Yadadri Sub-Registrar Wahid Arrested

  • Allegedly in league with Nayeem

Hyderabad: Yadadri Sub-Registrar Wahid was arrested in Wednesday in connection with the cases relating to the slain gangster Nayeemuddin. The Sub-Registrar was reportedly hand in glove with the Mafia don and registered a number of encroached lands.

Burra Narsaiah Goud, MP from Bhongir, said the police would take stringent action against anyone regardless of influence or position. He told media persons that Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao is firm on taking action against those who were found to have worked for Nayeem even if they belonged to the ruling party.

It is understood that two IPS officers, two non-IPS cadre ASPs and four other police officers were reported to be in close contact with Nayeem. It was earlier reported that two MLAs and two MLCs were identified with the help of the notes in the diary which the gangster assiduously maintained.

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