Will The Government Really Solve Problems Faced By The Farmers?

While the politicians are talking about the future, farmers are keener on knowing about the present. Instead of arresting the farmers, the government should take necessary measures to alleviate their problems.

Hyderabad: The suicide attempt of a farmer belonging to Jogulamba Gadwal on Tuesday and the death of a farmer in Nizamabad market yard today morning highlighted the apathy of the government towards the problems faced by farmers. It is an open secret that farmers, who are suffering due to lack of minimum support price, are resorting to suicides in desperation.

Apart from this, the recent hail storm too damaged the harvested crop of the farmers who kept their yield outside due to lack of sufficient storage facilities. They are worried whether they can sell their yield for a decent price.

Mallesh attempted suicide by consuming pesticide before CMa��s camp office in Begumpet. Unable to come out of the debt trap, Mallesh came to the city to meet Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao. As he could not meet the CM, Mallesh thought he had no other go except committing suicide. Luckily, somebody saw and took him to a hospital.

According to the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB), Telangana has become the second top state in suicides by farmers for the second consecutive year during 2015. It also stated that the reasons for the suicides are attributed to bankruptcy or indebtedness and farming related issues. Nothing seems to have improved since then.

However, these issues are not solved by any of the governments, though they express unlimited love for the a�?anna daataa�� (the person who provides us food). The Telangana Chief Minister who grows organic crops in his farmhouse must be aware of the problems a farmer faces.

Reports said that KCR has ordered for a survey of farmers in the State. The survey will collect key information about land holding, tenant farmers, productivity, crop varieties, soil status, financial status of farmers, use of fertilisers, rural credit availability, indebtedness of the farmers and reasons for it, and market accessibility. The survey will be taken up under Under the banner of `Mana Telangana Mana Vyavasayam’ programme.

As the survey was ordered recently, it would only help the ruling party to talk about the problems of farmers during their election campaign and promise them to solve them.

While the politicians are talking about the future, farmers are asking about the present. Instead of arresting the farmers who protest in the agricultural yards and attack them as they could not be patient anymore, the government should take necessary measures to alleviate their problems.

Agriculture needs a proper strategy, not publicity about the schemes that governments want to introduce. Guaranteeing a minimum support price to the farmers could help them lead a decent life.

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