World Bank Offers 2,500 Crore Rupees to AP

  • World Bank impressed by Naidua��s performance
  • 515 crore rupees from a German bank
  • AP selected for energy efficiency training in Paris

HYDERABAD: Impressed by the performance of the AP Government and Power Utilities in implementing various pro-public initiatives of power sector in encouraging renewable energy by announcing liberalised wind & solar energy policies,energy conservation efforts, energy efficiency initiatives and consumer servicing initiatives, the World Bank has come forward to lend around 2,500 crore rupees.

The grant is sanctioned for taking up various developmental activities like enhancement of rural supply, including feeder segregation, solar pumpsets, HVDS; Smart city, including underground cables, GIS substations, smart metering; distribution strengthening investments, including investments for new capital city; Transmission systems, including network strengthening and augmentation; Technical assistance and capacity building for operational efficiency improvement and technology upgrades, including SCADA, substation automation, GIS mapping and so on.

The World Bank officials have specifically appreciated the efforts of Naidu for reduction of green house gas emissions by enhancing various energy efficiency measures. The chief minister, who has determined to achieve self-sufficiency in power sector on sustained basis at any cost, fixed targets in reducing the Aggregate Technical & Commercial (AT&C) losses to single digit by speedy implementation of energy efficiency and green corridor projects, in particular, and strengthening of the Transmission & Distribution (T&D) network in general.

In another development with regard to green energy corridor, the Government of India in a communication to state today informed that KFW, a German bank, has cleared all modalities for sanctioning 515 crore rupees at a concessional rate of interest towards green energy corridor.A�A�The state is contemplating to complete the green energy corridor with an estimated cost of 1289 crore rupees with the support of India Government and international financial institutions.A�A�The government also has sanctioned a grant of 515 crore rupees for evacuation of wind power & green energy corridor.

Disclosing the above details, Ajay Jain, secretary for Energy I&I, who has very recently participated in the world energy efficiency forum held in Washington, DC and also discussed with World Bank team with regard to investments in power sector, today interacted withA�Vijayanand, CMD for APTRANSCO & MD APGENCO, Mutyalaraju, CMD APEPDCL,A�HY Dora, CMD APSPDCLA�and Ranganatham, advisor for Energy, on steps to be taken to expedite the above projects.

In a significant development in the area of Energy Conservation & Energy Efficiency (EC&EE) activities in the State, the Government of India, which has recently selected AP for Energy Efficiency Global Forum &A�Workshop conducted by World Bank at Washington D.C, U.S.A.,has now selected the state for one more prestigious global event of a�?Energy Efficiency Training Weeka�? at Paris during 8thA�to 12thA�June, 2015 for studying latest technologies in EE & EC.

This program is organized by the International Energy Agency (IEA) in coordination with Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) to study the latest technologies in energy efficiency, and the entire cost would be borne by IEA only.A�A�Keeping in view the pro-active approach of APSECM towards the promotion of energy efficiency conservation activities in the State, the BEE has recommended SECM to IEA the above event, Jain said.

Another novel idea for enhancing efficiency of power sector by power utilities is providing solar pumpsets for new agricultural services.A�A�Already funds have been tied up for erection of 4000 Nos. solar pumpsets in the state for this year, and the project has been commenced.A�A�Orders were placed for 1500 Nos. solar pumpsets and 197 Nos. were already commissioned.


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