Youth writes To KTR To Launch TRS In AP

Hyderabad/Amaravati: In a pleasant surprise, a youth from Andhra Pradesh, in a tweet, urged Telangana IT Minister K T Ramarao to launch TRS in Andhra Pradesh as he was vexed with the existing political leaders in that State.

Stating that he doesna��t like the TD government in AP, the youth urged KTR to launch TRS unit in AP. a�?We are eagerly waiting for developmenta�?, he tweeted.

The youth also praised KTR saying that the TRS governance in Telangana was far better than TD government in AP.

a�?Sir KTR, we are disgusted and disillusioned with political leaders in AP. Please start your party in AP also. Not only in TS, we are waiting 4ua�?, the youth tweeted.

a�?Curiously responding to the request of the youth from AP,a�? KTR said he was immersed in the developmental works and the TRS government was striving to fulfil promises made to the people.

KTR thanked the Andhra youth for recognising the TRS governmenta��s performance. a�?We have more than enough to do in Telangana brother. Thanks for the kind comments though,a�? KTR tweeted.

Similarly, several netizens responded on KTRa��s tweet from both the Telangana and AP states. Some Andhra people opined that there was a need to spread the TRS to AP State. Telangana netizens praised KTRa��s answer to the Andhra youth.

It may be recalled that several people erected flexes in Tirupati for welcoming Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao when the latter visited the holy city for a darshan of Lord Sri Venkateswara, few months ago. Some enthusiastic people in AP had erected flexes at important places during KCRa��s birthday celebrations.

It may be recalled that KTR had made a statement in a lighter vein during GHMC elections that he would contest from Bhimavaram constituency

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