Will The Government Really Solve Problems Faced By The Farmers?

While the politicians are talking about the future, farmers are keener on knowing about the present. Instead of arresting the farmers, the government should take necessary measures to alleviate their problems.

Hyderabad: The suicide attempt of a farmer belonging to Jogulamba Gadwal on Tuesday and the death of a farmer in Nizamabad market yard today morning highlighted the apathy of the government towards the problems faced by farmers. It is an open secret that farmers, who are suffering due to lack of minimum support price, are resorting to suicides in desperation.

Apart from this, the recent hail storm too damaged the harvested crop of the farmers who kept their yield outside due to lack of sufficient storage facilities. They are worried whether they can sell their yield for a decent price.

Mallesh attempted suicide by consuming pesticide before CM’s camp office in Begumpet. Unable to come out of the debt trap, Mallesh came to the city to meet Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao. As he could not meet the CM, Mallesh thought he had no other go except committing suicide. Luckily, somebody saw and took him to a hospital.

According to the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB), Telangana has become the second top state in suicides by farmers for the second consecutive year during 2015. It also stated that the reasons for the suicides are attributed to bankruptcy or indebtedness and farming related issues. Nothing seems to have improved since then.

However, these issues are not solved by any of the governments, though they express unlimited love for the ‘anna daata’ (the person who provides us food). The Telangana Chief Minister who grows organic crops in his farmhouse must be aware of the problems a farmer faces.

Reports said that KCR has ordered for a survey of farmers in the State. The survey will collect key information about land holding, tenant farmers, productivity, crop varieties, soil status, financial status of farmers, use of fertilisers, rural credit availability, indebtedness of the farmers and reasons for it, and market accessibility. The survey will be taken up under Under the banner of `Mana Telangana Mana Vyavasayam’ programme.

As the survey was ordered recently, it would only help the ruling party to talk about the problems of farmers during their election campaign and promise them to solve them.

While the politicians are talking about the future, farmers are asking about the present. Instead of arresting the farmers who protest in the agricultural yards and attack them as they could not be patient anymore, the government should take necessary measures to alleviate their problems.

Agriculture needs a proper strategy, not publicity about the schemes that governments want to introduce. Guaranteeing a minimum support price to the farmers could help them lead a decent life.

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Attitude Of CMs Of Telugu States Angers Governor

While both States are resolving issues in meetings with the Governor, they are remaining on paper. The Governor is said to be angry with this attitude and questioning why they are failing in implementation.

Hyderabad: Even three years after bifurcation of the State, many issues between the two Telugu States are not resolved. As Governor ESL Narasimhan maintains good relations with chief ministers of two States, he is continued for the third term also. There are some vexing problems which need to be settled between two States. As a well-wisher of both CMs, Narasimhan volunteered to strike a compromise between them, in a bid to resolve the issues.

However, it is being said that he is angry with the attitude of chief ministers of two Telugu States with regard to implementation part of the decisions taken during meetings.

As no State is implementing decisions made, the Governor is said to be expressing anger. Sources reveal that he is not only expressing dissatisfaction but also finding fault with CMs of both Telugu States. He made it clear that unless both the Chief Ministers come to him for the resolution of bifurcation issues, he would not volunteer to resolve them. He is also questioning why both governments are not taking the implementation of decisions made during the meetings with Governor.

Apart from the existing problems, it is said that he is angry with the way both governments are dealing with the power dues issue. Letters and counter letters were fired and the decision was taken independently to stop the power supply. In this context, he is refusing to meet with the ministers’ committee.

The Telangana State Government passed a resolution last January seeking the custody of buildings that are under AP in the Hyderabad Secretariat. As it needed the Governor’s nod for this, it has sent the resolution to the government. The Governor personally sent a message to the AP government. It was decided that the committee of ministers should attend to resolve the issue. In this context, they reached consensus on 42 issues. But the implementation part was not taken up.

Particularly, it was decided that the both States CMDs should discuss and resolve the issue basing on reports, no action is being taken.

Sources said that Governor decided not to meet ministerial committees unless both chief ministers meet or involve in any issue.

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Now, KK’s Family’s Name In Miyapur Land Scam Case

The big names coming out in the Miyapur land scam are not only creating headache to the Chief Minister but also tarnishing the image of his government.

Hyderabad: Names of an MP’s daughter and daughter-in-law came out in the Miyapur land scam case. Incidentally, all the names of big wigs doing rounds in the case happen to be close to Chief Minister KCR, who trusted them and assigned responsible positions. The Miyapur land scam which has become a blot on TRS government seems to tarnish the image of KCR too. It is being said that KCR is fuming over the names that are coming out in the case. While KCR’s close friend Damodar Rao and Deputy CM Mahmood Ali’s names are doing rounds already, the name of TRS general secretary and MP KK’s family member’s names came out yesterday. This is creating more headaches to both KCR and his government.

The lands bought by KK’s family were part of lands Gold Stone company occupied with a fake GPA in Ibrahimpatnam’s  Dandu Mailaram. Hence this has become controversial. While KK’s daughter Gadwala Vijayalakshmi bought 50 acres of land in Dandumailaram, 38 acres of the land is part of lands Gold Stone occupied.  Though a case is pending before the court alleging that these lands are disputed lands since 2015, Gadwala Vijayalakshmi and Jyothsna bought 50 acres of land in the name of Navajyothi and got them registered.

