amaravati: Opposition YSRCP leaders have met Chief Election Commission Achal Kumar Jyoti and urged him to take action against Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu “for intimidating voters of Nandyal.”

They alleged that the TDP chief was using illegal means to win the forthcoming Nandyal by-poll and demanded that the ruling party be de-recognised.

YV Subba Reddy, who submitted videos as evidence in support of his allegation, stated in his letter “It is relevant to mention that the TDP, which is in power in Andhra Pradesh, (has) unleashed undemocratic, unethical practices in elections by violating various provisions of the Constitution of India and election laws”.

Subba Reddy quoted as evidence Naidu’s speech in which he is stated to have asked people to vote for TDP as they were using roads built by his government. “Why can’t you support us politically when you are using all government facilities like pensions, schemes and roads,” he is reported to have asked.

This was also stated in the letter by Subba Reddy, which was handed over to CEC.

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Kapu Community Moving Towards YSRCP?

Kapu community who voted for TDP in 2014 elections have decided to support YSRCP in next elections as per our sources. Kanna Laxminarayana is ready to plunge into YSRCP in coming days, with many leaders in AP to follow.

Amaravati: After 3 years of ruling, TDP is the most worried party now with internal politics and vote banks reshuffle. One of the major communities, Kapu Community, which made the difference between ‘win’ and ‘lose’ in 2014 elections between YSRCP and TDP is slowly tilting towards Jagan as per our key sources.

Kanna Laxminarayana, a strong kapu leader from Guntur district, joined the BJP after congress party lost in 2014 elections. He was a strong sympathiser of congress party and worked as Minister during late YSR regime.

Now he wants to join YSRCP in coming days along with the leaders of Guntur district with a hope that Jagan, rather than the BJP, can do justice to his community.

East and West Godavari district Kapu leaders who had a meet at IMAX gardens in Madhapur, Hyderabad, are understood to have taken a decision to support YSRCP in coming days. They will meet Jagan in few days to discuss with him about their demands and extend support if he fulfils them after coming to power in 2019.

Major destruction for TDP will be from Rayalaseema with Kapu Balija community who are initially in a plan to support ‘Jana Sena’ have changed their mind now.

Strong Kapu leaders from Chittoor district, who are former Congress leaders, will certainly support Jagan as elections near.

One has to see how this caste based vote-bank will turn in coming days with equations which will certainly impact the result of 2019 elections.

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Will Prashanth Kishore Help Jagan Accomplish Mission 2019?

YSRCP Chief Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy introduced political strategist Prashanth Kishore to the party cadres during the plenary by saying that he will help with mission 2019. Earlier, political strategists delivered hits for Modi, Nitish and Captain Amarender Singh, but can Jagan fully bank on Prashanth who is for the first time foraying into South Indian politics through his assignment with YSRCP?

Amarvati: Political heat in AP for 2019 has begun to rise with increased momentum with the entry of political strategist Prashanth Kishore on Sunday.

I-PAC (Indian Political Action Committee) previously delivered big wins for Modi, Nitish and for Cap.Amarender. All this happened in Northern India, but for the first time he has started working for a customer like Jagan, who is surrounded by ED and CBI cases. This is a point of debate among the people of AP.

But I-PAC is pushing all the negative things like disproportionate assets cases aside. They are concentrating only on the positive attitudes of the Yuvanetha. According to I-PAC, cases are common against Indian political leaders. We should not see in the negative angle, there are many positive aspects in Jagan and we will work on it.

Prashanth Kishore’s group CAG (Citizens For Accountable Governance) worked for Modi in 2014 elections and Prashanth individually worked for Nitish in Bihar in 2015. Even assignment of UP was also successful in bringing congress and Samjawadi party on a single platform but did not yield desired results in the elections.

But in Punjab, a huge victory was seen because of Prashanth’s strategy. But the entry of this group in Andhra Pradesh has created flutters in ruling party and false speculations in social media.

Prashanth condemned the news in a section of media that they were hired for ₹250 crore and said that they won’t work on hire basis. Even he denied that they conducted survey in AP.

We have to see how Prashanth will cope with all the hurdles in AP and clear the way for Jagan in coming days.

