When Will Pawan Kalyan Realise?

Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena has not yet started working as a political party. But he talks of contesting elections in AP as well as Telangana? Is it just a boast?

Hyderabad: Jana Sena Chief Pawan kalyan is trying to connect North-South Divide issue for a few days with his intriguing posts on Twitter.

For this he is trying to attack centre, raise a banner of revolt against PM Narendra Modi, his old idol, for showing discrimination against the South. He is trying to post outdated news to increase the heat between South and North. Recently he tweeted, “If Centre does not respect the Sub-National identity in a country like ours; which is known for its cultural, linguistic and ethnic diversity, then…they are creating a fertile breeding grounds for separatist movements. If it is meant to be a warning bell for Modi, it does not sound good at the present juncture, say political analysts.

Pawan kalyan left the state issues like Special Category Status, Unemployment, Land acquisation, Kidney problem at Uddanam and in Prakasam district, Aqua Park, Agri Gold. He disposed them with press meets. He did not react when four YSRCP MLAs who had defected were sworn-in as ministers.

Pawan should realise that people of Southern states like Telangana, Andhra, Karnataka and Kerala will not connect with South-North Divide issue and it is better for him to focus on the issues which he had left unattended. In Tamil Nadu, DMK acting president MK Stalin may support Pawan’s argument to an extent, as long as he is in opposition.

Pawan stated that his party will contest in Telangana too in 2019 elections. But the party is yet to start functioning as a normal political party. Jana Sena has not yet started ground work on any burning issue. When will Pawan realise?

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Chiru + Pawan, Will There Be Last Minute Twist?

Chiranjeevi wants to keep an end to political life by 2018 and brother Pawan wants to pursue politics aggressively from 2018, but will there be a twist with both brothers joining hands prior to elections?.

Amaravati: Actor-turned-politician Chiranjeevi had a last laugh after he launched Praja Rajyam and contested in 2009 elections. Result was absolutely disappointing for the mega star who did not expect dismal result after witnessing huge crowds at his public meetings and road shows. Later he merged PRP in the Congress and became UPA’s Tourism Minister and at present he is an MP of Rajya Sabha.

If we observe Congress leaders’ reaction for the past few days, it is becoming clear that Chiru will either quit the Congress or may bid goodbye to politics altogether. Chiranjeevi’s absence during Rahul Gandhi’s public meet at Guntur or at the Congress roadshows against the TDP Government, one can come to a conclusion that Chiranjeevi is not showing much interest in politics.  See Also: Pawan Turns Focus To Telangana

After his 150th movie ‘Khaidi No 150’ received a huge applause from audience, he was overwhelmed with the love Telugu people poured on his film and said on many occasions that Tollywood is his arena and his thoughts are always revolved around films though he is in politics. Now, the mega star is getting ready for his 151 th film with Surender Reddy as director with a huge budget. This is slated for release in july 2018. After this project, Chiranjeevi will be doing with Boyapati in Geetha arts with a powerful mass subject which will hit screens in Januray 2019.

So, by January Chiranjeevi will be free but when it comes to his brother Pawan Kalyan, there are many interesting points to note.  See Also: Pawan Kalyan At X Junction

Pawan is busy with Trivikram flick and will continue with next two projects straight away irrespective of talk and collections of Trivikram flick.

Pawan is gearing up Jana Sena with selections of writers, orators in both Telugu states at a rapid pace. By this month end, he will complete 90 % screening and by August 1st week, selected candidates will start their duty as directed by Pawan Kalyan.

Main problem with Jana Sena is the lack of man power and money power. Party has no time to select booth leaders at ground level and to run the party no money as said by Jana Sena Chief.

This is the main reason why Pawan is signing continuous films as per party sources so that at least he can fund minimum amount to the candidates contesting from the party.

Pawan Kalyan has an experience of running ‘Yuvarajyam’ when Chiraneejvi launched Praja Rajyam party. Pawan tried his best leaving concerns and results behind. It is better to say Pawan scored good marks in Telangana rather than Chiranjeevi at that time.

Now all eyes are on these brothers, one wants to come back to Tollywood leaving politics behind, others want to plunge into elections leaving films behind.   See Also: ISRO Launches PSLV With 31 Satellites From Sriharikota

According to close sources of mega family, Chiranjeevi does not want to open his mouth against his brother Pawan and that is the main reason, he rejected BJP’s offer too.