The government already clarified that these lands were government lands and the registrations were illegal. Also, the government announced that it is suspending Incharge sub-registrar Khadir who registered these lands illegally.

Refuting the allegations, KK said that it was true that his family members bought the lands. He claimed that they had all the necessary documents and they bought the lands legally. However, he asserted that they did not buy the disputed lands. He said that CCLA had already clarified that the lands he bought were not government lands. He also claimed that there was a Court order regarding this. KK also said that the Collector issued orders to register the lands he bought and if these orders were wrong, the court will decide.

Meanwhile, KK’s impatience on the questions posed by the media is giving rise to suspicions. When a reporter asked him, “Don’t you know what kind of a person Gold Stone Prasad is?”, KK lost his composure. He angrily said, “Do you think I’m a beggar to buy without knowing the background?”  When the reporter tried to continue his question, he said, “Try to understand what I’m saying, I’m a better journalist than you are.”

Later, he angrily said, “Is registrar Superior or Supreme Court? I’m a Rajya Sabha member who makes legislations, don’t I know?” He clarified that there is no dispute in this and they got the lands registered on the recommendations of Supreme Court and if any dispute comes over this, he warned that he would file contempt of court petition.

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Revanth Demands CBI Enquiry Into Miyapur Land Scam

While the TTDP demanded CBI inquiry into the Miyapur land scam, the Telangana BJP asked Chief Minister KCR to drop deputy chief minister whose name has cropped up in the course of investigation.

Hyderabad: After visiting the lands involved in Miyapur land scam and speaking to the locals regarding the lands on Monday, Telangana TDP working president Revanth Reddy on Tuesday demanded the Central government to order a probe into the matter. On Monday,  Revanth Reddy along with TTDP president L Ramana toured the controversial lands and alleged that TRS party bigwigs were involved in the scam. He expressed concern that not even fencing was arranged for the government lands. He criticised that TRS rule is mired with scams.

Meanwhile, BJP leader Krishna Sagar Rao too spoke on the same issue. He demanded TRS government remove Deputy Chief Minister Mohammad Mahmood Ali from the post. He also criticised DGP Anurag Sharma and Hyderabad Police Commissioner M Mahendar Reddy for delaying the arrest of Goldstone Prasad.

Meanwhile, two persons accused in the scam filed quash petitions in the High Court, but the case has been adjourned to next week.

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KCR Vows To Work Relentlessly For The Welfare Of Telangana

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has vowed to work relentlessly for the growth and welfare of Telangana State which is celebrating its third foundation day.

Hyderabad: Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao vowed to work with dedication, utmost commitment, relentlessly for the welfare State combined with his thought, words and action. He was speaking on the occasion of State’s Formation Day Celebrations on Friday.

“For what purpose did we lead the great movement and what dreams that we wanted to be realised in our own State, the Telangana State is marching in the the progressive path, fulfilling those aspirations and realising those dreams,” he said.

Stating that he would pray to God that schemes of drinking water, water for irrigation, infrastructure, power and Welfare schemes should be successfully implemented and make people lead a happy and prosperous life and he seeks His blessings for this, KCR put the progress report of the State before people.

In its recent report, CAG for the financial year 2017-18 stated that Telangana state stood first in the revenue growth rate in the country registering 17.82 per cent growth, he said. We should all be proud of it and it is a good omen for us, he added. “I declare it proudly that it is due to proper policy planning, financial prudence and discipline of the government policies that the growth rate was achieved.”

The government is spending ₹ 40,000 crore for 35 Welfare Schemes, KCR said. A Lion’s share of the State’s income is being spent for the people’s welfare, he claimed. The government is giving pension under Asara Scheme to 40 Lakh helpless individuals.  For the marriage of daughters from the poor families, we are implementing Shaadi Mubarak/Kalyan Laxmi Schemes. To the hungry poor, 6-Kgs of rice is given per member at a subsidised price of one Rupee per KG. To help the poor to live with dignity, 2 Bed Room Houses are given free of cost. For all the hostel students, fine rice is supplied for their meal, he narrated different schemes being implemented.

For the benefit of SC/STs, a Special Fund is created based on their population figures and special programmes are framed for the development and Welfare, the Chief Minister said. For the first time in independent India’s history, ours is the first government, which created a fund for lawyers, and journalists in the State’s Budget, he proudly declared.

Saying that soon after the formation of the State, the greatest challenge before the government was that of the power crisis, but we have successfully got over the crisis and we have come to a stage where we have no power cuts, instead we have an uninterrupted quality power supply.  He told that new power plants are being set up to make the State surplus in power generation in future. We are making serious efforts to provide 24 hours round the clock uninterrupted quality power supply to farmers this summer itself, he added.

To supply safe and pure drinking water at the doorstep of people we have launched Mission Bhagiratha Programme and works are going on a war footing, KCR claimed. By end of this December, river water will reach all the villages putting an end to the drinking water problem in the state once and for all, he assured.

Speaking about developing the transport sector in a big way, he said efforts are being made for the safety and comfortable travel of the people. The TS IPASS innovative industrial policy of the government has been yielding good results and it is attracting huge investments into the State, he said. The Telangana State stood first in Ease of Doing Business in the country, he proudly announced. The State government has several innovative programmes in the IT Sector; as a result, investments and industrial production registered high percentage in the sector.

Stating that the government made a comprehensive plan to develop the agricultural economy which is the backbone to the rural areas while offering financial support to the agro-based activities and thereby putting the villages on the progressive path, he said no one in the country took up such scientific action.