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9-point Programme To Be Implemented By YSRCP If Voted To Power

YSCP chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has announced a 9-point programme to be implemented after coming to power in 2019.
9-point Programme To Be Implemented By YSRCP If Voted To Power

Guntur: YSRCP chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has announced a sort of a 9-point programme at the concluding session of the party’s plenary.

  1. Jagan Mohan Reddy promised ₹50,000 for every farmer who owns less than five acres. 86 per cent of the farmers in AP are small and marginal farmers who owns less than five acres. They are 66 lakh farmers. A stabilisation fund of ₹3 crore would be set up. A calamity relief fund of ₹2 crore would be set up.
  2. YSR Asara scheme for 89 lakh Dwacra women. They will get loans on zero interest. The existing loans would be waived in four phases.
  3. Old-age pension To Be raised from ₹1,000 to ₹2,000.
  4. Under Amma Vodi scheme, children studying first to five class will be paid ₹500 each. Those who are studying 6th to 10th class will get ₹750. Inter students will be paid ₹1,000.
  5. 25 lakh houses to be built for the poor above caste, creed and region.
  6. Unlimited funds for Arogya Shri. Wage earner to get paid during recovery after surgery. Kidney patients to get special pension.
  7. Fees reimbursement scheme to be implemented fully. Every poor student will be getting ₹20,000.
  8. All projects including Polavaram under Jala Yagnyam will be completed on war footing.
  9. Prohibition to be imposed in three phases. In first phase, the number of liquor shops would be drastically reduced. Belt shops will be closed. The prices of liquor will be raised to shocking level. In the second phase Liquor will be made out of reach for the poor and the middle class. In the third phase Liquor will be confined to five-star hotels. Those who violate the rules will be out in jail for ten years.

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Jagan’s Tweet On YSR Made Fans Cry

On the occasion of late YSR’s jayanthi, tweet by Jagan on his father touched millions of hearts.

Hyderabad: YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, chief of YSRCP, was busy with plenary meeting at Guntur, but the tweet he made on his father made fans of late YSR shed tears.

In almost all surveys, late YSR is given first place as CM due to his admirable schemes like Arogyasri,fee reimbursement, free power to farmers, loan waiver etc.

Y.S. Jagan, who was not often seen in social media with tweets like all political leaders, took the opportunity on the occasion of YSR’s Jayanthi.

“I see him, every time, I see people I feel him, every time I feel their love, I walk like him, as they guide me I am grateful #YSRForever” is the tweet by YS Jagan.

No wonder this tweet is widely loved making people reminisce YSR.

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Jagan Blows Poll Bugle, Plenary Huge Success

The two-day plenary of YSRCP ended on Sunday with YS Jagan Mohan Reddy blowing poll bugle and promising various things to various sections of society. The cadres appeared recharged.
Jagan Blows Poll Bugle, Plenary Huge Success

Guntur: YSRCP president YS Jagan Mohan Reddy blew the poll bugle at the party plenary on Sunday. He announced padayatra for six months across AP beginning Idupulapaya. He also announced ₹50,000 to each farmer owning less than five acres of land. This will help 66 lakh farmers. The amount will be paid in four instalments. He also announced prohibition in phased manner.

Jagan said his government would double the old-age pension from one thousand to two thousand rupees. He also promised benefits to Dwarka groups.

The plenary was a huge success and Jagan’s speech was received with thunderous applause. The party workers were looking confident.

The two-day plenary of the YSRCP has concluded here on Sunday with the party chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy giving a clarion call to fight for the welfare of the people.

Earlier, Jagan Mohan Reddy was declared elected unanimously as national president of the party.

Jagan spoke of the qualities of head and heart of YS Rajasekhar Reddy. He recalled that while Chandrababu Naidu stabbed his father-in-law to grab power, YSR came to power by the blessings of the people. The power that comes through manipulation does not have legitimacy. But power that comes with the blessings of the people would entail responsibility.

“I have a strong desire to continue as chief minister for thirty years. I want to ensure that people will have my photo by the side of my father’s photo after I am gone,” said Jagan.

Jagan criticised the government for not honouring any of the promises made in election manifesto. He said the TDP had promised to set a stabilisation fund of ₹3,000 crore to take care of the farmers in case the prices of agriculture products fall. But the promise remains unfulfilled even today.

