Will Rajinikanth Ignore Warning From Don’s Son

Sunder, son of Haji Mastan has issued a Leagal notice to Tamil super star asking him to desist from acting in a film whose script resembles his father’s life.

Chennai: Thaliva is in a risk and a dilemma not knowing whether to accept the offer or not for the next script which will be directed by Pa Ranjith. He received a threatening notice from son of an underworld don Haji Mistan Mirza. As per the notice, Haji was never proved guilty by any court and Rajini has no right to show him as a Don and in case of ignoring the notice, Rajini has to face legal action according to Sunder, son of Haji Mirza.

Sekhar Sunder Mirza, son of TN don Hazi Mistan came up with this warning when he came to know that Rajini is acting as a Don with script resembling his father’s life.

Hazi Mistan Mirza hails from Tamil Nadu who was a founder of Bharatiya Minorities Suraksha Mahasangh and a leading businessman.

Will Rajini takes risk by ignoring the notice?

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