For the first time in the country, Rs 17,000 Crore crop loans of 35. 30 Lakh farmers are waived. Mission Kakatiya programme with tremendous spirit and zeal is going on to revive and rejuvenate 46, 000 tanks all over the State, he explained. Already during the last two years 16, 000 tanks were rejuvenated. This year work is on to revive 5, 000 more tanks. Tanks revived under Mission Kakatiya are brimming with water and there is an increase in the ground water table. This has resulted in a change of life and atmosphere in the villages.

The Telangana state government is keeping the seeds and fertilisers and stocked them beforehand and to make them available at the doorstep of farmers. Now there is no scarcity of seed and fertiliser. We are giving huge subsidies for poly houses, Greenhouse cultivation. For micro irrigation, 100 percent subsidy is given to SC/STs, 90 percent to others. We have constructed godowns with a huge capacity to store the agriculture produce, he said.

To make agriculture profitable, the State government has done a lot of thinking and had extensive discussions with Agriculture Scientists and farmers. Based on this, the government formulated a meticulous plan of action to be implemented.

Speaking about hereditary professions which were ignored by successive governments, he said that the State government has decided to offer help and support to these professions and bring light into the lives of people living on these professions. For the first time in the country, budgetary allocations are made for these trades and professions and these programmes are designed for them.

“I am happy to announce that we are buying and distributing 84 Lakh Sheep with an investment of ₹ 5, 000 crore ito Yadav and Kuruma families,” he said. This scheme will result in accumulatio of wealth worth Rs 20,000 Crore!  For Yadav and Kuruma families, he added. By taking up sheep breeding on large scale, not only Telangana State will become self-sufficient in its need for meat but will be in a position to export it to other States and countries. He also stated the schemes are being implemented to other castes that are into hereditary professions. For the Most backward classes, Nomadic tribes, the government has set up a finance corporation with ₹ 1000 crore budget, he said.

Quoting Maha Kavi Dasaradhi Krishnamacharya, which he said always linger in his mind ……. “How far is the new age where there are no one with hunger and destitute?

When will there be a time where there are no famine and starvation?”

He vowed emotionally to work for the welfare of the State.

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29 Officials In TS Registration Department Transferred

A large number of sub-registrars were transferred and raids were conducted on registration offices across Telangana after the scandal involving land worth hundreds of crores was unearthed.

Hyderabad: Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has transferred 29 officials in the State Capital, as a scam involving prime land worth hundreds of crores in Cyberabad area was unearthed recently. He directed the police to check records across the State to ascertain if illegal transactions are being carried out to grab land, cheating the government.

KCR, who arranged a meeting with concerned officials to take stock of the situation on Tuesday, ordered for investigation by CID. The police arrested two directors of real estate companies and a government official over the weekend.

The case is related to fraudulent registration of 693 acres of government and private lands causing a loss of over Rs 587 crore to the State exchequer created a sensation in the State. A criminal case was booked against the accused by the police.

The ACB is presently raiding all sub-registrar offices across the State.  Two more sub-registrars were arrested, while many were transferred.

A statement issued by the Chief Minister’s Office said the registration documents were being used “to get loans from banks and other financial institutions”. There is, however, no clarity about the size of loans released by banks on the basis of these dubious land deals.

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Anywhere Registration System Stopped In The State

The Stamps and Registration department officials immediately passed orders stopping ‘anywhere registrations’ at the behest of Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao.

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao directed the officials to take stringent measures to prevent corruption and illegal practices in Registration Department. The Chief Minister held a high-level review meeting at Pragathi Bhavan on Tuesday. Speaking on the occasion, he expressed dissatisfaction and anger about the situation in registration department. He also directed to stop anywhere registration system (according to which registration of property can be done in any registrar office). The Stamps and Registration department officials immediately passed orders stopping ‘anywhere registrations.’  The CM also directed the officials to finalise a strategy to cleanse the registration system.

The Chief Minister discussed with the officials about the episode of registering 796 government lands to private individuals. He directed that there should be a serious investigation under the auspices of CID. He also clarified that stringent action will be taken against those who are responsible for this. However, he also clarified that the publicity that all the government land went into the hands of private individuals is also not true. He said that not even a yard of government land went into the hands of private individuals. He declared this after confirming with the officials.

Saying that people are of the opinion that unless officials are paid registrations will not take place, the CM said that this situation must change. He said that there should be reforms in registration department. For this new rules and regulations must be formulated, he directed the officials.

Deputy CM Mahmood Ali, Minister Jagadish Reddy, Government Advisor Rajiv Sarma, Principal Secretary S P Singh, DGP Anurag Sharma, Secretaries B R Meena, Nadim Ahmad, Santa Kumari, Deputy Speaker Padma Devendar Reddy, MP K Kavita, IG Purnachandra Rao, Rangareddy Collector Raghunandan Rao, Stamps and Registration department officials participated in the meeting.

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KCR Appoints Heads Of Eight Corporations

The Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao has announced the names of people to head eight corporations in the State. Along with it, he also announced names to head party wings.