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Jagan, Naidu Compete To Woo Kovind

Jagan in Hyderabad, Naidu at Amaravati tried their best to woo NDA Presidential candidate Kovind during his visit on Tuesday.

Hyderabad: Tug of war between main parties in Andhra Pradesh was seen on Tuesday to woo the NDA Presidential candidate Ram Nath Kovind, one at Hyderabad and the other at Vijaywada.

Kovind visited Telugu states as a part of his campaign on Tuesday and met TRS. YSRCP, BJP, TDP party representatives and addressed them.

Kovind said that the office of President should be kept above petty politics and said that he will uphold the highest dignity of the prestigious office.

YSRCP President, Jagan, who seized the first opportunity, surprisingly touched the feet of Kovind at Park Hyatt Hotel who felt that the elections for President and Speaker should be unanimous and that is the reason they supported NDA prior to finalising the candidate.

In Vijayawada, Kovind along with Union Minister Venkiah Naidu met AP CM Naidu and performed puja at TTD. Kovind paid tributes to late NT Rama rao and recalled that he is a great actor and politician.

“For the President, the constitution is , Geetha, Quran, Ramayan and Bible, it is only the guide book by which the President is supposed to work” Kovind Said.

AP CM Naidu praised Kovind by saying he is a non-controversial person in BJP from past 26 years and it is their fortune to vote for Kovind during Presidential elections.

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Nandyal By- Poll: Divide And Rule, Naidu’s Strategy

AP CM Naidu‘s only option to stop YSRCP from winning the Nandyal By Poll seem to be keeping maximum number of parties in race to split the vote bank of YSRC.

Nandyal: Nandyal By poll report for ruling party does not look positive at current stage, as per the survey reports of TDP. This may be a surprise for a few.

Though a private agency by the name VDP gave positive result for TDP in 2019 elections, they kept silent on the Nandyal by-poll.

This naturally tensed ruling party who were confident about their candidate’s win until now. Now, there is a change in Naidu’s plan to keep check for YSRCP. He is planning to rope maximum number of candidates and parties into the frame to split the vote bank of his anti-incumbency.

After Rayalaseema Parirakshana Samithi Chief Baireddy Rajasekhar Reddy announced that he would field a candidate from his party, congress too was determined to file a candidate in the by-poll. But still, Naidu has doubts mind about the split in the percentage of votes by the congress candidate.

The TDP leaders are in touch with Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan, and are forcing him to file a candidate for by-poll. Pawan has not yet finalized his decision, and we have to see how YSRCP, which is trying its best in all means to win the seat, will face the rapidly changing grounds.

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Nandyal By-poll: Mother Of All Battles

Both the TDP and the YSRCP are trying to win the by-poll by hook or by crook so as to gain ascendency in popular perception for the next general elections in 2019.

Nandyal: After 2014 general elections, Nandyal by-poll has been billed as mother of all battles. The by-poll considered as do or die by the ruling TDP as well as the opposition YSRCP is going to impact AP political future.

There is a surprising scenario when compared with ruling parties in both Telugu states. In Telangana, the ruling party never lost a seat after 2014 elections, starting from Medak by-poll to recent MLC elections. But when it comes to AP, ruling party, TDP, never faced elections after 2014 general elections, may be due to psychological fear. Even Lokesh’s maiden entry into state politics was also through the backdoor. The ruling party never accepted the challenge by YSRCP which demanded a fresh mandate whenever TDP lured their MLAs into defecting.

Now either YSRCP or TDP can’t escape the result of Nanydal by-poll. AP CM Naidu who is dependent on sympathy factor all these days looked tense as these factor is slowly fading out from the voters’ mind.

YSRCP candidate Shilpa Mohan Reddy who lost by a mere margin of 3000 votes in the hands of late Bhuma Nagi Reddy looks to be favourite candidate if elections are conducted in a fair way. Even single councillor belonging to Shilpa group did not raise voice against their leader even though TDP tried to woo them with schemes and money.

Tourism Minister Akhila Priya is slowly losing grip and confidence on this election. Suspecting this, TDP Supreme Naidu took responsibility on his own shoulders and tried to attract one of the major communities of the constituency, Muslims, through Iftar, which has failed. Minister Akhila Priya’s challenge that she will resign as Minister if TDP loses was given strong counter by Shilpa which was never expected from him. He said that he will retire permanently from politics if he loses in this elections, which shows the confidence in his group and in the voters.

