I will Never Cross KCRa��s Line: Harish Rao

Hyderabad: T Harish Rao, Telangana Irrigation Minister, nephew of CM KCR, clarified that he will never cross CM KCRa��s line at any time.

In an interview to an electronic media house, he rubbished rumours about disputes between him, KTR and KCR. The star today is KCR and there is no Harish Rao without KCR, he said.

If KCR orders to do anything, I will strictly follow the order without hesitation. If he says I have to follow KTR and work under his leadership, I will say YES, Harish Rao further added. I am OK even if KCR announces KTR as CM for next elections, I am just Kattappa for KCR, Harish Rao said with a smile. So there is no need for CM KCR to search for Kattappa, but we have to wait for Baahubali 2 to see if Kattappa kills ( (politically speaking) Baahubali or both Bahubali2 and Kattappa well work together for the welfare of the people of modern Mahishmati, Telangana State

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