YSRCP Coin Slogans To Intensify Campaign After Nandyal By-Poll

YSR Congress Chief Jagan is all set to intensify his campaign across the state after the Nandyal by-election. The party has already coined slogans for each of his programme from house-to-house to the district-level meetings. The success of a�?Anna Vastunnadua�? slogan seems to have made the party to go for similar slogans. Will slogans help in winning the elections?
YSRCP Coin Slogans To Intensify Campaign After Nandyal By-Poll

Amaravati: The YSR Congress is planning for an intensive campaign all over the state to reach out to the people. The campaign, in all probability, would start after the Nandyal by-election. The success of the new slogan a�� a�?Anna Vastunnadua�? a�� seems to have put the party to work out on such similar slogans and the party has coined a few more for the impending campaign.

The party has coined three new slogans a�� a�?YSR Gurtugaa��Jaganannaku Toduga,a�? a�?YSR Kutumbama�? and a�?Vijaya Sankharavam.a�? The first slogan a�� YSR Gurtuga-Jaganannaku Toduga a�� would have Jagan Mohan Reddy holding Assembly constituency level meetings in the state, while YSR Kutumbam is the partya��s house-to-house votersa�� meeting programme and Vijaya Sankharavam is the district-level party meetings.

Jagan Mohan Reddy, who is closely working with the poll strategist Prashant Kishorea��s team, appears to be a changed leader now, as he had welcomed the party leaders at the state meeting on Monday to give him suggestions. He said he is open to suggestions and that gives a free hand for the leaders to come up with new ideas that would help the Prashant Kishore team to work out better.

The YSR Congress has also coined a new slogan a�� Tappu Chesav Babu (You have done a mistake Chandra Babu) — for the Nandyal Assembly by-election a�� which is going well among the voters. The slogan carries the failures of Naidua��s three-year rule and the defections that he has encouraged.

Bhuma Nagi Reddy, who won the Nandyal seat in 2014 on YSR Congress ticket, defected to the TDP and later died which required the by-election. The slogan, a�?Tappu Chesav Babua�? is set to hit at engineering defections from the YSR Congress in the campaign. The slogan is also being interpreted to the non-inclusion of the Muslim representatives in the state cabinet and recognizing them only in the by-election.

The Muslim leaders from Nandyal have already picked up this slogan, while the social media wing of the party is widely taking the slogan to the people. It is to be seen how the new slogans would help the YSR Congress to reach out to the people and help Jagan Mohan Reddy win the 2019 election.

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  1. ram says:

    Jagan is fighting with honesty and reaching many poor peoples when things worse. I really appreciate jagan hardwork towards the people. I was a core fan of CBN but I have been his administration from last 3 years. Mostly he is working for his party and political people and under estimating the people which is purely wrong from my openion, not sure why he is doing in such a way,god knows, but lot of change in his attitude towards people. Hope jagan will pick up and work had the same what is doing currently. all the best Jagan

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