Hyderabad: The Chief Minister of Telangana K Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) appointed chairmen to eight corporations in the State. In this context, their names were announced by the CM. According to a press release by CMO, Narsareddy was appointed as State Road Development Corporation, former MP G Sudharani  (Women Cooperative Finance Corporation), M Bhoom Reddy (State Housing Corporation, Gandhi Nayak (State-Tribal Cooperative Corporation),Pushkar Rammohan Rao (State Film, TV and Theatre Development Corporation), K Vasudeva Reddy (Corporation for Development of Persons with Disabilities), Prem Singh Rathore (Musi Riverfront Development Corporation) and Chirumalla Rakesh Kumar (State Technical services Corporation).

Sudharani becomes president of TRS women’s wing. Along with these names, he also finalised names of presidents of various wings in the party. Former MP Gundu Sudharani was selected as TRS women’s wing president. OU student leader Srinivasa Yadav was appointed as president of State Student wing of the party.

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Can TDP In Telangana Be Rejuvenated?

Mahanadu of Telangana TDP held in Hyderabad on Wednesday was a lacklustre show indicating that the party at present is only a shadow of what it was three years ago.

Hyderabad: Once upon a time when Telugu Desam Party held Mahanadu, it was like a festival. A lot of hangama was seen across the State with posters and banners of various leaders hailing their leader and inviting the cadre.

But the Telangana Mahanadu was a lacklustre show. It only pointed how weak Telugu Desam Party has become in Telangana. No mass leader was seen on the dais except Revanth Reddy.

It is a known fact that TDP was weakened by Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) supremo K Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR)’s ‘aakarsha’scheme. Almost all the leaders who had a mass base in Telangana crossed the floor and became ministers in TRS government.

The flop show of Mahanadu also pointed out how the party was neglected by the party supremo Chandrababu Naidu in Telangana. As the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Naidu was busy with foreign tours and governance of the State and did not have time to concentrate in Telangana.

Especially after the note for vote scam involving Naidu and Revanth, the party’s image touched its low. With ACB court directing ACB of Telangana State to probe into the role of the accused in the case, the party image virtually got decimated. However, after the courts have set aside the orders passed, leaders were able to breathe freely.

In this context, the leaders did not concentrate on moulding  new leaders in Telangana State and retaining the cadre, which is demoralised. While most of the cadre crossed the floor along with their leaders, the party did not try to rejuvenate the existing cadre and get new people into the party.

Though Naidu declared that he would come to Hyderabad and concentrate on Telangana, it will be highly difficult for him to do so, given the internal conflicts that are raging on in the party in Andhra Pradesh. The party is not doing so well in AP too. The glaring example of indiscipline is evident recently when two factions in Prakasam district resorted to fisticuffs during district party president elections. Recently there were more such incidents which saw the light, shocking the public.

Meanwhile, KCR on Wednesday evening occupied the media space at a peak time, i.e. when Naidu arrived at Mahanadu and started his speech. The media too chose the CM as it did not want to be in his bad books and ignored Naidu for more than an hour. Not even scroll of Mahanadu events was seen on Television Channels.

Analysts say that this is a Machiavellian act of KCR; he not only blocked Naidu but also attacked BJP president Amit Shah. Like two birds with one shot. Obviously, before the kind of emotional speech and criticism made by KCR, Naidu’s speech looked pale and shallow.

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Unlike KCR, Naidu Tries To Befriend Amit Shah

TS Chief Minister KCR had openly criticised BJP chief Amit Shah for his tall claims about Central funds to the State, while AP CM Naidu extended olive branch and offered lunch.

Amaravati: Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao ( KCR) had fired a salvo at BJP national president Amit Shah even before the latter completed his three-day tour in the State. KCR raised objections to the claims of the BJP chief on Central assistance given to the TS government and even dared to quit his office if the claims were proved. He further claimed that the Central government had given to the State what was due for the State and nothing more had come.

He tried to tear the BJP into pieces for Shah’s visit and the tricks that the party had played for political mileage including hosting of lunch for the Dalits. By targeting Shah, the TS Chief Minister had won the hearts of the people both in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh as well.

But, in less than 24 hours, AP Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu had extended an olive branch to Shah. Interestingly, Naidu who was in Hyderabad attending the TDP’s Telangana Mahanadu stayed back in the night only to accompany Shah to Andhra Pradesh in the morning. Though Naidu could have come back to Amaravati by a chartered flight in the night, his usual way of travel, he opted to stay back and accompany Shah to Andhra Pradesh, which did not go well with the leaders of both the TDP and the BJP.

Amit Shah had during his earlier meeting in Rajamahendravaram claimed that the Center had given more than ₹ 1.45 lakh crore to the State. He is set to make even greater claims in his party workers meeting scheduled to be held this evening. But, Naidu, unlike KCR, is not prepared for an showdown  with the BJP chief. He is also understood to be not ready to allow his party leaders to raise any objections to the claims of the BJP on extending financial support to the State.

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Why Did KCR React Savagely To Amit Shah’s Barbs?

Amit Shah’s Telangana visit has ended on a stormy note with Chief Minister KCR indulging in a blistering counterattack. Why did KCR choose to be so aggressive in his criticism of Amit Shah? Here is why…

Hyderabad: Why was Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR) so explosive in his media conference on Wednesday in which he tore BJP’s national president Amit Shah’s argument to pieces? KCR’s nephew and an important minister T Harish Rao has already given a fitting reply to Amit Shah’s criticism. Why did KCR have to get into a dual with the second most powerful person in the country after the prime minister? Why did he have to ridicule the BJP chief by calling him ‘Bhramit Shah’ and saying that as far as he is concerned Telangana is the ‘Badshah?’

