Yanamala calls Jagan ignorant

  • Demand for debate on passed bills ridiculous
  • Speaker disallows debate

HYDERABAD: AP Minister for Legislative Affairs Yanamala Ramakrishnudu today dubbed the Leader of the Opposition YS Jaganmohan Reddy as ignorant and unaware of the functioning, rules and regulations of the Assembly when the latter demanded debate on the passed bills on Thursday. Yanamala said under no circumstances, in any parliamentary democracy, a debate was allowed on passed bills.

During a debate on the bill related to amendment to the AP Labour Welfare Fund (amendment) Bill, 2015, YSRCP MLA Akila Priya started discussion on the AP VAT (amendment) Bill which was passed just before. The Speaker explained to her that the debate on VAT Bill was over and the Labour Welfare Fund Bill was on the table now. But, Akila urged the Speaker to allow her to speak on the VAT Bill. At this juncture, Yanamala said the government was not ready to answer on the passed bills since it was against the parliamentary procedures. He assured Akila that he would send information on her apprehensions to enable her to know on the issue. The Speaker allowed her to speak on the passed VAT Bill saying that since she got elected to the Assembly for the first time and got an opportunity to speak in in the House. The Speaker also stated that though Akila was speaking on irrelevant topic, he does not want to discourage her abruptly.

After Akila completed her speech on VAT Bill during Labour Welfare Fund Bill, Jagan also demanded debate on it saying the Speaker did not allow his party members to comment on the VAT Bill. Then the Speaker clarified that he allowed the YSRCP members to speak when Jagan demanded.

At this juncture, Yanamala criticized Jagan and asked him to admit that he does not know the rules and procedures of the House before speaking anything on passed bills. When Jagan tried to continue his speech on the passed bill by ignoring rules, Yanamala stopped him and advised him not to compare with Akila. He demanded a ruling by the Speaker on this topic. Speaker ruled that the House never allows such debates. (NSS)

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