With the result of Nandyal, Naidu’s claim that there is an increase in vote share of about 16% towards TDP will be tested by AP voters.

If this proves wrong, Naidu will be in a difficult situation to cope with the next elections with opposition growing in all the constituencies. The people are talking about his false promises during election campaign, 2014.

The by-election is going to be a war of attrition with both sides straining very hard to win the popular support. The result of this election would set the trend for the forthcoming general elections. That is the reason why Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu and Opposition leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy have taken the contest prestigiously.

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  1. June 30, 2017

    […] YSRCP candidate Silapa Mohanreddy’s brother, Silpa Chakrapani is presently TDP MLC. He was the district president of Kurnool TDP.    More: Nandyal By-poll: Mother Of All Battles […]

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Nandyal By-poll: Jagan Announces Candidate, Game On Cards

YSRCP President Jagan officially announced Shilpa Mohan Reddy as the party’s candidate. The tough battle between the TDP and YSRCP has started for Nandyal seat.

Kurnool: Yes, Nandyal will witness a tough battle between two parties, TDP and YSRCP, nay, between two factions led Shilpa and Bhuma families.

AP CM Naidu, at his residence on Saturday, finalised TDP candidate for Nandyal by-poll after the migration of Shilpa Mohan Reddy into YSRCP. It is a must for CM Naidu to take a decision on candidate of Nadyal by-poll as the leaders are slowly tilting towards YSRCP. After a series of meetings for the past few days, Naidu announced Brahmananda Reddy as candidate from ruling party.

TDP looked tense after the migration of Shilpa into YSRCP. Shilpa’ family is strongly entrenched in Nandyal and it served the TDP for many years.

But Jagan took the upper hand by inviting Shilpa into YSRCP and announcing his name as party’s candidate. This is the first serious move by YSRCP in recent days to counter TDP keeping in view 2019 elections.

Initially, everyone expected YSRCP will take this elections light. But the move by Jagan shows that he does not want to make TDP’s win easy. TDP until now expected that ’sympathy factor’ will fetch them win by cakewalk. But after Shilpa slipped from their hands, TDP, mainly party chief Naidu took the responsibility to ensure TDP’s win. For this he is using all his force and resources. The Iftar meeting that he had organized in Nandyal town on Wednesday is also aimed at winning the voters of the town ahead of the elections.

Being in power, Naidu wants to use every tool to give a tough fight and even win the election. The TDP chief is a known poll strategist and can deploy his ministers and leaders everywhere. There were elections where at least two ministers and two MPs were posted in every mandal to win. Even now, in Nandyal, he has plans to deploy all the top party leaders and use all the resources in every village to counter the Opposition and win the election.

On the flip side, Shilpa is determined to teach a lesson for Naidu by using all his might.

Now all eyes will be fixed on Nandyal which is a bellwether constituency. The result of the Nandyal by-poll will impact the outcome of the 2019 elections.

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Nandyal By-poll: If You Won’t Vote For Me , Don’t Walk On My Roads, Naidu’s Gaffe

AP CM Naidu is clearly under extreme pressure about Nandyal by-poll. It was visible on CM’s face while addressing TDP cadre.

Nandyal: All is not well with Naidu as far as the Nandyal by-poll is concerned. He is using various tricks to counter YSRCP in the by-poll.

Naidu had to tackle ego problems of Silpa Mohan Reddy and Akhilapriya in the wake of Bhuma Nagi Reddy’s untimely death. While he was contemplating the ground situation in order to decide whom to favour between the factions, Silpa has coolly walked into YSRCP camp and hugged Jagan Mohan Reddy. This development has shocked Naidu making him tense.

Naidu has taken Nandyal by-poll very prestigiously and he is not the one to let things drift. He is eager to fix the problem by focusing on Nandyal. He would not hesitate to use the State machinery and money and muscle power that is at his disposal as a chief minister.

The Iftar diplomacy is part of that. He has promised the sky to the voters just he did in his election campaign three years ago. He is sure to move earth and heaven. Despite all the bravado, the chief minister has nagging doubt about the TDP chances of victory. That is why he is losing control over his speech. Hence the gaffe.

