Will Work With Jana Sena If….

Actor, Producer, brother of Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan, Nagabau expressed his desire to work with Jana Sena party if….

Hyderabad: Is Pawan Kalyan slowly gaining support of his family members, particularly of his Mega Brothers, situation looks to be the same after watching Naga Babua��s words.

Speaking exclusive to a website ( Telugu One), Naga Babu said that he is ready to work with Pawan Kalyan, ifA� he gets an official call from Jana Sena.

Pawan is an amazing person and talented. It is up to him to decide about my role and position in party. I am not interested in any post but will help my brother in all means. I will work as an activist or in charge of any division, and decision is left to Kalyan. Pawan should come up in politics as his ideologies are totally different from present politicians. He is as pure as milk and enjoying huge fans following, Naga Babu said.

Pawan scored much than Chiranjeevi: Naga babu said that there is difference between Chiranjeevia��s and Pawana��s followers. Chiranjeevi has fans following in movies, but Pawan is a tsunami who has following both in cine industry and as politician.

Corrupted politicians, caste politics, murder politics will be cleaned if Pawan becomes CM, Naga babu further said. If not in 2019, he will become CM in coming years. It took more than 3 decades for late YSR to become CM and same with Chandrababu to be CM, so for Pawan 2019 is not the end mark. He is totally prepared for a long fight in politics, Naga Babu said.

Difference between Jana Sena and PRP: Main difference between PRP and Jana Sena is leadership qualities. Chiranjeevi did not show any arrogant or aggressive behaviour during launch of PRP which is totally different from Pawan. Pawan is speed, dashing, aggressive and if he decides to complete any work, he will do it which is good for people.

Mega Sena is supporting Jana Sena: Naga Babu clarified that Mega fans are supporting Jana Sena directly or indirectly. As times moves, Pawan will receive support of Mega Fans in coming days. We all want to see Pawan as CM, Naga Babu said.

It is clear from his words that Mega brothers will join hands in coming days to boost Jana Sena but will it becomes PRP 2 or can Pawan show the difference between him and Chiranjeevi in politics with different style/ Lets wait and see.





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