It Is YSRCP In Next Elections, But………..

The popular mood in AP appears to be in favour of the YSRCP with the ruling TDP attracting criticism for the lacklustre performance for the last three years. It is for Jagan to convert the despondency into votes.

Amaravati: AP political scenario is favouring YSRCP at ground level as seen from the opinion of different section of people; it is up to Jagan to turn the atmosphere in his favour.

With just two years left for general elections in AP state, the picture at the grossroot level is slowly tilting towards YSRC as per political analysts. There are a lot of factors favouring the major opposition party, YSRCP, in major districts of AP.

Special category Status, Kapu reservations, Un employment, Vizag Railway Zone, farmers’ issue-all becoming an added advantage to Jagan and it is up to the opposition party to maintain the trend run upto 2019.

As per our sources, NRI’s are slowly moving from the ruling party and Telugu people in US, UK are discussing the possibility of defeating the ruling party in the next general elections. Even though it is a harsh decision for them to support the YSRCP, they were not at all impressed by the show of TDP in the state.

Coming to AP, Kapu community which supported TDP in 2014 elections are in a mood to vote for BJP or YSRCP in coming elections. Kapu leaders are meeting at Madhapur function hall on coming Sunday to discuss their future strategy.

The only factor worrying YSRCP for the past three years is the status of cases against their leader. If the cases get cleared before 2019, there will be no hurdle for the party to come into power as per root level discussions among the voters.

Jagan’s meeting with Modi also created tremors in ruling party. AP CM Naidu picking Amit Shah at Hyderabad and moving along with him in helicopter to Amaravati indicates the tension felt by the TDP chief. Even on the day he landed from the US, he held a series of meetings with Arun Jaitley and Venkiah Naidu before leaving for AP from New Delhi, which is an open secret.

Jagan, on the other hand has to use this opportunity with utmost care. There is a clear indication from East and West Godavari districts to vote against the TDP, same in Krishna, Guntur districts. Kapu community coming closer to YSRC, leaving congress aside will be half of the advantage the party is gaining in Coastal Andhra.

Rayalaseema Zone, which is hardcore support base for the Congress turned towards TDP in 2014 elections is likely to tilt towards YSRCP in 2019 elections, particularly in Kurnool, Chittoor and Kadapa districts, and a tough fight is in cards in Ananthpur district.

There will surely be a close war between the TDP and YSRCP once again in 2019 elections and right now chances are in favour of YSRCP, according to the latest reports.

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