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  1. June 22, 2017

    […] See Also: Nandyal By-poll: If U Won’t Vote For Me , Don’t Walk On My Roads, Naidu’s Gaffe […]

  2. June 22, 2017

    […] See Also: Nandyal By-poll: If U Won’t Vote For Me , Don’t Walk On My Roads, Naidu’s Gaffe […]

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Nandyal By-poll : Naidu Tense

AP CM Naidu is tense and started wooing different communities who initially felt it will be a cakewalk for TDP with the help of ‘sympathy’ factor.

Kurnool: AP CM Naidu’s calculations look to be going wrong as time fleets in Nandyal. Naidu who thought that it will be an easy win for TDP after announcing Brahmanada Reddy, from Bhuma family, as the candidate, is now contemplating additional ways and means to achieve success.

From day one, there is no clarity for Naidu to whom the ticket should be given and how to face the opposition in by-election. Nandyal voters, particularly Bhuma camp, have a vague impression that Naidu’s psychological pressure had led to their leader’s death.

Bhuma, who was misguided without giving ministry after joining the ruling party, had to face pressure from his followers for migrating from YSRCP to TDP. All these factors are in mind of Nandyal voters who are looking for a cross vote to teach a lesson to the TDP.

Recent migration of senior TDP leader, ex-minister Shilpa Mohan Reddy into YSRCP is another blow for ruling party in Kurnool district.

Keeping all these developments in mind, Naidu started to woo voters. The party’s survey also predicted that the fight is going to be tough.

Foundation stone for housing, airport at Orvakallu, in a hurry, Iftar at Nandyal with Government funds, all this flurry of activity is part of the TDP campaign.

At last, wooing councillors of Shilpa group clearly shows how tense TDP is on Nandyal by-poll. We have to see how opposition party counters all these moves to come into the contest and fight against the ruling party.

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  1. June 22, 2017

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YSRCP All Set For Mahadharna On Thursday In Vizag

YSRCP chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy will sit in dharna before the statue of Mahatma Gandhi in protest against lukewarm response by the Government to a land scan of gigantic proportions.

Visakhapatnam: The YSR Congress Party is all set for the Mahadharna slated to be held on Thursday in Visakhapatnam in protest against the much-publicised land scam. Speaking to the media here on Wednesday the Party leader and Rajya Sabha Member V. Vijaya Sai Reddy informed that YSR Congress leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy would take part in the protest to be held at the Gandhi Statue opposite GVMC Office.

See Also: Did Naidu Hit IYR To Give Vent To His Frustration?

Terming the setting up of SIT for investigation into the land scam as a useless exercise, Sai Reddy said  SITs constituted earlier on the incidents of killing of red sanders smugglers in Seshachalam forest and deaths caused by spurious  liquor consumption in Vijayawada did not derive any benefit for the people. He alleged that the land scam took place on the directions of Minister Lokesh. Given the involvement of Ministers, MLAs and top level officials in the scam, an investigation by SIT would get influenced by them and hence a CBI enquiry was a must, he elaborated.

See Also: Police Release Audio Tapes Of Sirisha In A Row

Sai Reddy alleged that Minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao’s son-in-law Prasanth forcibly bought lands for one lakh an acre in Padmanabham mandal in the district by threatening the farmers that their lands will be acquired under land pooling scheme by the government. He alleged that TDP MLC MVSS Murthi was encroaching further into 54 acres of land lying beside Gitam University owned by him.

See Also: Y.S Jagan Has To Decide Before It Is Too Late

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  1. June 22, 2017

    […] Tension prevailed at the YSRCP’s ‘Save Visakha’ dharna venue with altercations taking place between the police and the Party leaders. The YSRCP is […]

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Y.S Jagan Has To Decide Before It Is Too Late

There is strong anti-incumbency against the ruling party, TDP, in AP state but YS Jagan is not that moving to grab the opportunity, say observers.

Amaravati: YSRCP Chief Jagan Mohan Reddy who recently came from family tour of New Zeland had a few meetings with his leaders and left to Kadapa without any serious statements against Naidu.

It is exactly the time for the opposition leader to strike as he has been fighting against the government for past three years. By the time he landed in Hyderabad, the situation looked positive to attack on ruling party, but the silence from Jagan is raising many doubts in AP voters.

