Y.S Jagan Has To Decide Before It Is Too Late

There is strong anti-incumbency against the ruling party, TDP, in AP state but YS Jagan is not that moving to grab the opportunity, say observers.

Amaravati: YSRCP Chief Jagan Mohan Reddy who recently came from family tour of New Zeland had a few meetings with his leaders and left to Kadapa without any serious statements against Naidu.

It is exactly the time for the opposition leader to strike as he has been fighting against the government for past three years. By the time he landed in Hyderabad, the situation looked positive to attack on ruling party, but the silence from Jagan is raising many doubts in AP voters.

When Primepost sources contacted voters at ground level in Guntur, Krishna, East, West, Kurnool and Ananthpur districts, they said only one thing, a�?Why Is Jagan Silent. We are unable to understand his stand. Is he overconfident? When conditions are favourable for him, it is up to him to grab the opportunitya�?.

What the voters of these districts said is true. When coming to Nandyala by-poll where faction politics play crucial role, migration of Shilpa into YSRCP gave some boost to YSRCP cadre who are in a dilema after Bhuma left the party and later died. Till now there were no proper calculations by YSRC to grab the seat which will certainly impact 2019 elections in Rayalaseema.

On the other hand, communities like Kapu, Brahmin, SC, STa��s are totally looking towards YSRCP, but the party supremo did not make any move to bring them on one platform. Though ruling party claims that YSRCP is behind Mudragadaa��s paadaytara or agitation for Kapu reservations, the Kapu community is totally against Naidu.

Observing this, Naidu tried to bring Deputy CM Chinarajappa and Ganta to cool down Kapu leaders but as per our sources, they are in a strong mood to vote against TDP in 2019 elections.

Jagan should not forget that , this is the community which stood between him and the CMa��s chair in 2014 elections. Yesterday’s incident of sacking IYR brought a big internal revolt in Brahmin community. There were discussions going on in that community to vote against TDP in coming elections. Even though their vote bank is marginal, it will certainly give advanatage to YSRCP.

When we discuss about various section of peoples and intellectuals, farmers are totally against Naidu. The mood of the farmers was witnessed on Tuesday in the presence of IT and panchayats Panchayati Raj Minister Lokesh. Farmers of Krishna district met Lokesh for the dues of a�? 10 crores for around 310 farmers which were not paid forb 3 years.

Government employees are showing ire on Naidu for not giving any proper facilities and making them to travel up and down for five days in a week.

Two Leaders of TDP and YSRCP appear to have their own calculations. TDP Supreme is thinking that split of anti incumbency votes by BJP, Jana Sena and Communist parties will fetch him, and YSRCP Chief with an over confidence is in a view that these anti incumbency votes will fall into YSRCP kitty.

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  1. June 21, 2017

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