Witnesses reveal Nayeem’s police and political links

Spilling the beans

Hyderabad: The names of the police officers and politicians who had clandestine links to slain gangster Nayeemuddin, alias Nayeem, are out in the public domain. Sources have revealed that some of the witnesses who were closely questioned by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) had spilled the beans.

According to a report published in The Hindu, a witness by name Mamidi Narasimha Swamy (LW-36) told the police that his brother-in-law, his wife Padma’s brother, B Raja Gopal working as a sub-inspector in Khammam district, had got one acre registered in his (Swamy’s) name in 2008 at Bhongir sub-registrar office. Gopal has been working in the police department since 2004. Gopal told Swamy that one Venkata Reddy is giving him one acre of land and he would get it registered in Swamy’s name.

Another witness, Gandikota Mallikarjun (LW-31), said his uncle (father’s younger brother) G Venkaiah, who is a police inspector at Kalvakurthy (Mahboobnagar district) at present, had got one acre of land registered in his (Mallikarjun’s) name in 2008 at Bhongir. Narrating the event, Mallikarjun said when he was waiting at Bhongir bus-stand, someone on behalf of Venkaiah, the SI, approached him and took him to the local registrar office and got the land registered in his name.

Yousuf Khan (LW-29) had told the investigators that his son-in-law Mastan Ali working as traffic inspector at Sangareddy had got one acre of land at Bommaipally village of Bhongir mandal registered on his (Khan’s) name.

“He called me and said Pasham Srinu and his associates will take care of the registration”, he reportedly said. Srinu was the right-hand man of the Maoist-turned-mafia don. Among the names that came to light during investigations was that of a politician, Chintala Venkateswara Reddy, according to SIT officers.

[box type=”custom” color=”#dd3333″ bg=”#e0e0e0″ border=”#000000″]The police officers whose names figured are: Gandikota Venkaiah, Bura Raja Gopal, Mastan Ali, Sai Manohar, Maddipati Srinivas. Politician: Nethi Vidyasagar.[/box]

B Madhukara Reddy, a builder, in his statement, disclosed that Venkateswara Reddy, a close friend for many years, got ten acres of land in Bommaipally village in his (Madhukar Reddy’s) name in 2008.Venkateswara Reddy told Madhukar that he had bought the land and would sell it when the prices go up. He wanted Venkateswar Reddy to hold the title of the land temporarily.

Two witnesses, P Nagaiah (LW-37) and G Ravinder Reddy (LW-34) told the investigators that Nethi Vidayasagar, MLC and Vice Chairman of Telangana State Legislative Council, had got lands registered at Bhongir registrar office in their names. One of Nayeem’s followers on whose name some lands had been registered had fled to Australia on coming to know of the investigations being fast-tracked. Other witnesses are being questioned.  Persons on whose names the lands were registered by Nayeem’s men are close relatives or friends of either police officers or influential politicians. Many had collaborated with the criminal in their greed for money and landed properties. The investigating officers are confident that other names also would come to light as their work progresses, if it is  uninterrupted by political interference.

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