Close associates of these two are trying to bring them on one platform before 2019 elections. They are at least forcing Chiranjeevi just to say “Support Jana Sena”. Chiranjeevi neither supported nor denied their statement.

Ram Charan, son of Chiranjeevi, during Rangasthalam 1985 shoot at Eluru said all mega fans will support Jana Sena, a hint that all are one.

Naga babu, brother of Chiranjeevi is looking towards Jana Sena and does not want to leave younger brother Pawan alone during elections time.

Serious discussions and conversations are going on in mega family and there may be last minute twist for political parties from mega family with Chiru and Pawan standing on the same platform.  See Also: We Respect Anil Bhai’s Decision: Kohli Breaks His Silence

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  1. June 23, 2017

    […] Earlier the chairman and scientists went to Tirumala with the specimen of the rocket to place it at the feet of Lord Balaji and worship. See Also: Chiru + Pawan, Will There Be Last Minute Twist? […]

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If Pawan Kalyan Comes On Road, Special Status Will Be OnThe away: Actor SIvaji

Actor Sivaji, who joined the BJP during the 2014 elections, is now eyeing Jana Sena. His recent comment on Pawan Kalayn praising his stand on Special Category Status proves the same.

Guntur: Do you remember actor Sivaji? The actor who joined BJP and got vexed with it after he was denied the position of TTD Chairman? He is now looking towards actor-turned-politician Pawan Kalyan, as per sources.

Sivaji joined hands with Chalsani Srinivas and went on hunger strike demanding special status for AP. Later, he started criticising both BJP and TDP for delaying implementation of the promise of special status by Central Government.

He is still not bored in politics and is expecting to get a ticket from any party and looking for the right contact. He could get in touch with some persons in Jana Sena party. He now wants to get a ticket to contest in 2019 elections.

To impress Jana Sena chief, Sivaji recently said that Special Category Status is possible only through Pawan Kalyan.

“ I have no faith in other parties. Tell Jana Sena Chief to come onto roads, it will come automatically within a week. That is the stamina Pawan kalyan has. He is the only man who can achieve it” Sivaji said.

So for Pawan Kalyan, there is no need to search for a candidate for Guntur-1 as Sivaji is ready to contest on Jana Sena ticket if Pawan permits.

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Pawan Turns Focus To Telangana

Leaders are leaders. They always overestimate their influence talk of forming Governments in both the Telugu State. Not one to lag behind, Pawan Kalyan also is building his party in Telangana.

Hyderabad: Actor-turned-politician, Pawan Kalyan is selecting his cadre in a novel way. After successfully completing selection camps in AP, he is now focusing on Telangana.

See Also: Pawan Kalyan At X Junction

As the Jana Sena selection camps were successful in Greater Hyderabad, Rayalaseema, North Coastal Andhra Pradesh, the party has turned its focus to Telangana. Party president and Power Star Pawan Kalyan, who decided to select Jana Sena soldiers, said that camps would be held in Adilabad on 24 and Karimnagar on 25. Interested candidates might apply online on 22,23 of this month.

See Also: Venky With Pawan in Trivikram’s Flick

The selection camps will be held in Forest Contract Association Function Hall in Mancherial on 24 and Decent Function Hall in Peddapalli on 25. If the candidates fail to apply online, they can directly get their names registered at the venue, said Pawan.

See Also: Nandyal By-poll: If U Won’t Vote For Me , Don’t Walk On My Roads, Naidu’s Gaffe

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Pawan Kalyan At X Junction

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan is not in a position to move forward or backward regarding his political agenda.

Amravati: Jana Sena, the party which was launched with a hype and slogan” To Question” is at cross roads in the present scenario in politics.

When all the main parties are gearing up for next assembly elections to be held in 2019, Pawan Kalyan is still in dilemma whether to move with party or to continue with the show on silver screen.

Pawan Kalyan who is busy with Trivikram’s flick in Hyderabad has no pucca plans to counter ruling party in AP and at the same time, he has no particular philosophy or guidance from a senior politician to gear up the cadre. In other words, its a ONE MAN SHOW.

He is keeping his ideas restricted to himself without giving any clue to the cadre, but his close aides strongly believe that he will create a huge impact on state politics.

Appointment of writers, social media activists, recruiting soldiers all was made in a haste without any proper plan or agenda.
Pavan at one stage shows interest to move with communists and on the other hand keeps mum on AP CM Naidu and this double strategy is pushing his cadre in dilemma.

There is only action from Pawan Kalyan but no reaction from public and if he continues to be the same, it is sure that party will fare worse than what his brother Chiranjeevi’s PRP did in 2009 elections.