When Primepost sources contacted voters at ground level in Guntur, Krishna, East, West, Kurnool and Ananthpur districts, they said only one thing, “Why Is Jagan Silent. We are unable to understand his stand. Is he overconfident? When conditions are favourable for him, it is up to him to grab the opportunity”.

What the voters of these districts said is true. When coming to Nandyala by-poll where faction politics play crucial role, migration of Shilpa into YSRCP gave some boost to YSRCP cadre who are in a dilema after Bhuma left the party and later died. Till now there were no proper calculations by YSRC to grab the seat which will certainly impact 2019 elections in Rayalaseema.

On the other hand, communities like Kapu, Brahmin, SC, ST’s are totally looking towards YSRCP, but the party supremo did not make any move to bring them on one platform. Though ruling party claims that YSRCP is behind Mudragada’s paadaytara or agitation for Kapu reservations, the Kapu community is totally against Naidu.

Observing this, Naidu tried to bring Deputy CM Chinarajappa and Ganta to cool down Kapu leaders but as per our sources, they are in a strong mood to vote against TDP in 2019 elections.

Jagan should not forget that , this is the community which stood between him and the CM’s chair in 2014 elections. Yesterday’s incident of sacking IYR brought a big internal revolt in Brahmin community. There were discussions going on in that community to vote against TDP in coming elections. Even though their vote bank is marginal, it will certainly give advanatage to YSRCP.

When we discuss about various section of peoples and intellectuals, farmers are totally against Naidu. The mood of the farmers was witnessed on Tuesday in the presence of IT and panchayats Panchayati Raj Minister Lokesh. Farmers of Krishna district met Lokesh for the dues of ₹ 10 crores for around 310 farmers which were not paid forb 3 years.

Government employees are showing ire on Naidu for not giving any proper facilities and making them to travel up and down for five days in a week.

Two Leaders of TDP and YSRCP appear to have their own calculations. TDP Supreme is thinking that split of anti incumbency votes by BJP, Jana Sena and Communist parties will fetch him, and YSRCP Chief with an over confidence is in a view that these anti incumbency votes will fall into YSRCP kitty.

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  1. June 21, 2017

    […] the Party leader and Rajya Sabha Member V. Vijaya Sai Reddy informed that YSR Congress leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy would take part in the protest to be held at the Gandhi Statue opposite GVMC […]

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Nandyal By-poll: TDP Finalises Candidate

AP CM Naidu, at his residence on Saturday, finalised TDP candidate for Nandyal by-poll after the migration of Shilpa Mohan Reddy into YSRCP.

Amaravati: It is a must for CM Naidu to take a decision on candidate of Nadyal by-poll as the leaders are slowly tilting towards YSRCP. After a series of meetings for the past few days, Naidu announced Brahmananda Reddy as candidate from ruling party.

Tourism Minister, daughter of late Bhuma Nagi Reddy, Akhila Priya who was forcing Naidu to give ticket to her cousin, won in her attempt. But it has to be seen how she counters YSRCP in coming days with battle turning into an interesting tussle.

Naidu took utmost care after Shilpa slipped from his hands and made statement through Deputy CM KE Krishna Murthy by saying that no other name came up for consideration.

Krishna Murthy said that AV Subba Reddy will stay with the TDP and will work with Shilpa in by-elections. He also said that TDP knows well to counter Shilpa.

But it is a difficult situation for TDP to contest in by-elections with Brahmanada Reddy as candidate, only factor which helps them is “Sympathy”.

Now all eyes are on Nandyal which will certainly show impact if result goes against the TDP.

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Will AV Subbareddy Leave TDP?

Speculations are rife that AV Subbareddy who was a close aide of former TDP legislator Bhuma Nagireddy will be joining YSRCP, reflecting the chaos in the party unit in Kurnool district.

Hyderabad: Infighting in Kurnool district Telugu Desam Party reached the high command. Importantly, after the speculations were rife that AV Subbareddy would be joining in YSRCP. It is known that Silpa Mohan Reddy who expected an assurance from Naidu for fighting Nandhyal by-election joined the YSRCP, the internal strife within the party is coming to light.

Hence it is being said that Naidu decided to convince the leaders in the party that they should continue in the party. AP Minister Kalva Srinivasulu and Central Minister Sujana Choudhari are on the mission to resolve the disputes within the party leaders in Nandhyal constituency. In this context, a meeting is on with Naidu in Vijayawada.

