Will AV Subbareddy Leave TDP?

Speculations are rife that AV Subbareddy who was a close aide of former TDP legislator Bhuma Nagireddy will be joining YSRCP, reflecting the chaos in the party unit in Kurnool district.

Hyderabad: Infighting in Kurnool district Telugu Desam Party reached the high command. Importantly, after the speculations were rife that AV Subbareddy would be joining in YSRCP. It is known that Silpa Mohan Reddy who expected an assurance from Naidu for fighting Nandhyal by-election joined the YSRCP, the internal strife within the party is coming to light.

Hence it is being said that Naidu decided to convince the leaders in the party that they should continue in the party. AP Minister Kalva Srinivasulu and Central Minister Sujana Choudhari are on the mission to resolve the disputes within the party leaders in Nandhyal constituency. In this context, a meeting is on with Naidu in Vijayawada.

The speculations that AV Subbareddy is leaving the party, led TDP into confusion. It is being said that he is keeping himself away from party programmes due to the disputes he had with Akhila Priya.A� Incidentally, AV Subbareddy was very close to Bhuma Nagireddy. Because of the understanding they had, party programmes were carried out without any hurdles.A� But, now the situation has changed.

Naidu is said to be devising a strategy to retain AV Subbareddy after Silpa Mohan Reddy left the party. He wants to make good the loss by encouraging Subbareddy. Party sources said that Naidu is going to suggest them to work together keeping their differences aside. He is also enquiring about leaders with dissatisfaction in the district and also the constituency.

Meanwhile, the Nandhyal by-election has led to many unintended consequences. Chances are that the by-election would take place in August, in this context the political developments are changing at a lightning speed. The TDP supremo thought that he can pacify Akhila Priya by making her a minister. After Silpa Mohan Reddy left the party, he is said to have taken the issue seriously.

Party sources said that Naidu thought of giving AV Subbareddy total freedom to select the candidate for Nandhyal by-election and also support him.A� By doing so they thought, they can checkmate Akhila Priya and also solve the strife in the party. The latest speculations led to more confusion. It is to be seen what Naidu will be doing in this context.

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