It is better for him to wrap his shootings and plunge into action as soon as possible if he wants to establish himself in people’s heart as a politician.

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    […] See Also: Pawan Kalyan At X Junction […]

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Why Is Pawan Kalyan Silent On Land Scams?

Jana Sena Chief Pawan kalyan, who has plans to announce candidates in two Telugu States in advance, is silent on major land scams? His silence is eloquent leading to severe criticism.

Hyderabad: Why is Pawan kalyan silent on land scams happening in both AP and Telangana? This is the nagging doubt trolling in the minds of party cadre.

Political leaders of ruling parties are involved in land scams in Vizag and Miyapur which shook the Telugu sates.

In AP, after Vizag land scam, it is the turn of TDP MLC Deepak Reddy who was arrested by Telangana police for scam of land which is worth more than ₹ 200 crores.

Coming to Telangana, the land grab in the heart of Hyderabad City, at Miyapur, involving more than ₹ 10,000 crore shocked the whole country.

There was no question asked or voice raised by Pawan kalyan until now. During the 2014 election campaign, Pawan raised voice against late YSR and said that illegal land dealings during his period will be grilled.

But his silence against the land grab which has become a hot topic of discussion in public domain proves that he is hesitant to take on ruling party leaders. It is leading to severe criticism by his own party cadre.

Pawan is close to ruling party in AP and even in Telangana he has close association with TRS leaders. KTR watching Katamarayudu flick with Pawan is an example to the intimacy the latter enjoys with TRS leadership. This is the main reason for Pawan being silent, felt political observers.

But his followers say, silence of a good man is more effective than open criticism. We have to see how Pawan will react to this in coming days.

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Jagan Plus Pawan, Major Changes in AP Political Scenario?

AP political scenario is heading towards Mahagatbandhan as in UP to defeat ruling party TDP as per political sources. If it is true how will it impact the TDP in coming elections.

Hyderabad: There are rumours about YSRCP roping in political analyst Prashanth Kishore (PK) for a strategy planning and implementation to defeat TDP in coming elections. Now as per sources, Prashant Kishore gave a report on the present scenario in AP politics to YSRCP.

As per the report, if YSRCP wants to come to power, it should join hands with all leading opposition parties in AP as it happened in Bihar in recent elections which helped Nitish Kumar to continue as the CM.

If opposition parties are not united on a single platform, it will benefit TDP with the split of anti-incumbency votes as per the report given by Prashanth Kishore.

Primepost.in Survey: If we keep Prashanth Kishore’s report aside, as per our sources, the assessment appears to be near the reality if opposition parties contest on their own benefitting TDP. Same thing happened in 2009 elections when TRS, TDP, CPI, CPM contested on united front against late YSR. Result is YSR bagged maximum MP and MLA seats than his previous victory; weapon is only one thing, split in anti-incumbency votes.

Jana Sena which already announced that it will contest in 2019 elections can make an impact with a mere 3% votes split. We should not forget the margin of votes made TDP to gain power in 2014 elections was far less.

People are angry with the BJP for cheating them in the case of Special Category Status and Congress is yet to recover from the deadly blow delivered by the voters in 2014. At this juncture the only hope for YSRCP is to unite all the opposition parties which looks difficult at this juncture. This is the only advantage Naidu is having irrespective of anti m-incumbency against him in AP.

Will Pawan join hands with Jagan? This is a big doubt in the minds of political analysts. Pawan, who has craze in youth vote bank criticised Jagan several times and competed with him in organising various rallies against TDP. Pawan, recently announced support for the Congress on SCS, in fact he also extended support to the YSRCP at one time on the same SCS. But Pawan’s mentality and route is separate and he is keen on allying with Communist parties. Even in Communist parties, opinion on Pawan is divided. CPI is having soft corner for Jana Sena but CPI(M) did not utter a word until now on joining hands with him.

At the same time the CPI is distancing itself from YSRCP after Jagan met Modi. Prashant Kishore’s strategy also did not give positive result in UP elections which resulted in BJP’s huge gain.

But if Pawan and Jagan join hands, it will be a gain to opposition parties and a big blow for TDP. In politics anything can happen at the end of the day and if opposition parties want to sit treasury benches, the only option they have is to unite.

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Pawan Beats Mahesh

Pawan Kalyan appears to be doing well in film with his latest flick being made by Trivikram doing a better business in Guntur district than the movie Spyder in which Mahesh Babu played the leading role.