People of Telangana have watched Amit Shah making claims about central assistance to Telangana. He also blamed Telangana Government for not doing enough to utilise the central fund thus depriving the people of Telangana the benefit of assistance given by Modi Government. There has been a feeling already among the people of Telangana that KCR is submissive to the NDA Government for some unknown reasons. The chief minister has been very severe in his criticism of the Congress but sparing in the case of TDP and apologetic as far as the BJP is concerned. There were also rumours that the NDA Government has got a dossier prepared on a case of a scam purportedly occurred when KCR was union labour minister. It was believed to be based on a decision KCR took as a minister favouring a Coimbatore company. The Enforcement Directorate is reportedly acting on the allegations. This was supposed to be  the reason for KCR to be subdued when it comes to reacting to Shah’s criticism during his earlier visit when he made a similar comment about central funds. At that time KCR chose to ignore Shah’s criticism.

KCR had to react and react firmly in order to put an end to the rumours regarding the ED case and also to clear the public perception about his being unduly soft on the BJP. Keeping quiet even after Amit Shah’s insinuations would have been most harmful to the image of KCR and Telangana Government. It is also against the temperament of the leader who led Telangana statehood movement by force of his bold moves and unparalleled gift of the gab. So, he decided to strike.

When an angry KCR speaks there would be no mincing of words they come as straight arrows and hit the target powerfully leaving it bleeding.

KCR came prepared for the media conference to rebut Shah’s charges point by point. He reminded the national president of the ruling party that the BJP could not win a single seat in GHMC polls in the five Assembly segments held by the party. He also said the BJP will not win a single Assembly or Lok Sabha seat in 2019.

The chief minister said Telangana State has given ₹50,013 crore to the Centre by way of various taxes in 2016-17 and the Centre in turn gave ₹24,561 crore in the same year. He said the Centre is not doing any ‘meherbaani’ to Telangana as it has given funds only according to the principle of devolution and not a rupee more. Only six or seven states in the country contribute to the Centre more than they take and Telangana is one of them, he pointed out. Reeling out the figures, KCR  said the Centre has so far given ₹ 67,390 crore since formation of TS. It included ₹37,773 crore as part of devolution which is natural in a federal country. ₹ 18,574 crores were given towards centrally sponsored funds and ₹2,055 crore towards the expenditure on national highways.

KCR reminded Amit Shah that his reckless public speeches had cost the BJP heavily in the election to Delhi Assembly. He said TRS is yet to decide whom to support in the presidential elections. He complained that Amit Shah has uttered blatant lies.

BJP sources said the explosive media conference of KCR was keenly watched by Amit Shah at Harris Plaza which is very close to the chief minister’s residence. TBJP president Dr Laxman and National General Secretary of the party Muralidhar Rao were with him. KCR also chose to speak in English and Hindi so that the BJP president can understand.

Later in the evening, Amit Shah has reacted to KCR’s barbs when the former spoke at the BJP booth level workers meeting at Crystal Garden in the city. The BJP president reiterated all his charges and claims with greater force. The BJP leaders felt that Amit Shah and the BJP have got more mileage because of CM’s media conference. As a result of Amit Shah’s latest visit the bonhomie between the BJP and the TRS has ended. That was perhaps what the BJP wanted.

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KCR Rebuts Amit Shah’s Charges

He was seen on a condemning spree of every statement made by the BJP president as part of his Telangana tour.

Hyderabad: Telangana Chief Minister K Chandra shekhar Rao(KCR)who maintained silence for the past two days finally opened his mouth to rebut the criticism made by BJP president Amit Shah.  He was seen on a condemning spree of every statement made by the BJP president as part of his Telangana tour.

Claiming that what Amit Shah said were lies, he took exception to Shah’s criticism about working of Telangana government.  While foreign countries are appreciating Telangana government, how Shah can speak in such a degrading manner, he asked. He clarified that he would not tolerate if Telangana is belittled, trying to exploit the sentiment factor. KCR also demanded that Amit Shah should answer to all the points that he has raised.

He alleged that Amit Shah is lying in an outright manner. “They are dreaming of forming a government in Telangana. Even I want to form a government in the country.  But not all dreams become reality,” he remarked. Saying that when Central ministers are appreciating the schemes of Telangana government, how can he criticise the government functioning, he asked.

Mission Bhagiratha and Mission Kakatiya got accolades from across the country, he maintained. Not even a single national project was given to the newly formed State, he added.

Observing that Telangana is the richest State in the country and giving thousands of crores to the Centre in the form of taxes, why will it need Centre’s assistance, he asked. Shah’s claims of Centre giving one lakh crores to the State are not real, he asserted.

Shah is attacking the government in a planned way, he alleged. Condemning each of the claims made by Shah during his visit, KCR gave an explanation to almost every point. He explained how much did Centre give to the State after formation under different heads and concluded that total amount the state got was only ₹ 67 thousand crore. It is the Centre which said that the growth of Telangana is 19.5 percent, he reminded.

He also challenged if they prove what he said was untrue, he would resign his post. While the Centre closed Model schools, Telangana is continuing them, he said. “It is not fair on Amit Shah’s part to speak in such a way that the investors suspect,” he said.  He also said that it’s not fair to disgrace the development for silly political reasons.  He expressed concern that even Advani spoke ill of Telangana earlier.

It’s my responsibility to rebut his claims and he needs to say sorry to Telangana people.

