Will Lokesh Entry Lead To TDP Downfall?

Amaravati: The induction of Nara Lokesh into Cabinet along with defected MLAs is ringing danger bells to ruling party, according to political analysts.

Defected MLAs should have been resigned and re-elected from TD, felt a senior analyst. This triggered anguish among senior leaders of TD who expected Cabinet berths in reshuffle. Induction of Lokesh into Cabinet sent a clear signal that he will play a key role in 2019 elections, but at present scenario, it will be tough for him to maintain the heat created by seniors and face the leader of opposition Jagan, who has more image than him in masses.

On the other hand, Lokesh has to face political guest star Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan, who is keeping pressure now and then on the promises made by TD during 2014 elections. We have to watch how Lokesh will convert this into positive from his corporate style of working. TD leaders are confident that Lokesh has the capability of emerging as universal leader once he interacts with public as minister.

AP CM Chandrababu Naidu has a vast experience in suppressing a situation which may affect the result of power and can balance the equation whenever required which has to be learned by Lokesh in quick style.

Cabinet reshuffle created panic in senior leaders of ruling party. They became silent after meeting CM Naidu, but the internal heat is still continuing in them who might look towards Jana Sena or YSRC when time cope up just before elections.

This is a big task before the TD or else party will face downfall which they faced in 2004 and sat in opposition for a period of 10 years

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