Winter session of Telangana assembly comes to a close

(P Ravi)

Hyderabad, November 29: Speaker Madhusudana Chary spoke to the press after the closing of the winter session of Telangana assembly. He said that the sessions went on well for 19 days, from November 5 onwards and the span of all the sessions included was, 88.6 hours.

Session on budget went on for five says over 15.17 hours wherein all parties participated, said the speaker. Finance Minister Etela Rajendra gave the budget presentation for one hour 5 minutes and the 123 queries from the members were answered; Etela spoke for 2.1 hours and chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao intervened with his clarification for 49 minutes, he informed.

He shared the time spent on budget by each party as follows: TRS a�� 3.4 hours, Congress a�� 3.17 hours, MIM a�� 1.45 hours, BJP a�� 1.25 hours, YCP a�� 20 minutes, CPI a�� 21 minutes, CPM a�� 22 minutes. The sessions on budget took place on 7, 11, 12, 13 and 14 during which time meaningful discussion had taken place.

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