He alleged that the food served to Amit Shah in Teratpally Dalitwada was not prepared by Dalits. “You only acted as though you had food,” he alleged. It was prepared in Kammagudem and brought there, he said. Eating in Dalitagudem means eating the food prepared by them, he observed.

The Chief Minister clarified that he doesn’t have any issues with Prime Minister Modi. “Those who speak against Telangana are our enemies and Telangana is our Badshah,” he declared. We supported demonetisation like no other party, but when I asked about black money, they said it was election gimmick, he claimed.

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Why Is KCR Rattled By Kodandaram?

KCR is not prepared to talk to Kodandaram on various issues the later has been championing. Instead, the chief minister is prepared to use excessive force to snub his opponents. Here is why.


Hyderabad: The showdown at Indira Park on Monday in the name of Dharna Chowk was totally unwarranted. It was a result of the inflated ego of Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR) who refused to discuss the issue with Kodandaram. The winner was Professor Kodandaram whom KCR has been keen to snub. Why is KCR so weary of Kodandaram?

During the statehood movement, KCR used to say that there will be no need for Dharna in the new state. He was probably meaning that there will be no place to stage Dharna in the new State. That is what he appears to be ensuing. Two years after forming the government and encouraging mass defections from the opposition parties, KCR has come to assume that he was unassailable. He started adopting a negative attitude towards the opposition, more particularly Kodandaram and his Joint Action Committee. He had been using excessive force in order to suppress the opposition. The amount of police force deployed and strong measures taken to prevent a Dharna or a procession or a protest in any other form exceeded the force used by the Congress governments in undivided AP against the statehood agitation.

KCR, his son K Taraka Rama Rao (KTR), nephew T Harish Rao have been the dominant group in the government doing all important work. Other ministers are confined to their ministries working within the boundaries decided by KCR. The party has no rival centre. In short, there is no one either in the party or in government who is in a position to challenge KCR’s authority. He could take it easy and happily run the administration in a democratic manner. The second term is assured. He can make his son the second chief minister. Even Harish Rao, who is certainly more popular among the MLAs and other people’s representatives than KTR cannot stand in the way. As long KCR is around, no one can deny him.

However, KCR’s very nature is autocratic. He has no patience for advice. He thinks he knows everything. He would decide and others have to follow. He has Cabinet colleagues who are tuned to his work culture. His things big. He plans huge dams and infrastructure facilities. But when it comes to dealing with Kodandaram, KCR becomes combative. What is the reason?

KCR knows that Kodandaram is a fighter and his image is intact. It was Kodandaram who took the statehood movement to the final stage after the Centre went back on its decision to concede the demand for a separate state. The decision to divide Andhra Pradesh was announced by P Chidambaram, the then Home Minister on 9 December 2009. After the Congress and TDP MPs and MLAs from Andhra region resigned en masse the Centre had developed cold feet. KCR went back into the silent mode. It was Kodandaram who took up the reins and took the movement to a different level. Of course it was KCR who anointed Kodandaram as president of the Joint Action Committee. The fight entered the last phase. TRS participated in some programmes and kept away from some others. But all the programmes of the movement were decided and executed by Kodandram, Mallepalli Laxmaiah and others.

So, KCR knows that Kodandaram remains the second most popular leader after himself. Kodandaram is not an orator like KCR. He is not politically talented like the chief minister. In the back of KCR’s mind there might be a lurking fear that the professor may become more popular if he was allowed to build a movement against the government. That is perhaps the reason why everyone who was close to Kodandaram has been weaned away by offering positions. Those who got positions because of KCR are more than willing to heap abuses and insults on their master’s bête noire. That has been creating sympathy for the professor which may cause loss of popularity of the chief minister. Add to Kodandaram the leaders of opposition parties who are willing to accept his leadership and work with him. If Kodandaram takes away  some of those who were involved in statehood movement and have not been rewarded by the government and the BJP cuts into the BC support base by highlighting KCR’s decision to give 22 percent reservations to Muslims, TRS will be weakened to that extent. That fearing might be making KCR to use more force than necessary against his opponents.

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Ensure Corruption Free State: KCR Tells Tax Officials

‘We should not compromise on ending the corruption and this is a malady of the former governments. We have to catch such thieves and ensure that there is no scope for corruption in future’.

Hyderabad: Asking the Commercial Tax officials to take a serious view of the forged manual challans issue that took place in Bodhan Circle, Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao directed them to initiate a comprehensive probe and take stringent action against the culprits. In a review meeting held on Tuesday morning at Pragathi Bhavan, the CM said that officials should ensure that such an incident does not take place again. He asked them what preventive measures are being put in place avoid a repetition of the incident.

The Chief Minister suggested to the Principal Secretary Somesh Kumar to transfer the officials who are working for long in Commercial Taxes and Stamps and Registration departments in Hyderabad and Rangareddy districts. He also warned that no official who commits a mistake should be spared.

Addressing the officials, he said, “We have achieved the State after a great struggle. We should not compromise on ending the corruption and this is a malady of the former governments. Though we have reformed the administration and governance, some people are taking undue advantage of our goodness. We have to catch such thieves and ensure that there is no scope for corruption in future. The Corrupt atmosphere should not prevail in our State come what may.”

Asking the officials to work efficiently, the CM said that as the State government is getting a good name, the department should strive to become number one in the country.