The speculations that AV Subbareddy is leaving the party, led TDP into confusion. It is being said that he is keeping himself away from party programmes due to the disputes he had with Akhila Priya.  Incidentally, AV Subbareddy was very close to Bhuma Nagireddy. Because of the understanding they had, party programmes were carried out without any hurdles.  But, now the situation has changed.

Naidu is said to be devising a strategy to retain AV Subbareddy after Silpa Mohan Reddy left the party. He wants to make good the loss by encouraging Subbareddy. Party sources said that Naidu is going to suggest them to work together keeping their differences aside. He is also enquiring about leaders with dissatisfaction in the district and also the constituency.

Meanwhile, the Nandhyal by-election has led to many unintended consequences. Chances are that the by-election would take place in August, in this context the political developments are changing at a lightning speed. The TDP supremo thought that he can pacify Akhila Priya by making her a minister. After Silpa Mohan Reddy left the party, he is said to have taken the issue seriously.

Party sources said that Naidu thought of giving AV Subbareddy total freedom to select the candidate for Nandhyal by-election and also support him.  By doing so they thought, they can checkmate Akhila Priya and also solve the strife in the party. The latest speculations led to more confusion. It is to be seen what Naidu will be doing in this context.

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Vizag Land Scam: Has Bribe Been Offered To Vijaya Sai Reddy?

It is getting cleared that ruling party leaders are involved in the land scam after a ruling party leader tried to bribe YSRCP MP Vijaya Sai Reddy to let off the scandal

Vizag: As expected, it is getting cleared that leaders of the ruling party leaders are involved in one of the biggest land scams in Andhra Pradesh.

As per YSRC Rajya Sabha Member Vijay Sai Reddy, Lokesh acquired huge amount through 1 lakh acres of land in Vishakapatnam. This scam is linked with Ministers like Ganta Srinivasa Rao, Anakapalli MLA Peela Govinda Swamy, Pendurthi MLA Bandaru Satyanarayana Murhty, Yelamanchali MLA Ramesh babu and Vizag East MLA Velagapudi Ramakarishna.

It is only MLA Bandaru Satyanarayana Murthy who condemned Vijaya Sai Reddy’s allegations against the TDP MLAs, but all others were mum upto now.

On Monday, all party delegates visited the lands and interacted with the victims who lost their lands.

Vijaya Sai Reddy gave a shocking statement after he met the victims. He said that a person by name Venkatarama Raju came to him and offered bribe if YCP underplays the entire scandal.

As per Vijay Sai Reddy, Venkatarama Raju is a benami of CM Naidu and he vowed to bring guilyt to books.

For the first time, opposition party YSRCP gained upper hand over the ruling party in these three years.

TDP is slightly loosening its grip giving in to YSRCP as assembly elections are fast approaching.

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Set Back To Jagan In Nandigama Case

The High Court on Tuesday refused to quash the case filed against Jagan, but, asked him to file a petition after the investigation is completed.

Hyderabad: YSRCP chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy faced another setback in the High Court. The leader approached the court seeking quashing of the case filed against him in Nandigama during the accident to Diwakar travels.

The High Court refused to entertain the quash petition filed by Jagan on Tuesday.

The YSRCP leader went to Nandigam hospital when the bus accident took place in Krishna district. In this context, the Hospital Development Committee chairman complained to the police against Jagan that he allegedly behaved highhandedly with officials and doctors. Jagan filed a quash petition in the High Court in April.

His counsel argued that Jagan did not commit any crime and the police filed a case unlawfully. However, the advocate arguing for the police said that they have filed a case basing on a complaint and the investigation is still continuing.

After hearing both sides, the High Court said that it cannot order to quash the case. It directed Jagan to file a petition after the investigation is completed.

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Shilpa Mohan Reddy Quits TDP, To Join YSRCP On 14

First jolt for TDP in Kurnool district was administered when Shilpa Mohan reddy, disgusted with Naidu, decided to join YSRCP on June 14th.

Kurnool: Shilpa Mohan Reddy ended the speculations and decided to join YSRCP in second week of this month, probably June 14. After a series of meetings with his close aides and followers, Shilpa Mohan Reddy finally decided to say goodbye to the ruling party, TDP.

