Will Nandyal Result Impact Kakinada Municipal Elections?

Kakainada will witness Municipal elections on Tuesday, but will Nandyal by poll result will show impact on this election….

Kakinada: Ruling party, TDP, is in full josh after Nandyal by poll results and expecting the same magic in Kakinada municipal elections which will be held on 29th August.

Scenario in Nandyal and Kakinada are different. There was a strong sympathy wave along with money power in Nandyal by poll. CM Naidu and opposition leader Jagan took a electrifying campaign in Kakinada on closing day.

In Kakinada many issues impact voters starting from Kapu reservations to the promises made by CM Naidu. But there are more voters in Urban area who mat tilt towards TDP after coming to know about Nadyal by election results as per political analysts.

TDP promised Kapus to give Mayor Post if they win the elections, thus wooing the community to vote for TDP.

On the other hand, YCP cadre may be depressed after hearing the results of Nandyal by poll. Right now upper hand is for TDP which is enjoying the win of Nandyal result.

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