Young Man Butchered At Proddatur In Broad Day Light

A cruel incident took place at Proddaturu in Kadapa district where two young men butchered another young man while people remained spectators.

Proddatur(Kadapa): A young man by name Maruti Reddy was brutally killed on Jammalamadugu road here on Thursday morning.

Maruti Reddy came here to attend a court. A case was filed against Maruti in connection with his sister’s love affair. His sistera��s lover Chandra has filed a case alleging that Maruti Reddy has been harassing him. Chandra and another person caught Maruti on the road and butchered him with a sickle in the presence of many people in the broad day light.

The bizarre incident left the people in the street dumbstruck. They witnessed the killer stabbing the victim eleven times but did not intervene to stop the heinous crime. The ghastly incident took place just before the court. The killers knew that Maruti Reddy will be attending the court and they waylaid him.

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