Hyderabad: Pawan kalyan had a bitter taste at box office with his previous flick Katamarayudu and he is under pressure to deliver a hit before entering into politics. Right now, the actor is busy with Trivikram’s shoot.

But his stamina is still continuing at box office irrespective of the result of Katamarayudu. Trivikram’s flick yet to be titled broke the record in Guntur surpassing Mahesh babu’s SPYDER.

Leading distributor of Guntur Ravi & S creations bagged rights of Pawan’s flick at a whopping price of ₹ 9.5 crore while SPYDER ended up at ₹ 7.5 crore bagged by Sunkara Films.

Pawan’s flick stood second after Baahubali 2 in overseas rights. This is the stamina of Pawan Kalyan irrespective of talk and result at BO.

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“U” Turn By Pawan Kalyan?

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan was forced to take a U-turn when he supported the Congress rally since the NDA govt has gone back on the promise

Hyderabad: Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan said that he will support any party which extends support for Special category Status to AP.

His twitter became active and started tweets once again on the developments in Andhra Pradesh, particularly on the meeting of Congress party held at Guntur on Sunday.

Reacting to the invitation by Congress Chief to attend the meeting which is for SCS, Pawan said, his presence is difficult due to the short notice as he was busy with film schedule, but extended his support to the meeting.

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, Samajwadi Party leader Akhilesh Yadav, CPI General secretary Suravram Sudhkar reddy graced the meeting.

The actor turned politician said that all parties should come on one platform to take on the centre to force it to implement the promise on Special Category Status.

Pawan Kalyan, who campaigned for TDP-BJP alliance in 2014 started rising voice against these both parties for not fulfilling the promises made during election campaign.

His slogan in 2014 was CONGRESS HATAHO DESH BACHO, but now he took U turn and extended support to the party which was main reason for the mess.

Lets see what stand would Jana Sena Chief take ultimately before 2019 elections.

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Chiru-Pawan to join Hands: Thanx to Trivikram

Clouds between brothers Chiranjeevi and Pawan kalyan are to be shattered soon, thanks to kalabandhu Subbirami reddy and Director Trivikram for doing the mediation.

Hyderabad: Few days back T.Subbiram Reddy announced that there will be a project with Chiranjeevi and Pawan kalyan under his production. Later there were no reactions seen from any side of the unit. Now once again Subbirami reddy came out openly by saying both the actors are busy with their current schedules, once they finish it off, his film will be launched in a grand scale.

Subbirami Reddy met Pawan Kalyan in the flick shoot of Haasinie Haarika creations along with Trivikram before giving the statement.

This untitled movie will certainly shatter box office after Baahubali 2, say cine analysts.

Both Chiranjeevi and Pawan kalyan are maintaining distance after PRP fared badly in 2009 elections. Particular reasons for the separation were not known but Pawan moved towards BJP, while Chiru merged his PRP in Congress.

Now once again this combination will certainly bring back glory to Konidela family members and fans of both these heroes.

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Rayala Seema Gives Shock To Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan’s plan to contest from Anantapur district in Rayala Seema was opposed by the leaders of Rayala Seema Rastra Samiti. Pawan is yet to react.

Anantapur: Up to now Jana Sena Chief Pawan kalyan kept on saying that he will contest from Ananthpur district, Rayalaseema, and we have not seen any resistance from political parties or from Jana Sena cadre.

But for the first time, Pawan faced a jolt from Venkata Subba Reddy Kuncham, President of Rayalaseema Rastra Samithi.

Reddy questioned, how could Pawan contest from Rayalaseema? He further claimed that all political leaders are using Seema for their political benefits. He reminded how Chiranjeevi used PRP for his political gains and later merged with Congress. He said Pawan is also following the footsteps of his brother.

Subba Reddy further said that Rayalaseema gave chance to many CMs but the region is still undeveloped, Even CM Naidu is looting Rayalaseema and investing in Amaravathi, he said.

He further said that a massive protest will be launched soon against the injustice done to Seema.

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Revanth Reddy Supports Pawan Kalyan

At last Pawan kalyan got the support from a TDP MLA who is not from AP, but Telangana.

Hyderabad: Jana Sena Chief who launched party with an emotional speech at Hitex could not receive the support as expected for three years.

Despite huge following in both Telugu States, Pawan became just a laughing stock for expressing his views only on Twitter, but now he is seriously working to strengthen the party and prepare it for 2019 elections.

