Yoga Guru To Enter Restaurant Business Soon

Baba Ramdev wants to enter the restaurant and apparel industry to free india from the clutches of foreign companies.

New Delhi:  Yoga Guru Ramdev’s Patanjali Ayurveda Ltd., plans to enter the restaurant business in India with an aim to take on McDonald’s Corp., Kentucky Fried Chicken Corp., and Subway Restaurants. With their natural and Ayurveda nutrition and personal-care products Patanjali Ayurveda Ltd., continues to adequately compete against multinational companies like Unilever.

Baba Ramdev in a press conference said that, their company that is based in Uttarakhand is working on an extensive plan to start a restaurant chain. The objective he says, is to divert Indians from what he thinks unhealthy food. The age old principles of Ayurveda are based on the balance of mind, body and spirit, and that health and wellness depend on this balance and some time herbal compounds and special diets aid to achieve a proper wellbeing.

Owing to baba Remdev’s vast following in India and the rest of the world as a leading Yoga Guru, marketing experts have already predicted a huge success for him in this venture. The competition will only increase in the already crowded food retailing space in India. Of India’s total retail business, food accounts for about 57 percent, say experts. They estimate that by 2025 the market is expected to grow more than triple of its present volume to a whopping Rs. 71 lakh crores.

The Yoga guru is hoping to repeat the success he had in the consumer products space. They are offering 500 products ranging from food, nutrition, beauty and personal care. Created a decade ago, Patamjali had 1.2 percent share of India’s beauty and personal care market in 2015 which grew from 0.2 percent in 2011, according to Euromonitor.

Saying that the turnover of the company was Rs. 10,500 crore in 2016-17, Ramdev claimed that it has the capacity to make products worth 300 billion rupees and plans to double that next year. Apart from this Ramdev also wants to start a school for the children of slain Indian soldiers and launch an apparel business.

Claiming that he is the unpaid ambassador at Patanjali, he revealed that his childhood friend Acharya Balakrishna holds 97 percent of the companies share.  Maintaining that Patanjali broke the stranglehold of multinational companies, Ramdev, said he wants to see India free of the hold of foreign companies.

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