Finance Minister Etela Rajender, Chief Secretary SP Singh, DGP Anurag Sharma, CMO officials S Narsing Rao, Smita Sabharwal, Bhoopal Reddy, Rajasekhara Reddy, Commercial Taxes Principal Secretary Somesh Kumar, Commissioner Anil Kumar and other dignitaries were also part of the meeting.

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Setback To KCR, TJAC Leaders Arrested

Hyderabad: What is happening in Telangana on Wednesday is an indication of failure of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao (KCR) to be accommodative. His attitudinal problem is causing a lot of unavoidable trouble for the people of Telangana. While he is involved in thanksgiving at Tirumal at the cost of State’s exchequer, the leaders who fought for Telangana State shoulder to shoulder with him are being taken into custody by the police. This is a setback for KCR who has been otherwise perceived as a good politician and able administrator.

The turn of events is unexpected and uncalled for. Had the State government shown a bit of reconciliatory attitude, managing Telangana Joint Action Committee (TJAC) would not have been difficult. The affidavit submitted by the government in the High Court on Tuesday is full of contradictions, according to the observers. The students have been seething with anger at the could-not-care-less attitude of the government. What they are demanding is the implementation of the promise that has been made not only in the election manifesto but throughout the 14-year movement for separate State.

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TS to have 31 districts

  • 119 mandals and 21 revenue divisions to be added

Hyderabad: Telangana State Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has sealed the number of districts in the State at 31. Though there have been demands galore for more and more districts, KCR said enough is enough and no new demands would be entertained. The report to be submitted by the high level committee headed by K Kesava Rao on the 7th would be a mere formality and the cabinet would meet on Friday and put its seal of approval on the proposal which was finalized after an elaborate exercise. The 17 new districts for which a notification was issued and the four other districts the proposals of which are under the consideration of the committee would amount to 21 new districts.  All the new districts would be inaugurated on Dasara day. Government would have own buildings for collectorates and Zilla Parishads inside one year. New Police Commissionarates and other offices are expected to start functioning on the auspicious day of Dasara. The State government would allot Rs 2 crore to each district for development of infrastructure.

Chief Minister KCR has on Wednesday approved the proposals to create 119 new mandals and 21 more revenue divisions in the State. The draft notification has only 60 mandals and 15 revenue divisions. 59 mandals and 10 divisions have been added following representations from the political leaders.

Clamour for names

After the number of districts has been finalized, the clamour for names has started. A bandh was observed in Ranga Reddy district on Wednesday demanding that the district be renamed as Shamshabad district. This demand was voiced by the general public also besides the political leaders. The activists of the Congress, BJP, TDP, YSRCP and MIM took part in the bandh. The leaders asked the CM not to consider the requests of an MP and a minister, but to listen to the public voice. Alampur MLA of the Congress party Sampath Kumar has been demanding that the new district of Gadwal be named Jogulamba district in the name of the presiding deity of the famous Alampur temple. He submitted a representation to the high power committee to this effect. Municipal Administration and IT Minister KT Rama Rao and Peddapalli MP Suman had discussion on creation of Sircilla districts. They suggested to Kesava Rao Committee that the new district may be named Rajanna district in the name of the famed Raja Rajeswara Swamy temple at Vemulavada. Vikarabad would be the name of another new district. KCR had dropped the idea of naming it Anantagiri district following the objection from the MIM. The proposed Asifabad district would be named after Komaram Bheem, the tribal hero.

There was a lot of activity at the residence of Kesava Rao where the high power committee had its meeting. Scores of leaders from Nizamabad, Warangal, Nalgonda and Mahabubnagar had submitted letters requesting for new districts or new mandals. The members of the committee have been receiving suggestions and objections with regards to mandals and revenue divisions.

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No need to impose Section 8: Harish Rao

HYDERABAD: Irrigation Minister Harish Rao today said that Hyderabad was peaceful and there was no need of imposition of section 8 of Andhra Pradesh Re-organization Act.

Speaking to reporters here, Rao accused the ministers of Andhra Pradesh of making a hue and cry only to escape from the noose of cash-for-vote scam. He slammed the TDP ministers for pressing the Centre on section 8 while entire state of Telangana was peaceful and sans of any law and order problem.

He ruled out the imposition of the section 8, as it was required then or in future as the TRS Government was cautious on the issue of law and order.

The TRS leader demanded that the TDP should clarify whether Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu had spoken to nominated MLA Elvis Stephenson, and from where they brought 50-lakh rupees given to Stephenson by Revanth. He said that the AP Government was trying to escape from the case by filing cases against Telangana Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao.

“We could not understand as to why the AP Government is filing cases against our Chief Minister KCR,” he questioned. However, Naidu cannot escape from this case, which shows his involvement, he said.

Law will take its own course of action and there was no exception to Naidu and others who were involved in the scam, he warned.

Instead of giving clarity on the issue, ministers of Naidu Government are resorting to file cases. Since they have committed the mistake, the TDP leaders were filing false cases against Chandrasekhar Rao, he alleged. He found fault with the TDP Government for trying to evade the scam.

In spite of all these things the TRS Government will give priority to welfare of the people irrespective of the political affiliations, Harish said. “We are least bothered of the comments and allegations being leveled by the TDP ministers,” he added. (NSS)

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KCR Holds Talks with RTC Crew

  • The strike reaches sixth day
  • Proposes 35 percent fitment
  • Crew not convinced

HYDERABAD: On the sixth consecutive day of the ongoing strike of the RTC workers, Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao today held a meeting with Cabinet sub-committee along with officials of RTC, Transport and Education departments at the Secretariat to hammer out a solution.

