Will KCR Get A Warm Welcome At OU?

It is a matter of interest to see what kind of reception KCR will receive from students when he visits OU campus for centenary celebrations.

Hyderabad: Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR), is going to visit Osmania University on the eve of the Varsity centenary celebrations.

This is KCRa��s maiden visit to the Campus of Osmania University after statehood was achieved. But the scenario in OU is different now. KCRa��s last visit was when Ishan Reddy killed himself as thanksgiving to God for D. Srinivasa��s defeat who was a Congress leader then. But later Srinivas joined TRS and was rewarded with membership of Rajya Sabha. For that matter, many opposition MLAs who defeated TRS candidates in 2014 elections are now ministers in KCR’s Cabinet.

There have been protest marches in the campus when the Chief Minister’s effigy was burnt. The police used lathi charge to disperse the students. The Government has imposed a lot of restrictions on the movements is the students in the campus.

Now KCR is entering the OU as CM. Situation now is different from KCRa��s last visit. Youth are angry with the TRS government for not keeping its promise of addressing the unemployment problem.

Students are now looking towards TJAC Chairman Professor Kodandaram. The tilt was evident when TJAC tried to organise ‘Nirudyog Rally’. The unemployed youth were arrested preventing them from participating in the rally. The gap between Kodandaram and KCR has been widening after Telangana State was achieved.
One has to see how students would react when KCR attends the varsity centenary celebrations.

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