Will Truth Ever Come Out In Sirishaa��s Death Case?

There are too many questions unanswered in Sirishaa��s alleged suicide case and its link to the suicide by SI Prabhakar Reddy the next day. Families of both are vehemently disputing the official version.

Hyderabad: Is investigation into the alleged suicides by beautician Sirisha and Sub Inspector Prabhakar Reddy at separate places on successive days being deliberately sidetracked for a�?extraneous reasonsa�?? How come nothing much has been dug on Rajeev, who is at the centre of these two deaths?

Answers to the two questions are hard to find even as the character of Sirisha has repeatedly come under slander. Also under contention is booking of Sravan as Accused No. 1, while it was his friend Rajeev, owner of the studio, where Sirisha was working a beautician, who had reportedly beaten her up, soon after which Sirisha is stated to have committed suicide. Was Sravan made A1 because he had a criminal background, while Rajiv became A2? A�More:A�Beautician Sirisha Case: Is There Any Foul Play By Police?

As per the police narrative, beautician Sirisha was working in Rajiva��s RJ Photography Studio at Sheikpet in Hyderabad, while Sravan was Rajeeva��s friend. Both were supposed to have allegedly made advances at her. She (still) accompanied them to Kuknoorpally, Siddipet, to get a�?her problem solveda�? with the help of area SI Prabhakar Reddy. But after consuming alcohol, the SI made sexual advances at her.

a�?She felt insulted for being treated by all of them as (a) characterless women and we believe that the acts of the trio drove her to commit suicide,a�? Hyderabad City Police Commission had stated at a press conference.

While Sirisha had committed suicide on June 13, SI Prabhakar Reddy followed suit the next day (June 14). Basis this, family members of Prabhakar Reddy assert that he actually committed suicide as he was being harassed by his senior officer. While this is so, Sirishaa��s family members allege that she was actually murdered. a�?She was nearly six feet and she could not have hung herself from the fan of a room who ceiling a�?was not so higha��a�? they contend. Their charge is that Sirisha was actually raped before being murdered and she had not gone to Kuknoorpally at all! A�More:A�Sirisha Case: No molestation By SI

As regards to CCTV footages, not much has come from police except that the Kuknoorpally footage was blurred and nothing was on the footage at RJ Photography Studio as there was no recording at all.

With many loose ends comes the question whether there will be any clarity on the whole case. Pertinent are questions raised by both the SI and Sirishaa��s families. Incidentally another SI, Ramakrishna Reddy, who served in the same area had also committed suicide. In his case too, there were allegations that he was being harassed by a senior police officer.

Thus, there are thus many questions but few answers. A� More:A�Beautician Sirisha Case: Many Questions Unanswered

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  1. July 7, 2017

    […] The police had sent the beautician’s viscera samples to the Forensic Department suspecting sexual assault on her.  She had been in the company of Siddipet’s Kuknoorpally Sub Inspector Prabhakar Reddy, and Accused Number 1 and 2, Sravan and Rajeev respectively, on the eve of her alleged suicide.  More: Will Truth Ever Come Out In Sirisha’s Death Case? […]

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