Will It Be Cakewalk For TDP In Nandyala?

With the buzz that Shilpa Mohan Reddy’s name is finalised for Nandyala by-poll, the election is set to become interesting, as the disappointed faction of Bhuma might refuse to cooperate with Shilpa.

Amaravati: Nandyala Assembly constituency is turning out to be a big problem for Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu. With two warring factions in the party, it’s not going to be an easy win for the party.

With former minister Shilpa Mohan Reddya��s name almost finalised as a candidate for Nandyala by-election, will the election be a triangular fight (with Bhuma’s faction fighting against Shilpa) or would it be a fight between TDP and YSRCP? Many observers feel that it might become a murky fight as the disappointed Bhuma faction would not cooperate with Shilpa Mohan Reddy, who insisted on fighting from the Nandyala seat.

Since sitting MLA Bhuma Nagi Reddy passed away recently, the family is expecting the seat. There were rumours that either Bhumaa��s younger daughter or his nephew would be contesting from the seat. With a strong political background of the family in the region, plus the sympathy factor, it would have been a cakewalk for them.

However, Shilpa became the spoiler by threatening Naidu that he would join YSRCP or contest as an independent and gave him no choice except to opt for him. As Naidu also did not want to strengthen Bhumaa��s family in the district, he finally yielded to Shilpaa��s demand.

Now, the point is, will the antagonised faction cooperate with the party candidate? It has become a tradition in India that when a sitting legislator passes away, the seat is given to the family member. Hence, it becomes an emotional issue and the party would easily retain its seat. Now that the tradition is not followed, how far will Akhilaa��s faction help in Shilpaa��s win? Naidu has deputed his son Nara Lokesh to oversee the Nandyala by-election. A novice to politics, will Lokesh be able to get the two parties together to work?

On the top of it, YSRCP has already announced that it would field its candidate for the Nandyala seat. In this context, the chances of the party to win have only increased. As the two factions in the ruling party are hostile to each other, and the hurt Bhuma faction might not work for the victory of Shilpa, YSRCP stands fair chance. The recent Municipal Council meeting is one big example to show how Akhila Priya is bent upon to demonstrate her dominance. She started the meeting much before theA� Municipal Chairperson came. This angered Shilpa’s faction.

Such signs only highlight the fact that the friction between the two factions is not abated.

Is Naidu doing a wise thing by opting for Shilpa is the question that is being posed by many.

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