Pawan tried to be in public attention with different captions and tweets to gain popularity and went on talking about South-North divide which is not there in a dominant form.

Though he faced critics on the South-North discourse , he found a friend who supported his theory, that too from TDP in Telangana. He is none other than firebrand Revanth Reddy.

Revanth Reddy said it is clear that the discrimination is going on by the Central Government on southern States. He heaped praiseon Power Star for bringing this subject to public notice.

One has to wait and see how TDP Supreme will react to this statement by Revanth Reddy.

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Pawan Kalyan Faces Double Trouble

Pawan Kalyan had a slip of tongue during his interaction with the volunteers from Anantapur when he said the electricity bulb was invented by Einstein.

Hyderabad: All is not well with Jana Sena Chief Pawan kalyan. Recently he had a tongue slip during the interaction with Volunteers from Ananthpur. In his speech, Pawan said Albert Einstein invented electric bulb and everyone should take him as an inspiration. Later he came to know that electric bulb was invented by Thomas Alva Edison. But he had no time to cover it up. His twitter account was hacked which gave a rude shock to Jana Sena soldiers.

Communication between Jana Sena and its activists is through twitter and the fridge was now hacked which disappointed Jana Sena followers.

Pawan is active though his twitter account which was started in 2015. Pawan has more than 2 million followers on Twitter.

Jana Sena officially stated that “Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan’s twitter was blocked. We believe that it was hacked, experts are looking after it and severe action will be taken on them”.

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Who Is A Full-Time Politician? Pawan Asks His Critics

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan took a dig at his critics for branding him as part-time politician. He said he had not seen a full-time politician and alleged that all of them have made money in politics.

Amaravati: Jana Sena president Pawan Kalyan rebutted criticism on him which says that he is a part time politician. While addressing his party full-time activists from Ananthapur district, the actor-turned politician said that he had not seen a full time politician anywhere. He said that the politicians are making money enough for generations and were sitting at home. On his part, he had to work in films to support his family and staff, he said. While admitting that he had greatest respect for films, he asserted that he would keep films aside if required to fight for the problems of the people.

He reiterated that he would contest from Ananthapur in the next elections and would start meeting people there shortly. He asked the full time activists, who were selected for Ananthapur in the first phase, to gear up for the next elections. He wanted them to highlight the peoples’ issues and get closure to the masses. He announced that he would undertake padayatra in Ananthapur district to know the problems of the people and extend support to them.

Having selected speakers, content writers and analysts from Ananthapur district, the Jana Sena is now busy with the selection for the three north Andhra districts and Hyderabad. He said that the Jana Sena will have similar network in the two Telugu States before going for the next elections.

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Why Pawan Decides To Sell The Car He Likes Most?

One wonders why Pawan Kalyan has decided to sell the car he liked most. The reason he gave is not convincing.

Hyderabad: Pawan kalyan, actor-turned-politician, came out with a shocking news about his car, Mercedes Benz. Pawan has to sell his car due to the high EMI’s he has to pay for the car.

Pawan kalyan bought the car of his choice, but after hearing that he has to dispose it, one gets doubt if the reason he cited is true.

Pawan’s latest flicks like Gabbar Singh, Attarintiki Daredi were huge hits. Even Katamarayudu gave a good break for him. In a press meet, Pawan said he thinks twice before commenting on anything; if so is this real reason behind disposing the car he liked most.

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Pawan Kalyan Supports Agitation On Dharna Chowk

Dharna Chowk at Indira Park is the dais for raising the voice against problems faced by citizens, Pawan said.

Hyderabad: The actor- turned-politician Pawan Kalyan tried to pacify the controversy he sparked over the appointment of TTD EO. Addressing the media on Thursday at Jana Sena party office, Pawan said that he is not against North India.

“I give a lot of importance to the Hindi language. There is a Hindi song in my film Khushi. But, I only said that South Indians too should be given opportunities on par with North Indians. I’m not against the appointment of Anil Singhal. When I met Modi in Ahmedabad I told him about the issues. I took the issue of discrimination against South Indians to Modi’s notice, he explained.”

People who want the country to be united must raise their voice on issues, but it should not affect the integrity of the country, he said.

Everyone has a right to protest in a democracy. And democracy gave the right to raise the voice when justice is not done, he said. Dharna Chowk at Indira Park is the dais for raising the voice against problems faced by citizens, he observed.

