YSRCP leader Gautham Reddy’s Shocking Comments On Vangaveeti Ranga

Vijayawada YSRCP leader Gautham Reddy in an interview said that Vangaveeti Ranga’s murder was correct which is creating rifts in YSRCP .

Vijayawada: Gautham Reddy, then Communist leader and now YCP said that murder of Vangaveeti Ranga was correct and there is no need to condemn the act.

In an interview to a channel (TV9), Gautham Reddy supported the act by quoting an example. If a snake is killing all the persons in a society who are in front of it and if it hides out behind the picture of a god, will we leave the snake or kill it for the sake of the society?, Gautham questioned.

Gautham Reddy further said that Vangaveeti was involved in murder and caste politics and leaders who are involved in such type of politics will lead to post-mortem.

This triggered anger in Vangaveeti followers and leading to rift in YCP.

Gautham Reddy was in Communist party when Vangaveeti was murdered. He said that Communist party left murder politics when Ranga was killed.

Vangaveeti was in congress party when he was killed. He was strong supporter of Y.S.Rajasekhar Reddy. His son, Vangaveeti Radha is in YCP now, but the latest comments of Gautham Reddy hurt the sentiments of Vangaveeti followers and Kapu community.

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