Will KTR Be Made TRS Working President In Party Plenary

KCR would like to project his son as the future CM. Will he make him party’s working president during the plenary?

Hyderabad: Telangana Rashtra Samithi, TRS, which has flexed its muscle after a series of electoral gains and ever-increasing popularity- is holding a crucial plenary from April 21 for two days at Kompally in the city outskirts. There will be a massive public meeting on April 27 a��its foundation day- at Warangal.

The regional outfit which grew stronger after the formation of the State is busy drawing its electoral strategies and the plenary is one such occasion for the leadership to give a direction to the cadre for the 2019 polls.

On government side, Chief minister K Chandrasekhara Rao is already on the job and announced sops like free fertilizers to all the ryots from the next financial year and increased quota for muslims. He is eyeing the huge BC vote bank and sops to them have also been worked out.

On organizational front, the membership drive, starting with block-level offices etc were already done and in a way, party structure was streamlined.

Be it as it may, holding of plenary at this juncture appears rather strategic in more ways than one way. Some feel this is unnecessary since there has been neither anti-incumbency factor nor any need for organizational rejig. But, party conclaves generally take place when everything is on the right track and there are less voices of discontent.

According to well-placed sources in the party, one of the plans of KCR appears to be to lay a perfect grounding to make his son KT Rama Rao (KTR) as his successor. There was a broad agreement in the party for KTRa��s leadership but handing over the baton rather smoothly is a tough task. KCR has methodically groomed his son by making him part in every important task and simultaneously cut to size KTRa��s only challenger Irrigation minister T Harish Rao. The clout around Harish Rao has been weaned away. KTR too, on his part, has proved his mettle and has received support from all walks of life. Both in the state and outside, he is hugely popular.

Now KCR would gauge partya��s mood for KTRa��s elevation through the plenary. There was a demand to make him as a working president for the polls but it is unlikely that an announcement would be made to that effect. Another demand is that KTR should be projected as Chief ministerial candidate for the 2019 polls but KCR, known for his shrewdness and dexterity in handling things, would not take such a hasty step at this point.

Interestingly, KTR has been making district tours in the name of Janahita Sabhalu which are apparently intended to get more public support. In one of the recent interviews- he stated that KCR would be the CM for the next ten years and added that at 63, his father is reasonably less-aged in politics. Interestingly, he averred that he has no differences with Harish and that the latter would not cross over to Congress. a�?One thing is clear: This jamboree is not just for drawing 2019 poll strategy. It is very much part of KCRa��s plans for KTRa��s coronationa�? a senior leader of the party quipped.

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