Announcing Jana Sena support to the agitation for Dharna Chowk, he said it’s not fair to stop peaceful protests.
Condemning the arrest of farmers who are protesting for support price, he said that he is not against any party. “I will be on people’s side,” he said.

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Jana Sena Leader Defends Pawan’s Statements

Jana Sena leader Mahender Reddy defends the statements made by his leader Pawan Kalyan opposing the appointment of Singhal, a North Indian, as EO of the TTD.

Hyderabad: The row over the TTD EO created sparks in political circles, particularly after Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan came out with a statement alleging North-South bias. Pawan faced critics from TDP, BJP and by AP IAS officers association over his remarks on Singhal.

Now Jana Sena Leaders came forward to clarify Pawan’s stand. Jana Sena Leader Mahender Reddy clarified that Pawan’s statement was misunderstood and he is not against the appointment of Singhal as TTD EO.

Mahender further stated that Pawan questioned why no Telugu IAS officers were appointed as authorities of Northern temples and there was nothing wrong in their leader’s statement.

He praised Pawan about his commitment to patriotism. Pawan’s love for the country and integrity cannot be questioned and if anybody does, he should introspect his patriotism, mahender said.

Pawan is trying for equal justice to both states of Telugu people, this is the main intention behind his statement, Mahender said.

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Union Minister Insults Jana Sena Chief Pawan kalyan

Minister claims he does not know Pawan Kalyan, Jana Sena Party members feed offended.

Tirupathi: In a surprising, embarrassing moment, Central Minister from AP said that he is unaware of actor turned politician Pawan Kalyan.

Central Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju visited Dwaraka Tirumala on Tuesday. Addressing media about the comment made by Jana Sena Chief on North Bias in electing Singhal as TTD EO, Minister said that he doesn’t know who Pawan Kalyan is. He further stated that he stopped watching films a long time ago and has no idea about film star Pawan Kalyan.

The Jana Sena Party cadre felt insulted by his statements and said, Ashok Gajapathi Raju is senior man in AP politics who worked as Minister for state cabinet many times and his statement about Pawan was wrong.

Pawan Kalyan had campaigned for TDP-BJP alliance in 2014 elections and Jana Sena activists have spun the question back as to hoe a senior leader could forget about something as relevant.

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Mohan Babu Condemns Pawan Kalyan

Film actor Mohan Babu has joined issue with another actor Pawan Kalyan in the controversy regarding appointment of a North Indian as TTD Executive Officer.

Tirupati: Appointment of TTD EO from the North by Naidu’s government irked a few politicians and religious heads of AP. But Actor Mohan Babu said that there is nothing wrong in appointing ISS officer Anil Kumar Singhal as EO.

Mohan Babu further added that Singhal is a sincere officer with lot of integrity and he is from Andhra cadre and worked as collector for various districts in the undivided AP.

Mohan Babu condemned Jana Sena Chief Pawan kalyan’s comments, “it is not proper to restrict Lord Balaji to a particular region or language. There is nothing wrong in appointing a non- Telugu speaking officer as TTD EO” he said in a statement.

BJP senior leader from Tirupati, Bhanu Prakash Reddy also raised voice against Pawan kalyan. “It is better to read the TTD Act before making comments. It is enough if the officer is a Hindu and has faith in Lord Venkateswara as per Act. There is no need to make any fuss. It is better to look at his administration rather than looking at his language,” said Bhanu Prakash.

He further stated that Anil is from India only and not from Pakistan, please remember it, thus pointing fingers at Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan who has been talking about the North-South divide.

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Pawan Completes Screening Test In Anantapur

Pavan Kalyan has completed the screening of the youths for recruiting as cadre in Jana Sena.

Anantapur: Pawan Kalyan, who came up with a creative idea to hold an entrance test for selecting foot soldiers for the party, has completed screening in Ananthpur district. Pawan Kalyan is planning to contest in the 2019 elections, as declared by him earlier. Jana Sena Chief now moved towards Uttarandhra and Vishakaptnam for recruiting activists.

Jana Sena invited applications from these places and can be sent online till May 13th. As per Pawan kalyan, this test is just to know the capacity and skills and talent of the candidates and requested them not to see it as competitive exams.

Still, Ananthpur results are not declared and applicants are not told about their services and action if they were selected.

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Pawan kalyan Congratulate Rajamouli for Baabhubali touching 1000 crore mark

Hyderabad: Pawan kalyan congratulated whole team of Baahubali  as the film touche 1000 crore mark in collections. Here is the tweet by actor turned politician Pawan kalyan:

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