There was a Tom and Jerry game between AP CM Naidu and Shilpa Mohan Reddy on Nandyala seat and a disgusted Shilpa decided to leave Naidu aside and decided to hug YSRCP.

This is a first major blow to the ruling party after elections as Shilpa is one of the prominent leaders of the TDP in Kurnool district.

Due to the sudden demise of Bhuma Nagi Reddy, by-poll in Nadyala has become necessary and Bhuma’s family members expected the seat from TDP and Naidu is also compelled to give seat with an idea of encasing the sympathy factor. Later on , political changes witnessed in Kurnool district with Akhila Priya joining cabinet and started aiming guns against Jagan with the help of Naidu.

Shilpa Mohan Reddy who contested against Bhuma on the TDP ticket in 2014 expected the same from Naidu which did not happen until now. With patience running out, Mohan Reddy decided to quit TDP and formally join YSRCP on June 14th.

Interesting point in this turn is Bhuma contested on YSRC against Shilpa from TDP in previous elections, but now Shilpa getting shifted into YSRCP, we have to see whio will be TDP’s candidate for by-poll.

Recently at the party plenary in Kurnool, Katasani Rami reddy declared that Rajgopla Reddy will contest the Nandyala by-poll on YSRCP ticket. This is a rude shock to Akhila Priya who was trying to make the contest unanimous by making use of the sentiment in the name of her deceased father Bhuma Nagi Reddy.

As per ruling party sources, Bhuma Brahmananda Reddy’s name is as good as confirmed as a TDP candidate. This move by YSRCP could not be digested by TDP as Rajgopal reddy who is Nandyala YSRC in-charge is father-in-law of TDP’s candidate Brahmananda Reddy.

This by-poll is taking twists and turns and the battle will be more interesting and the result will give the winning party an upper hand in Kurnool district politics as far as the 2019 elections are concerned.

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It Is YSRCP In Next Elections, But………..

The popular mood in AP appears to be in favour of the YSRCP with the ruling TDP attracting criticism for the lacklustre performance for the last three years. It is for Jagan to convert the despondency into votes.

Amaravati: AP political scenario is favouring YSRCP at ground level as seen from the opinion of different section of people; it is up to Jagan to turn the atmosphere in his favour.

With just two years left for general elections in AP state, the picture at the grossroot level is slowly tilting towards YSRC as per political analysts. There are a lot of factors favouring the major opposition party, YSRCP, in major districts of AP.

Special category Status, Kapu reservations, Un employment, Vizag Railway Zone, farmers’ issue-all becoming an added advantage to Jagan and it is up to the opposition party to maintain the trend run upto 2019.

As per our sources, NRI’s are slowly moving from the ruling party and Telugu people in US, UK are discussing the possibility of defeating the ruling party in the next general elections. Even though it is a harsh decision for them to support the YSRCP, they were not at all impressed by the show of TDP in the state.

Coming to AP, Kapu community which supported TDP in 2014 elections are in a mood to vote for BJP or YSRCP in coming elections. Kapu leaders are meeting at Madhapur function hall on coming Sunday to discuss their future strategy.

The only factor worrying YSRCP for the past three years is the status of cases against their leader. If the cases get cleared before 2019, there will be no hurdle for the party to come into power as per root level discussions among the voters.

Jagan’s meeting with Modi also created tremors in ruling party. AP CM Naidu picking Amit Shah at Hyderabad and moving along with him in helicopter to Amaravati indicates the tension felt by the TDP chief. Even on the day he landed from the US, he held a series of meetings with Arun Jaitley and Venkiah Naidu before leaving for AP from New Delhi, which is an open secret.

Jagan, on the other hand has to use this opportunity with utmost care. There is a clear indication from East and West Godavari districts to vote against the TDP, same in Krishna, Guntur districts. Kapu community coming closer to YSRC, leaving congress aside will be half of the advantage the party is gaining in Coastal Andhra.

Rayalaseema Zone, which is hardcore support base for the Congress turned towards TDP in 2014 elections is likely to tilt towards YSRCP in 2019 elections, particularly in Kurnool, Chittoor and Kadapa districts, and a tough fight is in cards in Ananthpur district.

There will surely be a close war between the TDP and YSRCP once again in 2019 elections and right now chances are in favour of YSRCP, according to the latest reports.

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