Will TDP Join Hands With Congress in Telangana?

Formal announcement by TPCC that it is willing to work with TDP and contest the next elections together hints at the polarisation of political forces against KCR has begun.

Hyderabad: Senior Congress leader S Jaipal Reddy said that party is ready to fight against KCR with the help of all opposition parties except BJP.

He also said that the congress will join hands with TDP if necessary though it opposed TDP in 2014 elections.

Same view was expressed by TTDP working President Revanth Reddy few days ago. When questioned how TDP will work with the Congress, Revanth said that fight in Telangana is against KCR , who belongs to TRS and there is nothing wrong in joining hands with Congress party.

Was this statement by Revanth Reddy was made at the behest of TDP chief Naidu or is it Revantha��s personal opinion is not known. But in coming days, we can see a lot of political polarisations in Telangana in an attempt to defeat TRS in 2019 elections.

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