YS Jagan’s Daughter Makes Father Proud

After completing her twelfth standard in flying colours, Jagan’s eldest daughter secured a seat in the most prestigious London School of Economics and made her father proud.

Hyderabad: Nothing comes without hard work. But it is believed that the children of the rich and famous get everything easily. Of course, there might be some instances which led to that opinion. But, it is also true that there are kids of rich and famous who work hard and make their parents proud.

Such thing happened in the case of YSRCP chief YS Jagan who is always at the centre of controversy. It is a fact that no one knows much about his children, though his wife is visible as she manages Sakshi daily. Jagan has two daughters, who maintain a low profile and are not seen anywhere. They always manage to be away from the media glare.

Both the daughters are said to be brilliant in studies. Recently, his eldest daughter Varsha Reddy completed her plus two with flying colours. Not only that, she is said to have secured a seat in the prestigious London School of Economics. It is not easy to secure a seat in the prestigious institution unless one has a brilliant academic record.

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  1. Dr.Atchyutam Dandu /Retired lecturer in Economics says:

    It is very nice I really appreciate very good varsha

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