Informed sources said the TRS government was planning to offer 35 percent fitment to the TSRTC workers against their demand of 43%.

Rao appealed to the agitating workers to withdraw the stir and resume duties immediately in the best interests of the common man. Despite Rao’s offer, there was no breakthrough in the talks, and a statement is soon expected. Meanwhile, a few RTC buses were seen plying on the road, but they could not cater to the needs of the commuters, who are going helter-skelter.

It may be noted that Rao, who held a similar meeting on Sunday and asked the Cabinet sub-committee to submit a report by holding talks with the stakeholders, also directed it to suggest a suitable solution. The sub-committee comprising Home Minister Nayani Narsimha Reddy, Finance Minister Etela Rajender and Transport Minister Mahender Reddy closeted with the Chief Minister this afternoon.

Earlier, the committee held talks with the employees’ unions and officials of the RTC. It is likely that the government may go in for a mid-level solution by offering some hike in fitment instead of 43 percent being sought by the RTC workers.

According to the sources, the chief minister, who is not happy with the RTC stir, and was willing to offer fitment between 32 to 35 percent as the government cannot afford 43 percent. Though the Sub-committee chairman Nayani Narsimha Reddy offered to increase some hike in the salaries, it was not clear as to what extent it could be. The Employees’ Unions are still not convinced with the government’s offer and are likely to continue the strike until a suitable solution comes out.

In a related development, the High Court is likely to take a final call on the issue on May 12. The court has passed strictures against the striking workers, besides directing them to resume duties. The agitating workers and unions are seemed to adopt a “wait and watch” policy until the court delivers a final call. It is being touted that the government is likely to wait till Tuesday for court verdict and take a final decision on the same day, if not on Monday. (NSS)

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Centre will address all T issues, says Venkaiah

HYDERABAD: Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao said Telangana was fortunate that there was a Central Minister like M. Venkaiah Naidu as his support was essential for the State’s development.

Speaking to press persons after a detailed meeting with the Union Minister for Urban Development in New Delhi on Monday, KCR said Mr. Naidu, after a patient hearing, had offered to address the State’s issues, especially the housing programme.

He had promised funds in the next budget for Telangana and also offered to impress upon the World Bank to give assistance for the water grid. Mr. Rao said the relevant proposals would soon be sent to the Centre.

Mr. Venkaiah Naidu, on his part, said KCR had given a good presentation on Hyderabad’s development. The Centre, he said, would extend support for all welfare schemes and development programs in Telangana State. “We have discussed all the issues related to Telangana”, he added. (NSS)

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Chest hospital shifting might reach PM’s door step

HYDERABAD: Will the central government intervene to resolve the raging controversy surrounding Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao’s move to shift the Chest Hospital from Erragadda to relocate the State Secretariat there?

This question attained importance in the wake of the issue snowballing into a major political storm with all the Opposition parties virtually launching a war against the TRS Government and vowing to fight till  finish to stall shifting of the Chest Hospital.

Apart from organizing protest rallies and dharnas to condemn the shifting of the hospital to relocate the Secretariat in the name of “vaastu”, the political parties have taken the issue to the door steps of Raj Bhavan for the intervention of Governor E.S.L. Narasimhan in the matter.

The latest to knock the doors of the Governor were leaders of as many as 10 Left parties who submitted a memorandum today condemning the move of KCR as “unconstitutional” and “anti-secular”. They appealed to the Governor to use his good offices to stall the move to shift the Chest Hospital.

AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is likely to take up the issue with Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to New Delhi. He has already expressed his ire over the “unilateral” decision of his Telangana counterpart in planning to relocate the Secretariat to Erragadda and building skyscrapers in the present premises.

Chandrababu Naidu was aghast over KCR’s move despite the fact that the AP Secretariat was also housed in the present premises and also that Hyderabad would be a joint capital of both the states for 10 years. TDP leaders were hopeful that the PM was likely to seek information about on the matter from the Governor who would also be in the national capital. (NSS)

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KCR declares 43 percent fitment for Govt employees

HYDERABAD: Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao declared 43 percent fitment for the employees as part of pay revision commission recommendations.

KCR stated this at a press conference at Secretariat here on Thursday. Aggarwal Committee recommendations put the fitment at 29 percent while the employees who are getting 27 per cent interim relief, and  seeking 69 percent hike,  were expecting about 50 fitment.

Exhorting the officials and staff to work extra hours to increase revenue sources, KCR said that the hike will burden the exchequer Rs 6,500 crore per year. The new fitment will be effective from next March, he said adding that the employees will get it from Telangana Formation Day i.e., June 2, 2014 onwards and the arrears amount will be added to GPF accounts. The fitment will also be given to those retired after June 2, 2014.

‘Ours is an employee friendly government and we honor their active participation in the statehood movement’ KCR noted amid their supportive slogans. When scribes asked on outsourcing and contract employees, KCR said that Pradip Chandra Committee will sort out the issues.

Employees Association leader Devi Prasad, Parliamentary Secretary Srinivas Goud and Mamatha and others expressed happiness on the 43 percent hike of fitment. ‘We welcome the hike offered by the chief minister’, they said. “As per KCR’s directive we will work extra hours to enable the government increase its revenue sources”, they said. (NSS)

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