Yashoda Hospital doctors perform unique operation

HYDERABAD: A rare and unique heart transplant operation was performed on a 46-year old woman by a team of doctors of Yashoda Hospital in Secunderabad on Saturday.

A woman from Khammam district was undergoing treatment for heart ailment in the hospital and was in a serious condition. Meanwhile a 35-year old person who met with a ghastly accident in Bangalore was admitted in Victoria Hospital there and he was declared brain-dead.

The doctors of Yashoda Hospital onA�A� coming toA� know of this,A� decided to procure the heart belonging to the brain-dead person and transplant it to the woman undergoing treatment here.

The heart belonging to the brain-dead person was removed and transported in a special flight from Bangalore to Hyderabad this morning. According to the doctors the heart,A�after removing from the brain-dead person,A� would continue to remain a�?alive and functioninga�? for eight hours. A�Hence all arrangements and required measures were taken by the doctors of Yashodha Hospital to see that the heart is brought in a special box in the special flight and the entire transplant procedure is completed within eight hours. Keeping the urgency and time factor in view, the police also made all arrangements to clear the traffic between Begumpet Airport to Yashodha Hospital atA� Secunderabad.

A team of doctors and other medical staff who brought the heart from Bangalore landed at Begumpet Airport and rushed it to Yashodha Hospital within three minutes of landing. In all it took nearly two hours from the time the heart was removed from the brain-dead person and brought to the hospital here.

A team of 12 doctors headed by Dr. Gokhale, who were waiting at the hospital, immediately began their unique operation of transplanting the heart to the woman. The doctors expressed confidence that they would be able to complete the transplant operation within six hours and meet the deadline as required.

The news of the unique operation of bringing a heart from Bangalore to be transplanted to a woman here spread like wild fire and people thronged the hospital to have a glimpse of the rare feat being performed by the doctors. The curious onlookers besides scores of photographers and TV cameramen along with the media personnel created a tough time for the hospital authorities in clearing them and ensure that there would be no unwanted obstructions. (NSS)

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